TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2022

In response to requests for help from the Ukraine Ministry of Defense, Adams Arms is being joined by six other manufacturers in sending ten state-of-the-art, semi-automatic sniper rifle systems, along with ammunition, to the Ukraine.
GSM Outdoors is proud to announce the acquisition of the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap brand of lures.
The 2022 National Sporting Clays Association Championship Tour, Powered by Winchester, held the prestigious World English Sporting Clays Championship. Team Winchester members performed well and were prevalent on the podium throughout the events.
Gold Tip, along with Bee Stinger, congratulates team archers for their dominant performances at the Antalya 2022 Hyundai World Cup. During the first world cup of the season, team members secured two gold medals and one bronze in the Individual and Team Compound Divisions.
Gold Tip, with Bee Stinger, congratulates team archers for their top performances at the 2022 ASA Easton/Hoyt Camp Minden Pro/Am. Members of the archery team secured top three finishes in two divisions, with Kyle Douglass winning the Known Pro Division.

Hornady congratulates sponsored shooters Sean Murphy and Greg Hamilton on their performance at the Real World Sniper Challenge, April 24-25, 2022, in Refugio, TX.
Caitlin Connor earned three gold medals at the Lonato World Cup, April 19-30, in Women’s skeet, Women’s Skeet Team, and Mixed Skeet Team, a first for USA Shooting.
In honor of the state’s Historic Preservation Month, which is May, the DNR Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology announced the winners of its annual Historic Preservation Month photo contest.
Falls of the Ohio State Park is hosting a Backyard Science Day on Saturday, May 14 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the parking lot around its Interpretive Center.

SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range is pleased to announce that registration is now open for those wishing to exhibit at the 2023 event.
- GEAR -
The MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift makes blade sharpening, belt replacement, and debris removal a breeze with its innovative, ultra safe design.
The Trail Belt from Galco features tubular web construction, making it ideal for all-day hiking or long, active work-shift wear. It’s flexible, but suitable for use as a belt for IWB carry.
Silencer Central welcomes United States Senator Mike Rounds to their facilities on Friday, April 29th. Senator Rounds commits his time in office to promoting issues that protect veterans, rebuild military funding and protect the Second Amendment from extensive regulations.

SinterFire Ammunition is now available to the commercial civilian market. SinterFire lead-free projectile products have been used by major ammunition suppliers and LE/military customers.
ISOtunes Sport announced a partnership with outdoors enthusiast and content creator Brandon McDow. An experienced photographer, videographer, and sportsman, Brandon McDow brings a blend of passion and talent that’s a perfect fit for the company’s innovative line of hearing protection.
MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Sims to Database Manager. Brian joined MidwayUSA in 2015 as a Database Administrator in the Information Systems department.
EasyExport announces that 10 manufacturers and resellers are now using EasyExport’s automated export-processing service to grow their revenues by safely and reliably shipping their guns, parts, scopes, and accessories to 82 countries.

Pure Archery Group announced its new partnership with Major League Bowhunter, a popular TV and digital show. This new partnership will extend through all Pure Archery Group brands, including Bowtech Archery, Excalibur Crossbow, Black Gold Sights, TightSpot Quivers, Ripcord Arrow Rests, Diamond Archery, and Octane Accessories.
Sellmark is excited to participate in the 2022 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits on May 27 – 29, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.
Dead Air Silencers announced that they will be sponsoring this season of Target Rich Environment’s TV series on the Sportsman Channel. This year, The Target Rich Environment team will be operating a lot quieter with Dead Air Silencers on their rifles.
Tactical Media Network is seeking a hunting shotgun manufacturer for a one-week, online brand publicity test campaign.

Primary Arms Government has announced their attendance (Booth #T85) and sponsorship of the upcoming Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA) 2022 Conference, which will take place from May 4th to 8th at the Kalahari Convention Center in Round Rock, TX.
U.S. LawShield is a proud sponsor of the Savannah Area Republican Women 2A Rally to be held May 6, 2022, at the Forest City Gun Club in Savannah, Georgia. U.S. LawShield is bringing member Stephen Willeford to the rally as the featured speaker.
- JOBS -
Chattanooga Shooting Supplies seeks candidates for a Digital Marketing Specialist. The successful candidate will be responsible for the development and execution of ecommerce communications and digital content that support the objectives of the company.

Realtree’s four-mug set includes cut glass handles with the impression of antlers. The antler handle also provides extra support for holding the beer glass with the weighted bottom.
XS Sights extends its night sight offerings for the HK VP9 Optics Ready Pistol. Standard-height R3D with orange front sight and DXT2 Big Dot sights with orange or yellow front sights are now available for this popular HK pistol, in addition to the recently released Suppressor/RMR Height sights in the R3D and Minimalist models.
Birchwood Casey introduces their GLOCK Multi-Tool, a new compact tool that is a must-have for anyone who owns a GLOCK pistol.It includes four tools specially designed for the pistol’s pins, screws, and sights.
Breeo announces the launch of its X Series Furniture—functional and durable fireside furniture built to enhance the comfort and utility of the smokeless fire experience.
TekMat announced their new line of GLOCK gunsmithing mats for GLOCK 42/43, GEN 3, and G44 models. The mats are pliable and will easily roll up for compact storage.
Elite Survival Systems announces the Vanguard 3 Day Pack, a new generation of pack that is intended for long mountain hikes or front-line marches. Made from 1000 denier nylon, it has a hydration compartment with tube routing and “S-shaped” backpack straps with sternum fastener.
The Easton Sonic 6.0 is a 6mm high-performance hunting arrow engineered with high-performance speed and hunting accuracy in mind. It is built using Easton’s seamless Acu-Carbon process for the ultimate weight and spine consistency from shaft to shaft and from dozen to dozen.
The National Deer Association (NDA) recently completed Phase 1 of the Southeast Deer Partnership (SDP). The SDP was formed to highlight the benefits of hunting and the importance of deer hunters to wildlife management programs.
Pope & Young is proud to introduce the first of its kind Annual National Field Judging Championship.
The Second Amendment Foundation has filed an amicus brief with the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Yakutake v. Hawaii, challenging two cumbersome state laws they say are “undermining” Second Amendment rights.
Brittany Wray, Director for the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education, is recognized as this year’s Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies’ Project WILD Outstanding Coordinator of the Year.
Formulated to produce large, lush leaves that fuel antler growth, Antler King’s Booner Buffet is an asset to any food plot arsenal.
The Summit Series eco collection offers several stylish options made of Helishade, a sun protective fabric of 100% recycled polyester. The collection is ideal for anyone looking for all-purpose headwear built with thoughtful design principals and innovative technologies.
Egg mass surveys in the fall of 2021 confirmed that many areas in Michigan should expect a collapse of spongy moth activity in much of lower Michigan – meaning far fewer caterpillars this year.
In an effort to protect wildlife habitat, the Pennsylvania Game Commission plans to spray more than 62,000 acres of state game lands this spring.
Tune in weekdays from 2–6 p.m. ET for the network’s freshwater fishing strip of shows – highlighting the best tips and tactics for freshwater fishing.
Today, Deer and Wildlife Stories is heading North to Indiana and the Land of the Amish where they are going to visit 3 different deer farms.
Watching wildlife is enjoyable, especially when young animals appear in the spring. But it is best to keep your distance. Picking up young wildlife can do more harm than good, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, and it is also against the law.
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is looking for help from outdoors enthusiasts and the growing segment of watchable wildlife dedicated to reptiles and amphibians to report western chicken turtles they may find while enjoying the outdoors in The Natural State.

Would you pay $200,000 for a fish finder?

You might if your boat cost more than $3 million.

And that fish finder, if it’s one of Furuno’s whiz-bang t systems, could find and track marlin, bluefins, swordfish and other large fish a half-mile from the boat!

It can even lock on an individual fish so that the boat can present it with baits multiple times.

The systems are so deadly that the Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament out of Oregon Inlet, NC, recently made a separate division for boats that have the systems—they won’t compete against boats that don’t have the system, but only against the others that do.

Furuno’s Omni-Directional Sonar scans 360 degrees around the boat and can track individual large fish at ranges out to a half-mile. (Furuno photo).

With over a million dollars in prizes on the line in this classic competition, the equity system is significant for those who can afford to participate in a game in which the lowest ante is $15,000.

Of course, these tournaments are for the fortunate few. But the recognition that high-dollar electronics gives a huge advantage to those who have them may, and probably should, trickle down to tournaments that are more affordable and much more widely fished, including bass and walleye circuits across the nation.

While several major bass tournaments this spring have been won by anglers who went against the grain by using no electronics, those wins were the result of the fish spawning in the shallows where the sonar is of minimal use.

As soon as the fish move offshore for the heat of summer, on through fall and winter, the anglers who have forward scan and side scan sonar will win nearly every event, and their winnings will be subsidized by the anglers who pay their entry fees but can’t afford the five-figure technology to win.

Anglers with the scanning systems can not only see the fish but see their lures on screen, and can observe which lures and which retrieves turn the fish on. It’s an absolute game changer, sort of a real-life video game. It’s fun and an exciting way to fish—but it definitely presents a handicap for those who don’t have it.

The tournament at Manteo might provide a reasonable model for future inland competitions. They basically run two separate tournaments side-by-side, with combined weigh-ins but separate entry fees and prize structures.

“No Scanner” tournaments would make a lot of sense particularly for local weekend competitions, where none of the anglers have sponsorships and few have money to burn.

Of course, on the major competitive circuits including the BASS Elites, MLF and NWT, just about every angler has sponsorships and these are guys who are all-in for making tournament fishing their whole lives, so the cost of scanning technology is part of the price to play.

For the rest of us, some competitive opportunities without the high ante required for scanning sonar would probably be widely appreciated.

Shoes for the Fisherman

A lot of southern anglers (including me) like to fish barefooted or in sandals pretty much year around, but there are those days when a norther blows in and your little piggies will definitely squeal for some protection.

Neoprene ankle boots are an option that gives dry, warm comfort around the water as well as the safety feature of being easily kicked off if you ever happen to go over the side by accident.

XTRA-TUF ankle boots are comfortable non-slip footwear designed specifically for anglers. (XTRATUF).

Xtratuf is the company that makes the neoprene-insulated boots favored by TV’s “Dangerous Catch” crabbers and other watermen who go to sea in much chillier and more challenging weather than we ever see in the South. They also makes the classic “Pine Island Reeboks”—the iconic white rubber Gulf Coast commercial fisherman’s boot that has become sort of a cult thing for those who live along the coast these days.

Now, the company has come out with the Ankle Deck Boot Sport, directed at recreational anglers and boaters. It’s a light-weight series designed specifically for keeping your tootsies warm and dry while standing on deck or dock.

The boots weigh 1 pound, 12 ounces each—a lot more than sandals, but about half what many rubber boots weigh. They’re made of neoprene composite, with strong arch supports and lots of foam padding in the footbed—the feel is a lot like an athletic shoe.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re actually stylish, available in three-color designs with pull-on straps fore and aft, and a non-slip, non-marking sole for those worried about their boat decks.

The company offers free shipping and free returns, a big plus on footwear. (I wish they had half sizes, but they don’t.)

They’re about $100;

-- Frank Sargeant

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