Beretta is pleased to introduce a new product to our versatile Xtreme Waterfowl Gear collection - the Windstryke Hoody. Ideal for any hunting or outdoor recreational activity, this men’s hoody is made of breathable and warm mid-layer insulating materials for all-day comfort.
Beretta is excited to introduce two new products from the FW21 Hunting collection - the Thorn Resistant EVO Jacket and Pant. Created for hunting activities in which resistance to thorns and bushes is key, this jacket and pant are waterproof and breathable with improved durability.
Beretta is pleased to introduce a new product - the Butte Softshell Jacket. Made of lightweight, stretchable, and breathable materials, this versatile jacket is ideal for any hunting or outdoor recreational activity.
Team Federal Precision Rifle Series shooter Buck Holly finished strong at the 2021 Precision Rifle Series Finale. With 220 shooters in attendance, Holly landed a third-place finish in the Gas Gun Division for the match and for the season.
Big Daddy Unlimited’s fourth-annual Epic Shoot saw attendance and enthusiasm are at record levels this week. The event hosts numerous firearms manufacturers and vendors showcasing their newest and hottest products for influencers and media to create content.

Evan Cox, a senior at Windsor High School in Loveland, Colorado, topped a talented field of 54 anglers from across the country at the Big Bass Zone Junior Championship World Finals. Cox’s 5-pound largemouth edged out second-place finisher Trey McKinney (4.89) from Illinois and third-place Jason Gibson (4.48) of North Carolina.
For Bassmaster fans familiar with freshwater fishing, the Yamaha Bassmaster Redfish Cup Championship presented by Skeeter Nov. 12-14 will shine the spotlight on new targets and tactics. This event promises a fascinating look at the inshore tournament world, along with those watching daily live coverage on and FS1.
- GEAR -
Galco founder Richard Gallagher designed the Concealable with unique two-piece construction. It is contoured on the body side to the natural curve of the hip, keeping all the molding on the front of the holster, allowing for significantly more comfortable carry and a narrower profile than an ordinary pancake type holster.
The new Reel Case from Yooneek resolves a multitude of problems angler face by providing safe, secure organization for valuable reels and spools.

The Avenger GunPack is designed to be carried with the handle, over the shoulder with a strap that's provided, or on belts like the Elite Survival Systems CO Shooter's Belt.
As Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers gear up for the season, they share best practices and tips to avoid the most common violations and mistakes they see every year.
Getting your deer tested for chronic wasting disease not only is free through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, it might even land you a free hunting and fishing for life.
Big & J offers feed supplements and attractants that can help boost hunters’ rut-hunting success.

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc. announces it has entered into a long-term exclusive licensing agreement with Digital Arms to design, develop and market Barrett branded Non-Fungible Tokens.
In addition to offering world-class education and training, the USCCA has purchased an insurance policy that provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance.
Remington Ammunition has announced sporting clays phenom Todd Hitch, aka “The Tennessee Terror,” has joined Team Remington’s impressive roster of top trap, skeet, and sporting clays professionals.
Davidson’s, a firearm and accessory wholesale distributor, is pleased to announce that Wayne Tumlin has been promoted to President. Mr. Tumlin will take over the presidency position from Bryan Tucker who will remain actively involved as Chairman and CEO.

Credova, a buy now, pay later provider that specializes in outdoor recreation, recently announced a new initiative to address the “living wage” issue: The minimum salary of any full-time employee at Credova is $75,000.
Nilodor Pet Brands has expanded production in their Ohio manufacturing facilities to meet demand and satisfy orders.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation, Albuquerque City Councilors Brook Bassan and Klarissa Peña, representatives from Albuquerque Public Schools, the New Mexico State Police, the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, and the Albuquerque Police Department—together with local firearm retailers and training organizations—have launched “Project ChildSafe Albuquerque” city-wide to help prevent firearm accidents and aid in suicide prevention efforts.
Mammoth Coolers has added two popular Mossy Oak camo patterns, Elements BlueFin and Bottomland Camo, to their growing line of soft-sided coolers.

True's Replaceable Blade Knife has a 2-step locking system and comes prepackaged with three blade options: two 3.5” drop point blades and one 3.5” saw blade.
Guns & Ammo is a fan-favorite television series that is celebrating 19 seasons on air and MyOutdoorTV has the 10 most recent seasons, along with exclusive online content only available for streaming.
The Double D Foundation, a nonprofit whose purpose is to protect the Second Amendment by growing the number of Americans involved in shooting sports, raised over $800,000 at its Inaugural Banquet on October 21 at the Daniel Defense facility in Black Creek, GA.
Scholastic 3D Archery is pleased to announce Jason Kirby as the Wisconsin S3DA State Conservation Coordinator. Jason will provide S3DA members and teams across the state with outdoor related activities and conservation education.

Chevron recently committed $500,000 to Ducks Unlimited (DU) to help support projects along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.
The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is pleased to announce that Mary Beth Long has joined the ASA staff as Vice President of Communications.
Quail Forever is pleased to announce a new chapter, officially chartered as the Post Oak Savannah chapter of Quail Forever #3328.
Powderhook co-founder Eric Dinger is joining the Arbor Day Foundation as president of its new carbon market venture: Arbor Day Carbon.

Safari Club International announces the hiring of Bee Frederick to serve as its eastern region State and Local Liaison.
U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has appointed Ducks Unlimited (DU) Chief Conservation Officer Dr. Karen Waldrop to the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (NAWCC) and the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act Advisory Group (NMBCAG).
Rock River Arms,would like to show its appreciation to veterans of the U.S. Armed Services and in recognition of their service, extend a special discount to veterans and front line workers. This group includes active/retired military, law enforcement, EMS, Federal LE, firefighters, doctors and nurses.
The November installment of the Get Stocked with Sweepstakes is underway, with the opportunity to enter for a chance to win a SCCY CPX-2RD Handgun in 9mm, a case of 9mm ammo and other awesome prizes totaling over $1300.

Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welcomes Ryan Spinks, Director of Brand and Product Development at QuietKat electric bikes.
This week, Outdoors Radio features Wisconsin DNR conservation warden Jon King, Door County Land Trust director of charitable giving Cinnamon Rossman, kayak instructor Jon Small and Pappas Trading Post archery expert JC Chamberlin.
This week, America Outdoors Radio talks to Tanner Kelm and his father Jason about the fantastic tarpon fishing trip they went on thanks to the Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation.
Go inside the downfall of the NRA, learn about an updated classic, all you need to know about shooting steel, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio.
Get the deals, and a great selection for holiday shopping, at, the first online, customer-centric, multi-merchant marketplace for the outdoor recreation community.
Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) has completed installation of additional displays at its Visitor Center.
Statewide, Aquatic Invasive Species technicians with the DWR, Utah State Parks, Arizona Game and Fish Department and the National Park Service have inspected 315,539 boats and performed 7,340 decontaminations since Jan. 1.
Fall egg-takes have been completed for wild Chinook and coho salmon, but are ongoing for captive broodstocks – the mature fish used for breeding – of brown, rainbow, brook and lake trout.
The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will meet Nov. 15-16 at the Fish and Game Clearwater Regional Office in Lewiston.
This week on MOJO Migration, Terry and Mike revisit some of the most memorable duck hunting moments the team has gotten to experience.
Outdoor Channel’s Monday Night programming block Taste of the Wild, featuring?Farming the Wild,?Man Eats Wild,?MeatEater?and?Nick’s Wild Ride, is satisfying Outdoor Channel viewers’ tastebuds.
Discover new adventures on Sportsman Channel by tuning into Extreme Outer Limits, Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon, Beyond Rubicon, The Wild Outdoors, The Most Wanted List and Hang Time with Dave McElroy.
On this week’s Dead Meat host Scott Leysath embarks on a journey to Puerto Rico to learn how to hunt iguanas in their natural habitat and finally learn - do they taste like chicken? Tune in for the all-new episode on Sportsman Channel Saturday at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Animal migrations and homing instincts remain one the most fascinating of natural phenomena.  Salmon swim upstream and migratory birds fly south, north, and back again. 

How do migratory birds know what to do? Memory is deeply implicated—molecular memory—profoundly encoded in the double helix of their DNA from eons of experience. 

The first beautiful days of autumn usher migratory birds on their way before the breath of winter lays on the land: honking giant Canada geese in a V pointed south; swarms of chatty rusty blackbirds in an amorphous mass; and confusing fall warblers, singles slipping silently through sylvan stands. Birds big and little have learned a geography of survival over a span of time that rational beings can hardly comprehend.  

What cues birds to pick up and go, and by what routes are becoming clearer, producing big data sets from the smallest of technologies over a vast geography of the northeast United States. It’s a multistate endeavor from Maine to Maryland made possible by State Wildlife Grants administered by the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  

Nanotags aren’t much to look at, but the science behind them may help scientists understand how birds migrate.

Nanotags—the size of swollen rice grains with a thin tailing antenna—attached to birds reveal much about bird habits and bird habitats.  The nanotags give each bird a unique identifying number that is digitally recorded when near enough to a receiver.  Their revealed flight patterns expose conservation problems that birds face in their treks north and south such as window collisions and disorientation from light pollution.  Much bird migration occurs at night. The data might reveal a paucity of staging habitats—places to rest and refuel. Flying nonstop over the Gulf of Mexico is arduous.

Bird tagging, more commonly called “banding,” has been in use a long time. Waterfowl hunters know this. A mallard harvested in a Louisiana wildlife management area sporting a leg band might reveal that wildlife managers banded the curly tail in a Minnesota wetland two years prior.  The data from that bird is only useful if retrieved post-banding by another biologist or by a hunter reporting the band. What goes unknown is where that mallard traveled between the two states. Most banded birds are rarely seen again. 

Nanotags eliminate the need for biologists or citizen scientists to retrieve a tagged bird.  The birds of course have to first be captured in nets, tagged, and sent on their way.  Their flight data and patterns are logged via several rows of electronic receiving stations set up over a vast expanse in roughly east-west alignments. The receivers are sensitive enough to detect the passing flight of a nanotagged bird within 10 miles distant. The data are digitally recorded and stored for later analysis by biologists.

Nanotags and the multitude of receiving stations peppered across the Northeast necessitates cooperation among several entities such as conservation societies and state governments.  

State Wildlife Grants support a cohesive approach to strategically placed receivers that will yield a robust, reliable data collection method useful to scientists for years to come.  

Wildlife managers in the northeast are using nanotags to learn more about several bird species including rusty blackbirds and American kestrels. Nanotag data might reveal why we do not see our smallest falcon perched on wires and utility poles as much as we used to. 

As the northern hemisphere wobbles back into the vernal position in the months to come, receivers placed on ridgelines and fire towers and hilltops and tall buildings in big northeast cities will be there. They will log the flight of migratory birds responding to memory to go build a nest in a woven cup or crude platform or shaded cavity in a tree somewhere between Maine and Maryland. 

To learn about other conservation successes, visit Partner with a Payer.

— Craig Springer

Springer is with Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration, USFWS 

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