Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced that Team Ruger Captain Doug Koenig captured the 2021 Precision Rifle Series Bolt Gun Production Division Championship title.
The eleventh Annual Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic will be held today (November 18) through to November 21 in Colby, Kansas. It will welcome 103 hunters from 16 states to a three-day weekend filled with opportunities to hunt pheasants in fields around Colby.
- GEAR -
Galco’s classically-designed Avenger combines all the features of a practical belt holster. A full firing grip is standard, as is the molded sight rail, vertical orientation and tunnel-style belt channel.
Ohio bowhunters checked 4,795 white-tailed deer on Saturday, Nov. 6, the highpoint for the Buckeye State’s archery season, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.
The hunting of all mountain lions in hunting districts 212, 213 and 217 closed at one-half hour after sunset on Monday, Nov. 15.

Tedder Industries announced that Shawn Hostetter has joined the Tedder family of brands as the new Chief Executive Officer. Shawn comes to Tedder Industries from Katadyn North America where he served as the President since 2011.
Big Daddy Unlimited announce the addition of Jason McCoy to their team as Partnership Marketing Manager.
Primary Arms Government announced the hiring of Gregory Bruce as the Central Region Territory Manager. He is a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a former Police Sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation has announced an initiative designed to strengthen ties between all excise tax-paying manufacturers — firearms and ammunition, archery equipment, marine and sportfishing equipment — and the state agencies that use these funds to conserve wildlife and habitats through the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Celerant Technology announced a partnership with Otter Waiver, a digital waiver and eSignature system for sporting and shooting ranges. Through an integration with Celerant’s point of sale and range software, dealers can streamline lane reservations with custom, contactless liability waivers, while managing their entire range and retail sales in a single solution.
Russ Lumpkin has joined Guidefitter as editor of the Guidefitter Journal, the industry trade publication for professional guides and outfitters first published by Guidefitter in 2016 and is distributed quarterly to thousands of outdoor industry professionals.
The Concealed-Carry Belt Pouch fits compact 22, 25 and .380 caliber pistols such as Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P32 & P-3AT, and similar small frame autos. Add this CCW belt pouch to your tactical tool kit today.
Catch Co. announced today the introduction of its first ever Fishmas Advent Calendar, available exclusively at Walmart this holiday season.

TrueTimber has announced the co-branded performance apparel lineup with American Honda is now available for purchase online.
The X-Vision Optics 10×42 Rangefinding Binoculars feature a true range finding distance of 2200 yards. With four different ranging modes and its OLED display, they provide the distance data needed to get the job done.
AllTerra Arms, manufacturer of precision rifles with exclusive patented technology, recently announced their new, online video portal
The properties that comprise Outdoor Sportsman Group’s hunting websites delivered the most aggregate Pageviews and Users in October 2021 since January 2018.

SilencerCo released episode five of the American Gun series, “American Gun: The Immigrant.” This video features Dahl, an American immigrant who was born and raised in Dominica. Dahl’s story illustrates why the American Dream is not dead, and why the Second Amendment offers a freedom unlike anything else.
The BoatUS Foundation’s nautically themed cards from Salt Harbor Studios offer customizable card designs crafted on high-quality FSC Certified paper from responsibly managed forests.
Draikel “Drake” Tindal has joined the South Carolina Waterfowl Association as the new Education Program Assistant.
The National Wild Turkey Federation celebrates the Senate confirmation of Robert Bonnie as undersecretary of farm production and conservation for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Tread Lightly! Announceds Camp Yoshi,  as its newest Official Partner.
Pope & Young is proud to announce that Phone Skope and Pyro Putty has committed to preserving, promoting and protecting the sport of bowhunting by joining Pope and Young as a Gold level Corporate Partner.
Chaos Headwear deepens its partnership with SOS Outreach (SOS), a national non-profit serving more than 3,000 youth each year across 15 locations in 9 states.
The tenth annual Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association (ALBBAA) Big Buck Photo Contest is officially underway and will run through February 10, 2022.

The National Veterans Legal Services Program announces the release of the 2021-2022 edition of its landmark Veterans Benefits Manual, the 30-year anniversary edition of the Manual.
Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welcomes Lance Hendershot, owner of Hendershot’s.
A new children’s book launching later this summer inspires young children — and especially young girls — to try fishing as a family activity. Layla’s Big Bass was born from one family’s search for fishing-themed storybooks to read their young daughter at bedtime.
The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) 2022 Calendar of Utah Geology is available now for $6.95 each and can be purchased online or at the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission met in Riverton this week for their last meeting of 2021. Concluding a big year for wildlife management, the Commission allocated $500,000 to the Kaycee to Buffalo wildlife crossing initiative on Interstate 25, which fully-funds the $3.8 million dollar project.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is seeking public feedback as staff begin to evaluate rules addressing regulated wildlife trapping.
“Whenever you can go,” says John Lehman, President of DataSport, Inc. “That’s the answer most people would give and it is true. But if you could only go for a limited period of time, wouldn’t you want to go when you could predict the most success? Our information shows anglers, hunters, birders and wildlife photographers how to make the best use of that limited time.”
This week on MOJO TV, it’s a dynamite Mexico duck hunt with Wide Open Outfitters.

On this week’s episode of Heartland Waterfowl the team is hunting honkers with High Plains Wingshooters in Torrington, Wyoming.
A new take on a popular series, Wild Boar Fever: The Art of Boar presented by Aimpoint, is now airing Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel.
Two mule deer bucks harvested in the Slate Creek drainage near Lucile in October tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease. They are the first animals in Idaho to have tested positive to the disease which is fatal to deer, elk, moose and caribou.

Having considerably firsthand experience at the now-common practice of buying voter loyalty via pork barrel projects, yesterday’s Outdoor Wire feature “Celebrate Until the Bill Comes Due” was an easy one to write.

After all, everyone likes getting free stuff. And this “bipartisan” legislative lollapalooza was billed as the solution to our sagging national infrastructure. As is the practice when you’re trying to cram something down taxpayer throats, it also manages to toss a few shekels in for virtually any special interest group that might have sufficient membership to mount some sort or resistance.

So…it was passed, then widely “celebrated” by single-issue organizations nationwide who are already creating to do lists for their newfound revenue.

Our readers, however, didn’t seem to “get” the celebratory nature of the press releases “lauding the signing of the Infrastructure….” In fact, they were downright miffed at people celebrating the return of tax dollars they’d paid to the government. As one caller said, “sometimes it seems our organizations don’t really grasp the concept of taxation.”

There’s no substitute for letting the readers tell you what they’re thinking. So… this morning we’re surrendering the feature position for their responses. OK, not their exact responses, I’ve exercised my “old school prerogative” and cleaned up -or at least minimized- some of the more colorful rhetoric.

Here you go….

Liked your editorial this morning. I sure agree. And I recall, when I was 24 and working for (a well-known outdoor magazine), I was at a table with marketing people from three conservation organizations. Global warming was then a new idea and they were all so excited about it. I naively asked why. The money, of course, they all said in their own ways. It was a new pot of government gold and they wanted in. Principles, no. Money and power, yes.”

Just a quick note to say thanks for the " Celebrate…Until The Bill Comes Due" article in today's Outdoor Wire. Hopefully, it'll open a few eyes to how foolish the back-slapping and celebrating by some of these groups is. Quite ridiculous, IMO, but they don't care as they'll get their few bits of silver…..maybe.”

“Just wanted to thank you for todays story. I sure wish groups would stop being selfish and think about the big picture in this country.”

“Totally agree with todays editorial. I thought about writing a PR about the constant sucking heard by many organizations on the federal dollar, our tax dollars. Some so called NFP organizations now are totally dependent on federal dollars and sing its praises at every opportunity to get more. Yet, there is no results, deliverables are none existent. Wildlife is declining, farm lands are disappearing and those that really care are horrified by the lack of focus. The integrity” of understanding this country is broke, means little. They, like politicians, seem to not care of the financial burdens being created in mountainous form.

We are not taxed too little, our politicians spend WAY to much.

Your article is spot on and this ol conservationist totally agrees. Thank you.”

“RIGHT ON! My thoughts exactly as I read the press releases from various organizations.”

“Loved your feature..and the description was perfect. I know my kidsll be pissed that I sent it to them and that puts it in the top 5!!”

“Jim, God Bless You! I really enjoyed your editorial today and will do my part to circulate it far and wide.

Yesterday, I saw the gloating from the conservation groups, over their new taxpayer-funded windfalls, in the Wires, and it really got my nose out of joint. I was sorely tempted to write a rebuttal to that, but you handled the job admirably. Thank you Sir!”

Nailed the OpEd today. I got so pissed reading all the congratulatory media releases. While I get it, they are single issue organizations, often with bipartisan support, the bill is terrible for America big-picture-wise. Not just debt, but policy. It is NOT an infrastructure bill. It is a “destroy the fabric of America with some infrastructure thrown in” bill. Not that anyone gives a sh** what I think…”

Editor’s Note: I’m taking slight exception with the last comment. We certainly care what our readers think. Obviously, I agree with these commenters. But I also believe in fairness. I would have included comments who disagreed…if we had gotten any.

We’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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