GTM Original (GTM) offers several back-to-school purses for young women who want to carry lethal or non-lethal weapons for personal defense this fall. Made from premium leather, all GTM’s purses come with specialized compartments and pockets for holstered firearms, pepper spray, sirens and other forms of self-defense.
Team Beretta shooters recently achieved 11 podiums honors between two concurrent regional competitions. These included honors at the Northeast Regional Championship and the Kansas State FITASC/5-Stand.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program has set a series of entertaining themed events through the remaining months of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Guests will receive a discounted entry to family-friendly matches held at its indoor air gun ranges at the South CMP Competition Center in Anniston, Ala., and at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Yesterday, the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF) hosted its 30th Annual Banquet & Auction celebrating past and present Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus (CSC) members and 30 years of protecting and advancing sportsmen's traditions and fish and wildlife conservation on Capitol Hill and across the country.
FN America, LLC announced an exclusive, limited-edition package of an FN 509 Tactical and Vortex Venom miniature red dot optic available through Bass Pro Shops nationwide. The pistol will be sold with the optic pre-mounted for quick and easy use, straight from the box.
The 2020 Bassmaster Elite Series schedule will take the world's top professional anglers to some of the best big-bass lakes in the country.
Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces it is awarding more than $86,000 to five organizations as part of its pledge to fund up to $500,000 in Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative (OAI) grants in 2019.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation awarded $114,008 in grants to fund 17 conservation and hunting heritage projects in New Mexico. That funding leveraged an additional $343,760 in partner funding put on the ground to benefit elk and other wildlife.
The Fall Bow Deer Season opens Saturday in Deer Management Zones governed by Regulation Sets #4 through #8. First deer must be antlerless (except for youth hunters) through September 27.
Clenzoil has appointed new, independent sales representatives to keep up with demand. , Josh Sanders, Director of Sales at Clenzoil, will be in Ohio visiting several accounts as well as accompanying sales reps and opening new stores.
Primary Arms Optics is expanding its presence in the dealer community by partnering with new rep groups. These groups include More & Molloy, Outdoor Outfitters Group and Vincent Pestilli & Associates.

Ammunition manufacturer Fiocchi of America Inc. announces the appointment of Anthony Acitelli as new President and CEO.
Crestliner Boats has named Jack Martin as General Manager effective immediately.
In the last quarter-century, the invasive carps’ rapid rate of reproduction has resulted in an unassailable spread throughout the length of the river and into many of its tributaries, including the Cumberland River and Tennessee River.
Live Bearded has partnered with Mossy Oak to offer an all-new Mossy Oak Collection, a series of men’s beard-grooming products designed for the beardsman with a passion for the outdoors.

Frabill's ground-breaking Trophy Haul™ Bearclaw Nets are developed precisely for solo anglers who want a highly engineered tool to land fish down close to the water.
New this week on Outdoor Action you can stream one of the latest episodes of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman's Handbook episodes. Then, check out what Majesty Outdoors experiences in New Mexico as they go out on the hunt for Elk.
Bass Pro Shops founder and noted conservationist Johnny Morris today announced “Anglers for the Bahamas,” a campaign to support the Bahamas in the wake of catastrophic devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian. Together with fishing industry partners, the initial donations are approaching nearly $2 million after a Thursday morning launch event.

To help aid in recovery from hurricane Dorian, Kluch will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from their Bahamas Strong apparel to the Red Cross.
Tom is traveling to Centennial, Colorado, for Firearms Festival 2019 hosted by the Centennial Gun Club. Tune in as he talks upscale gun clubs, training, new technology, cool products, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio.
Tune in to this week’s Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio show as host Rob Keck is focused on the 30th Big Game Awards of the Boone &Crockett Club, North America's oldest wildlife and habitat conservation organization
Olin Winchester, LLC is recalling two (2) lots of 17 HMR 20 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Rimfire rifle ammunition.

Emily Adams has been awarded the 2019 “Buck” Rogers Memorial Scholarship by the Missouri Outdoor Communicators.
Serena Juchnowski, Anushtha Agrawal and Kristy Fike are winners of the 2019 Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award and the Toyota “Let’s Go Places” Awards from the Outdoor Journalist Education Foundation of America (OJEFA).
Developed in conjunction with B.A.S.S. Conservation, this key initiative of Shimano’s program to assist high school and college students with their career goals includes six recent high school graduates, a current undergrad and five post-graduate students, all pursuing degrees in various conservation, fisheries and wildlife sciences and management fields.
Wildlife Forever is proud to recognize the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation for its support of the 2020 State-Fish Art Contest.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is pleased to announce the rifle and shotgun ranges at Elk Neck State Forest in Cecil County reopened Sept. 6, following completion of a critical maintenance project this summer.
Charlie Mann of Winthrop and George Smith of Mount Vernon were honored this past weekend with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has a Lionfish Educational Exhibit Program that provides one-time financial assistance to help build or update a high-quality lionfish exhibit.
The Pennsylvania Game Commission Thursday released a draft of its new Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan, a document that, when adopted, will guide the agency’s management of CWD, which always is fatal to the deer and elk it infects.
Hovey Lake Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) will relocate its property office during the last week of September. The office is currently located in the Ohio River floodplain and is susceptible to flooding.
The Aqua-Vu underwater camera rig treats whale and dolphin watchers to a compelling underwater view.
Terry Denmon and Ramsey Russell continue their trip in Mexico to hunt what Ramsey calls the "Mexican Mallard". Great species to hunt that offers the waterfowl enthusiast. Another species to check off his bucket list.
Terry finishes his annual trip to hunt with Steve McCain at Wide Open Outfitters. Hunting the lagunas and freshwater ponds never seems to get old when Redheads and Pintails are constantly burning up the Mojos.
New this week on Outdoor Action you can stream one of the latest episodes of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman's Handbook episodes.
Bird-lovers are invited to join the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department in Addison at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and nearby Snake Mountain to learn more about bird banding and conservation.

California Fish and Game Warden Zeke Awbrey

9/11 made us think about the worst terrorist attacks on US soil ever. Most of us also think about what we were doing that day. I have a story for you about a California game warden that has ramifications beyond 9/11.

On Super Bowl Sunday, January 28, 2001, California Fish and Game Warden Zeke Awbrey was on patrol in the Imperial Valley desert of southern California. A former college athlete, Zeke was hoping to be through with his patrol so he could watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the New York Giants. Regardless, he went about his routine patrol checking fishermen along the American Canal. But on this day, he came upon something that he’d never expected to find. In his own words:

“I saw a lot of things when I was on patrol in the Imperial Valley – drugs, illegal immigrants, and human trafficking, but what I found on that day stands out vividly. I was contacting fishermen along the All-American Canal, an 80 mile-long aqueduct that brings water from the Colorado River to the Imperial Valley and nine cities. The All American Canal runs parallel to the Mexico-California border for several miles just north of Mexico. Over 500 people have drowned in the canal since its completion, most of them illegal immigrants. The canal has been called ‘the Most Dangerous Body of Water in the U.S.’

As I was checking fishermen for licenses and limits, I heard some gun fire in the distance. It was not just a few shots of a hunter, but more and more and more shots. And, I noticed that some of the shots were very close together, sounding like automatic gunfire.

I kind of did a buttonhook from where I heard the shots coming from and took to some higher ground where I could see across the valley. I parked and got out my binoculars and observed a group of people for 10-15 minutes. There were at least 20-25 of them. They appeared to be young adults, high school or college age, and some adults who were directing the shooters, helping them clear their weapons, and guiding them in skills training.

The adults were teaching combat skills. The students would get down on their bellies and crawl. Then they would shoot at targets, and belly crawl on the ground to get behind some cover. The drills were like we did in training, or the military would do. They just didn’t look right.”

Game wardens often work alone and in places where there is no immediate back-up. So, Zeke called the Border Patrol as they were his closest back-up, much closer than CHP or the Imperial County Sheriff Department. The Border Patrol came out right away. The sergeant and Zeke moved up to a viewing position, got out of their trucks and watched with binoculars.  “It was pretty obvious that this wasn’t right,” Zeke said, “especially the sounds of automatic weapons. so the Border Patrol went in first and secured the scene. I followed them in.”

“The shooters were Middle-Eastern, and they had just about every weapon you could imagine. All kinds of weapons, many that I’d never seen before. Some of their guns were SKS’s, AK-47’s and pistols I had never seen before in this country – a big variety of firearms. Most of them were Russian and Chinese-made. One of the weapons that I inspected was an AK-47. The first thing that I did was to fire the weapon. If you fire this kind of gun and you stop, you should hear a ‘click’ which means that it’s a semi-automatic.  If you don’t hear a click that tells you that it’s fully automatic, as it does not have to reset.”    

The Border Patrol and Zeke interviewed the shooters. Zeke recalls, “The adults were very educated. Some said they were lawyers. They said that they felt that they’d been discriminated against because they were Middle-Eastern. But that was not the case. We were just doing a compliance check just like we would do for anyone  else like a hunter or a sport shooter. 

“Not only did they have a lot of firearms, but they were training these younger people how to behave in combat, and they also had two vans loaded with ammunition. We interviewed them all and took down names and the Border Patrol photographed them. They had several AK-47’s that were fully automatic. We confiscated those at that time. And wrote citations.”

Zeke then went about his business and saw no more of the group training in the desert. 

Following 9/11 Warden assault teams were called on to patrol California harbors.

After 9-11, however, he ran into one of the Border Patrol sergeants out on patrol. “He told me that the information that he got from the FBI was that three of the subjects out of the 25 that we had interviewed were part of the five who flew one of the hi-jacked airplanes into the Pentagon on 9/11,” Zeke said, “The subjects were reported but to the best of our knowledge nothing came about from our contact with them.”

“It was our understanding that they had a legal right to be out there, just like other people who target shoot in the desert, but they had automatic weapons, which were illegal.”

Zeke has another more timely concern. “Where are the other 22,” he wonders,  “They could still be in this country. They could also be in Afghanistan, or even Iraq.  If they were training out here in the California desert on US soil, I can only imagine where they could be now, getting ready for their next target.”

(You can watch Zeke tell his story with a re-enactment as part of the documentary “Endangered Species CA Fish and Game Wardens. )


To many, game wardens are “fish cops” who spend their days checking licenses and limits and looking for poachers. In reality in most states game wardens enforce wildlife law, criminal law, civil law and traffic law, as well as conducting search and rescue and cooperating with wildlife biologists doing field work. In California they are also Deputy US Marshalls. Wardens also do their own CSI in the field, as they work in remote places without backup. In some states they also don’t need a search warrant to search private property as wildlife are owned by us all. And they work patrolling on land, water, and in the air, in remote areas as well as major cities. They also may work covertly in plain clothes. And there are only about 8000 for the entire United States. New York turns out that many police for New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

As Zeke’s story shows, game wardens may also work on anti-terrorism. Right after 9/11 California game wardens worked with NOAA and the Coast Guard to patrol all harbors in the state. 

As Zeke suggests, terrorists definitely may hide in wildlands. Earlier this year 5 people living in a compound in the high desert of northern New Mexico were arrested and charged with terrorist conspiracy. Supposedly they were going to target the FBI and US military.   

Wardens in the wild are increasingly coming across drug "grows" - to the point there's now the equivalent of a war being fought in the woods. Here, California wardens remove an illegal marijuana grow.

Also, wildlands are increasingly used by international drug cartels for growing marijuana and making meth.  Stories about game wardens chasing down cartel growers can be found in a book, War In The Woods (Lyons 2010) written myself and Lt. John Nores.  The book has been optioned for a scripted dramatic TV show, “The Secret War,” which is scheduled to start shooting this year. We hope this will help get the message out there that wildlands are not always totally safe.

My suggestion is approach your local game wardens. Get to know them and maybe if you are lucky, ride along with them so you understand what they do and how important they really are to us all, as well as fish and wildlife. 

—James A. Swan, PhD.

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