South Carolina has been a hub for archery growth in the last three years. Growing from 176 USA Archery members in 2019, to over 400 at the end of 2022, increased club leaders are leading the expansion.
The Association of Collegiate Anglers announces the renewal of a seventeen-year partnership with Berkley for the 2023 season of the Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.
On Feb. 23, the Civilian Marksmanship Program hosted its first installment of the new Talladega Quarterly Matches, with great success. Over 90 competitors attended the inaugural event, which featured both rifle and pistol outdoor competitions.
A federal judge in Texas granted an immediate preliminary injunction against the federal government’s enforcement of the final rule regarding partially manufactured firearm parts and kits in a case known as VanDerStok v. Garland. The case challenges the authority of the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to regulate items that are not firearms, as if they were firearms.
National Bowhunter Education Foundation Executive Director Marilyn Bentz recently worked with as a subject matter expert for’s educational content.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife will release 84,000 rainbow trout in 88 lakes and ponds beginning Thursday, March 16, 2023.
- GEAR -
The Ravus, available in Realtree EDGE and EXCAPE camo patterns, features a forward-opening lid with a quiet, magnetic closure. The top of the lid is constructed with two elastic sleeves that are a staple of Alaska Guide Creations Bino Packs.
Constructed of 1000 denier nylon with foam padded(removable) walls and bottom, the Police Duty Bag has eight internal pockets and two gusseted pockets outside for citation books, along with two external tube pockets for a baton and flashlight.
Specifically designed to meet the needs for Kayak Fishing, the Evolution Fishing Rigger Series Tackle Bags not only look great but provide ultimate functionality wherever you’re fishing. And it is now officially shipping and available online.

Offering watersports junkies and waterlife adventurers’ quality outerwear at affordable prices is Cape Fear Sportswear,  now available at Everest.Com, the first online, customer-centric, multi-merchant marketplace for the outdoor recreation community
The Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2023 “Buffalo Jump” honors a Native American hunting tradition.  Named after the cliffs that played a vital part in their hunting success, the K-80/S engraved by Creative Art features historic hunting scenes rendered in remarkable detail and grace.
Taylor’s & Company, a leading marketers and importers of state-of-the-art historical firearms, announce their win of Conceal Carry Magazines’ “Editors’ Choice” award for their TC9 9mm Revolver. 
Burris announces Phillip Harding IV as the new United States Regional Sales Manager.

Remington Ammunition  ambassador Adam Wies, commonly known as Who Tee Who, took home the title of Best Outdoorsman at the 2023 Gundie Awards
Wholesale customers can find great deals, free goods and consumer rebate opportunities on SIG Sauer products throughout the month of March at
Al’s Goldfish Lure Company will be exhibiting at the 19th Annual New England Saltwater Fishing Show, March 10-12 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island.  
The Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Selection Committee has chosen legendary lure maker Bill Lewis for induction into the 2023 class of Hall of Famers. Lewis is well known as the inventor of the Rat-L-Trap lipless crankbait.

Find your favorite hunting, fishing, outdoor programming, and on the platform built for the avid outdoorsmen and women who crave adventures, stories, tournaments, tips, and tricks from the field and on the water.
Lucid Optics' L7 is a perfect complement to complete any AR set-up, featuring a proven glass etched P7 reticle and a significant number of upgraded features.
Even though this ignorance often makes them play the fool in print and on TV, many in the media still prefer not to learn about this critical civil right. Why? That is the important question this feature answers. 
The Armory Life announces the release of the Spring 2023 issue of The Armory Life print magazine, featuring an in-depth review of the SAINT Victor 9mm Carbine by Jeremy Tremp, supported by a matching video review accessible by scannable QR code.

Southwestern Louisiana is truly a sportsman’s paradise, but the bayous and marshes of Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes require experienced boatmen with decades of local knowledge. With more than 30 years of local experience, Captain Tommy has fished and hunted these local waters all his life.
Inspired by one of the hottest trends in DIY…accent walls, Be Outdoors introduces NEW Wallplanks™ in popular Mossy Oak® patterns.
A 42-year-old Wisconsin man was killed Thursday morning when the snowmobile he was operating crashed into an approaching trail groomer.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has appointed Capt. Rachel Bryant as the State Boating Law Administrator representing Florida in the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

On Thursday, the Provo River Delta Restoration project reached another major milestone, diverting the Provo River into channels and ponds constructed over the past three years, connecting the river with a restored delta and with Utah Lake.
The Natural Resource Commission (NRC) of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will hold its monthly public meeting at 9:30 a.m., March 9, in the Wallace State Office Building in Des Moines.
VMC’s new RedLine Series is comprised of eight hooks, designed for tournament bass anglers who need to turn up the heat from a “10” to an “11.”
Waypoint TV announces an all-new prime-time programming block, Mission: Adventure Mondays presented by Boat Trader, on Mondays from 8 to 11 pm ET. 
This week on The High Road with Keith Warren, Keith and the team are back in Colorado with The Rocky Mountain Youth Project chasing elk.

Shooting big-bore rifles isn’t something most shooters do purely for recreation. There are a variety of reasons, from ammunition costs to places to shoot long-range. But one that’s hardest to overcome for many is the simple fact that big-bore rifles can be punishing to shoot.

It’s one thing to be facing down a charging beast with a .500 Nitro or facing an angry boar hog snapping three-inch tusks at you with a .444 Guide Gun…adrenaline takes care of that.

But the work of zeroing a riflescope or verifying the point-of-aim on the iron sights can, if you’re not careful, groove a flinch that just might get you hurt -or worse- in an adrenaline-dump situation. If you jump when you shoot, you can miss.

Yes, using a Lead Sled can make the actual zeroing easier than detaching a retina in the zeroing process. But if you’re going to carry a gun, you’d best know how to shoot that gun. There is just no substitute for shooting a gun to learn how to operate it - especially under duress.

In a high-stress situation, you really do “default to your level of training.” If only thing you remember is the admonition to “secure the gun into the fixture before loading and firing,” your last thought in an emergency might be “I should have actually learned to run the gun before deciding to carry it.”

Most of us don’t go looking for trouble. But you wouldn’t be carrying a “major caliber” if you weren’t either: 1) looking for a dangerous animal or, 2) wandering around where there actually are dangerous animals.

During my visit to Silencerco in Utah last week, I was invited down to their range to try a variety of silencers.

Since I like shooting, it didn’t take a lot of conversation to convince me to do that, especially since I’d already seen their impressive collection of guns. And each of them was suppressor ready. So I was surprised when I was handed a pair of shooting muffs when we walked up to a table full of suppressed guns chosen for me to “sample”.

When I asked about muffs, the response was simple: “enclosed space.”

Despite the sound having been reduced to safe levels, the close quarters of the range didn’t do enough to reduce the effect of pressure waves. Lesson learned. I have shot plenty of suppressed guns on indoor ranges, but only handguns or .22 caliber rifles.

Good thing. Because I’d never considered whether pressure waves of big-bore rifles or full-auto carbines were capable of damaging your ears. Turns out they are. Ergo, the muffs.

Did I mention everyone at Silencerco is more experienced with the science and technology involved in sound suppression than me?

Anyway, the need to wear hearing protection because of pressure waves in enclosed spaces, especially when shooting rifle caliber cartridges, was knowledge that I felt worth sharing. Many of you already knew, but keeping one person from damaging their hearing is worth being considered “less-experienced” than many of you. After all, I am less experienced than many of you.

Since I’m sharing information I collected there, we’re circling back to the big-bores. I had no idea that a suppressor could make a big-bore rifle so much less unpleasant to shoot-until I was invited to shoot a 45-70 lever gun equipped with one of Silencerco’s Hybrid 46-M units.

Having owned a .444 Marlin Guide Gun, I’m no stranger to the “thump” of big bore lever actions. I’m not a huge fan (which is why the ownership is past tense). But…as a visitor, I wasn’t going to back down from the opportunity.

Glad I didn’t. The 45-70 with the 46-M attached was more akin to shooting a 12-gauge shotgun than the anticipated thump of this “big boy” rifle.

When shooting a full-auto carbine, it was easy to appreciate Silencerco’s Velos LBP (top).This “hard use” model is excellent on full-auto capable rifles because it not only tames muzzle rise, it directs gases forward of the operator. The 46-M on the 45-70 being fired by Silencerco’s Shauna Young (below) kept down the “boom” of the big bore cartridge -and the muzzle. Jim Shepherd/OWDN photos

I thought it was just me, but Silencerco’s Shauna Young stepped up to prove my feeling wasn’t imaginary. She is, quite easily, 100 pounds lighter than me. And had no problem handling the 45-70 -and as you’ll see in the photo. The suppressor also did a lot to minimize what is normally pretty significant muzzle rise. Not only did it make the rifle quieter, it made it more manageable and quicker to cycle and get back on target.

Now I get why long distance shooters and hunters like suppressors so much. Yet another reason suppressors should be far less complicated to own.

But that’s grist for another milling.

Now we’re going to clean up a misconception related to a recent news item with a bit of good news sent to us by our good friend Roy Huntington:

Here’s the Cliff Note: the famous Cylinder & Slide Shop is not Closing.

When Bill Laughridge, founder and owner of the C&S Shop announced he was retiring, everyone assumed that meant he was closing the shutters on the shop. It seems many were a bit to hasty thinking so. Bill is indeed retiring, but has two investors who will continue to run the C&S shop, and plan on keeping it open in its present location in Fremont, Nebraska.

“The new owners are excited to keep the flag flying,” Bill said. “They are gun-people and understand what we do, how we do it and what our customers expect. The parts side of the house will remain strong and continue to grow, and I’ll remain to work with them while we make a smooth transition. The new team is also looking forward to hiring more senior staff gunsmiths and to continue to grow the business.”

You can still reach C&S at:

And, as always, we’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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