The NSSF has taken exception to President Biden’s Executive Order to increase gun control measures, saying the president should "demand that soft-on-crime prosecutors and lawmakers use the laws already in existence to lock up criminals that misuse firearms to prey on innocent Americans ” rather than continuing to "scapegoat the firearm industry for its unwillingness to address crime. The failure of this administration to seriously address spiraling crime and instead focus its attacks on a Constitutionally-protected industry that works diligently to remain in compliance with laws and regulations and actively cooperates with law enforcement, especially ATF, exposes the lack of urgency Americans demand to curb rampant and out-of-control crime.”
Since the inception of The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Vessel Turn-In Program in late 2022, the FWC has received 28 applications from owners of at-risk or unwanted vessels. The first two vessels removed through this program were removed from Pasco and Pinellas County in early March.
Remington Ammunition is proud to announce that Team Remington continues to compete at the highest level with multiple wins from the 2023 Triple J Classic at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio March 9-12, 2023.
Luth-AR is a sponsor of the 28th Annual Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun Championship held at Rio Salado Sportsmans Club in Mesa, AZ. Luth-AR will be a Division Sponsor for 2023.
Team SK member Erich Mietenkorte kicked off the 2023 competition season with a win at the 2023 Bernd Meier Invitational Silhouette Championship March 11 and 12th. Mietenkorte secured the title with a grand aggregate Smallbore score of 145x160 and a 72x80 in High-Power.

In mid-February, the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (NGPC) successfully captured, took biological samples from, collared, and released 36 bighorn sheep on-site in the Wildcat Hills as the second part of a two-phase project to enhance the state's bighorn sheep population.
The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and its partners in a federal lawsuit challenging the prohibition of handgun sales to young adults have filed an appellant’s brief with the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. The case is known as Reese v. ATF.
The Tennessee Valley Authority and B.A.S.S., in conjunction with local authorities and the Knoxville Utilities Board, are partnering to make venues for the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Toyota carbon-neutral.
- GEAR -
With its inconspicuous sports-pack styling and robust construction, the Summit Backpack was designed for discreet storage and transport of a rifle and accessories.

Rather than cover human odor, Scent Thief’s patented “No-Smell” technology shuts down an animal’s ability to smell.
Whether the job calls for one implement from start to finish or a range of implements for various applications, Ranew's Outdoor Equipment has the right tool for the job, all proudly and reliably built in the USA.
Whitetails Unlimited recently awarded more than $12,000 to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry on behalf of the Miami Valley and Maumee Valley Ohio Chapters.
While the application period for Utah’s big game hunts opened in January in previous years, the application period has shifted to March and April this year — and going forward — so hunters can see the proposed permit numbers prior to applying.

NSSF has awarded Cape Gun Works its Five-Star rating for range excellence. Five stars is the highest rating in NSSF’s star-rating system, which evaluates shooting facilities on appearance, management, shooting sports development and amenities.
Liberty Ammunition has named Cheri Ady as Controller of the company. Cheri will oversee the company's financial structure as they continue to grow.
True Shot Gun Club is proud to announce PMC Ammunition as their 2022 Vendor of the Year.
- JOBS -
Kinsey’s Inc. announces an open position for a Dealer Sales Representative in their Mount Joy, PA location.

Tactical Solutions (TacSol) has added new Kryptek camo patterns to their X-Ring VR and X-Ring VR Takedown rifles.
XS Sights offers its Ghost Ring sight sets for Henry Big Boy Carbine lever-action rifles chambered in 357 Magnum and 44 Magnum. Featuring a large ghost ring aperture and white stripe front sight, they are designed for easy installation on Henry Big Boy Carbines equipped with a compatible XS Lever Rail.
Howa Superlite rifles were first introduced in Kryptek Altitude and Kryptek Obskura –Transitional and are now offered in two new solid color designs – gray, tan and green.
Fire-N-the-hole Broadheads has introduced the SLANG BLADE 1x4 mechanical broadhead.

Rambo Bikes has two new kid’s electric bikes, The Lil’ Whip and Trailbreaker, for 2023. Both have a powerful 250w motor and designed on two different frames to fit a broad range of younger riders.
Versatile GPSMAP 67 Series and eTrex SE handhelds have longer battery life, improved positional accuracy, and global communication via inReach satellite technology.
Nomad Outdoors is proud to announce its partnership in conservation with the National Wildlife Turkey Federation
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation successfully collaborated with two local landowners to acquire and convey 239 acres of big game habitat in western South Dakota to the Black Hills National Forest (BKF).

The IHEA-USA announced that Megan Fedrick has assumed a new role within the organization, Director of Partnerships and Development. Megan’s primary focus will be to connect the IHEA-USA with national partners, regularly communicate with state administrators, and provide training for law enforcement and instructors alike.
NASP is excited to continue the Student Contributor Program for a second year. Students, families, coaches, coordinators, and friends of NASP can experience the program through the eyes of student archers, shared in their own voice.
President Joe Biden’s new executive order on guns won’t reduce gun-related violent crime, nor will it make our communities safer, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says, instead he’s bypassing Congress “with the goal of increasing the number of background checks conducted before firearm sales.".
WOOX announces a new partnership with the American Quarter Horse Association to produce AQHA-branded premium cutlery.
On Episode 18 of Behind The Brand, TBA Outdoors President Todd Fuller digs deep into the past, present and future of journalism with Shawn Bean, Executive Vice President, Creative, for Bonnier.
AMERIGLO announced a limited time promotion with Walther. Beginning 03/13/2023 and running through 04/17/2023 consumers who purchase a new, standard PDP or PDP F-Series Walther pistol will receive a free AMERIGLO Haven Handgun Red Dot Sight.
The Vortex Nation Giveaway is awarding weekly winners leading up to the grand prize: A $5500 Vortex optics and apparel shopping spree. The big winner will be announced on March 31.
Taurus is offering a $25 rebate on any new Taurus G3 pistol, except the G3c, and a $50 rebate on any GX4 series pistol.
Wildlife and conservation solution leaders, ASciS—the creators of the iSportsman solution, will participating in the 88th Annual North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference that is co-hosted by National Military Fish and Wildlife Association (NMFWA) in St. Louis Missouri from March 20-24t
Visitors to state park areas in southeast Nebraska will find enhanced day-use and camping amenities. Projects completed in 2022 or to be finished in 2023 will appeal to an array of park users.
A regular visitor to Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park recently discovered a 3.29-carat brown diamond in his wet-sifted gravel. It is the largest diamond found at the park this year and the largest since September 2021.
The Indiana Natural Resources Commission (NRC) will conduct its next bimonthly meeting on Tuesday, March 21, at Fort Harrison State Park.
In honor of the 250 men and women who swore under oath to faithfully enforce the laws of Michigan and the DNR, and who currently patrol in all 83 counties, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proclaimed today (Wednesday, March 15) Conservation Officer Appreciation Day.
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board will hold public hearings on deer and moose management for 2023 on March 20, 23 and 24.
If you spent any time on the water last year, chances are you saw Michigan Department of Natural Resources fisheries management units busily completing more than 270 fisheries surveys across the state.
Starting March 20, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will be increasing water releases from Alamo Dam to mitigate rising reservoir levels as a result of recent winter rainfall.
Shooting USA covers the PRS Finale, an invitational match consisting of local and regional winners in the Precision Rifle Series. Plus, the inexpensive Grease Gun is now one of History’s Guns from WW II.
Renovation Hunters is a new Outdoor Channel original series where home improvement meets the outdoor lifestyle airing Fridays at 8:30 p.m. ET. Hosted by Hal Shaffer, hunter and outdoorsman, this series is dedicated to preserving the family tradition of the outdoors.
Waypoint TV is excited to continue their partnership with Powderhook and the support of The Great Lakes Fishery Commission with the launch of short film, Walleye Fishing Lake Erie – The Time Is Now.
With over 207 kids and an action-packed day of hands-on learning, the NWTF Cutter and Stutters Chapter considers the 2023 Annual Arkansas JAKES Day event one of the best it has ever had in the annual event’s twenty-three years.

We said last week in our column on New Mexico stream access that Colorado and Montana are among the Rocky Mountain States that do not allow wade-fishing anglers to stay inside the high-water marks of rivers and trespass on private lands.

That was wrong.

While Colorado does have such a rule, Montana does not.

Montana law gives recreationists the right to use rivers and streams for water-related recreation within the high water marks, including floating and wading. It does not allow them to enter posted lands bordering those streams or to cross private lands to gain access to streams, but wading the stream bed is permitted.

Here’s a summary of the rules in the other Mountain States.

Arizona does not allow access to most small streams without landowner permission. On the Colorado River and waters with federally owned streambeds, the public has the right to boat, fish and recreate, but not on any waters not deemed “navigable”.

Colorado allows anglers to “float the river” in areas that pass through private land, but touching the riverbed is considered trespassing. However, there are no current state laws or regulations that define navigability, and there is at least one law suit over wadefishing access pending.

Idaho allows wadefishing within the high water marks. The rule says: “You must stay within the normal high-water marks of the stream unless you have landowner permission to get out on the bank, or have no other means of getting around an obstruction in the stream (such as a fence or diversion dam).”

New Mexico formerly defined the bed of any non-navigable waterway on private lands as being no-go, and hardly any rivers except the Colorado are navigable in this very dry state. However, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled last year that anglers there can legally walk stream beds and banks “within historic high water marks” of the state’s rivers for fishing access. The U.S. Supreme Court just recently refused to take up a challenge to the ruling, which means it stands as law.

Utah has a more complex rule: The law does not allow recreational water users (including anglers, kayakers, tubers, hunters and others) to walk on the private bed of a public water body. This means that if you are fishing or recreating in public water that flows over private property closed to trespass, you may not walk on the land beneath the water without obtaining landowner permission. The current law allows you to float on the surface of the water, even if you're floating over private property that is closed to trespass. It also allows you to fish while floating. Your right to float only applies if the water has sufficient width, depth and flow to float your vessel. You can’t stop, anchor or get out on the shore. Landowners close their property to trespass by posting a notice or otherwise communicating that access is prohibited. Irrigated pastures, cultivated lands and certain fenced areas are presumed closed to trespass.

Wyoming allows boaters to float across private lands and portage around features such as logjams, fences and diversion structures. However, wading and anchoring on private lands without permission of the landowner constitute a trespass violation. It is the responsibility of the floater to know if lands adjoining the waterway are public or private. Some of Wyoming’s navigable waters flow through areas where there are both public and private lands. Anglers unsure of the public land status next to waters may wish to consult public land maps printed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Bottom line is the easy way to fish the Rocky Mountain States is to stick to the vast areas where trout water flows through public lands. But, if you study the regulations, there are many private water opportunities as well, and these will often offer better fishing and less competition than the designated public lands.

— Frank Sargeant

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