Gearfire’s Director of Manufacturer Relations and shooting team captain Travis McCamish finished second in the PRS Pro Series National Finale in the Gas Gun Division.
Federal sponsored shooter Payton DeTavernier capped off a strong season with a coveted ATA certificate. The college student at Doane University in Nebraska, earned the AAA27AAA achievement recognition in trapshooting.
- GEAR -
What really makes the difference to many anglers when it comes to sunglasses are the lenses. Redfin utilizes the clearest precision lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, known as the unparalleled global leader in lens clarity and construction. Every Redfin model is backed by a lifetime frame warranty.
Introduced in 2017 at five partner universities, the program grew to 24 schools by 2019 and for the current waterfowl season is now available at a whopping 39 higher-ed institutions.
HeadHunters NW, the premier executive recruiting firm focused exclusively and deliberately on talent acquisition for the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry, recently added shooting industry professional Katie Rohs to their expanding team.

Anderson Manufacturing announces the launch of its exclusive, Dealer-only Pre Black Friday sales event—just in time for the busiest online shopping day of the year in the United States. 
The Christian Outdoors Podcast swept the awards for Audio communication at this years’ South Carolina Outdoor Press Association conference, taking both first and second places in the category. 
- JOBS -
Currently Outtech is seeking candidates for an Outdoor Division Regional Manager for the Louisiana & southern Texas territory. This position will professionally represent Outtech vendors to retailers within a territory by providing outstanding sales and customer service.
Blade Magazine is searching for a full-time content creator who is equally adept at writing and editing to join their team.

Designed exclusively for high-powered hunting applications, the PileDriver is Hatsan’s first .50 caliber air rifle, and the market’s most powerful production PCP rifle.
Featuring premium components throughout and weighing roughly 7 pounds depending on the cartridge, the Model 21 rifle brings exceptional precision and packable reliability to any hunt with the feel and performance of a custom rifle in a production model.
Available with classic hot salt blued carbon steel or rust-resistant stainless-steel construction, the Garrison from Springfield Armory is a rock-solid 1911in .45 ACP that offers a host of upgrades along with the strength to provide a lifetime of service.
Waypoint TV, The world’s leading entertainment destination for hunting and fishing programming, is on track to quadruple the number of podcasts within the Waypoint Podcast Network by the end of the year as the podcasting industry as a whole sees rapid growth.

Earn up to $100 with every Dead Air silencer purchased between November 15th, 2021 and December 15th, 2021. Dead Air Silencers is running a consumer promotion with values of $50, $75, and $100, depending on the model.
HSCF's Hunter’s Horn magazine has been recognized as a Gold Award Winner, in the Consumer Magazine category, by the Davey Awards.
Starting November 15, 2021, and running through December 5, 2021, customers who make a purchase over a certain dollar threshold will receive either a free Silencerco Octane or Warlock suppressor. The best part? The free items will ship within six months of the original purchase date.
Built to be the most versatile hunting apparel you'll own, this jacket features a HEX Guard wind and waterproof outer layer with a zip-out 120g Primaloft insulated vest to keep your core at a comfortable temperature in frigid conditions.

Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, Al’s Goldfish Lure Company announces the immediate availability of two Christmas Kits: a small kit with four lures and a large kit with six lures.
Primary Arms Optics announces its sponsorship and attendance for the Tactical Games 2021 National Championship, which runs from November 19 to the 21 at the Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas.
For hunters in Nebraska’s inaugural Special Landowner Deer Season, their season is over.
Waterfowl season forecasters estimate good populations of ducks and geese for the Mississippi Flyway, which includes Alabama, but those waterfowl may not be easy to fool this season.

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021, is a date circled in red on the calendars of thousands of Oklahoma hunters. That’s the day deer gun hunting season opens statewide.  
ursuit Media, LLC announces a new partnership with FreeCast’s SelectTV that adds Pursuit Channel to their Smartguide line up.

Join musician, television host, hunter, conservationist, pilot and dad, Nick Hoffman, on his hit series, Nick’s Wild Ride, airing on Outdoor Channel, Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET. Hoffman takes viewers deep into the food, culture, music, history and heartbeat of the location he hunts and fishes.
The rut is on and the bucks are fired up, but that doesn’t keep this hunt from getting right down to the wire. Tune in as Keith travels to The Legends Ranch with his airgun and experiences some of the best whitetail activity he’s ever seen.


If there are shooters on your shopping list, you know we’re a difficult lot to buy for. Particular shooting sports have very particular (and occasionally, peculiar) equipment. Most of the gear is highly customizable, making it difficult to know what your shooters really want.

OK, ammunition is the most likely “want” these days, but let’s concentrate on gifts that aren’t either disposable or difficult to impossible to source. The best gifts have recurring value.

All shooters require one essential to improve: practice.

From the best professional to the rankest amateur, only practice brings improvement. Tuning your gun, tweaking your equipment and hand loading your ammunition won’t help if you don’t practice.

Unfortunately, today’s supply and demand situation makes live-fire practice considerably more expensive than ever before. But there’s still no substitute for practice.

That realization has created a booming market for dry fire devices.

Before the product information, here’s my mandatory rule before handling any gun at home, and it includes practice, cleaning or whatever. Remove the magazine, verify the gun is unloaded (look and feel), then make absolutely certain there’s no ammunition nearby.

Only after taking that safety measure can you really enjoy any practice system, especially one that turns your actual carry gun into the equivalent of a video game. Never lose sight of the fact that you’re practicing with a real gun. The basic safety rules always apply. All guns are always loaded. No exceptions and no clowning around.

Mantis’s Laser Academy is a full training facility (less your gun and phone/tablet) that can easily come along wherever you’re traveling.

And one dry fire equipment company that’s consistently innovating is Mantis Tech. I first tested one of their basic Mantis units three years ago. Today, there are varieties of the Mantis, but it’s still a solid training/practice aid.

The past two months I’ve been using (it’s incorrect to call sporadic practice training) a couple of their newest offerings. In short, they’ve enabled me to get in reps of basic sight acquisition, trigger manipulation, and follow through (more important than I realized before using their systems) without simultaneously vaporizing dollar bills.

Their new Laser Academy ($149) is essentially a complete training facility in a small carrying case. It uses your phone or tablet (iOS or Android) and their app as both the training center and coach. There’s a caliber-specific laser cartridge (9mm, 40S&W, 45 ACP and .380) that inserts in your pistol. When you break a shot, it fires a laser light beam onto the targets and the app records the result.

Setup (top) isn’t complicated, but the system quickly builds a historical record of your practice (bottom) that gives you a baseline for measuring your abilities.

Shots are recorded and auto-scored, giving a far more detailed training record than I’ve ever had. The archive has allowed me to determine my acceptable baseline performance. Can’t measure improvement if you have no baseline starting point. It’s also proven beyond a reasonable doubt that shooting is indeed a perishable skill.

But being able to quickly setup and train with my carry pistol has certainly helped polish those skills without diminishing either my ammunition or cash reserves. Neither are limitless.

Since we’re talking about gifts, someone who already has an Academy would probably love one of the additional caliber cartridges. At $39.97, it’s a great gift that’s not much more expensive than a box of ammo but has a far longer useful life.

There are four training modes in the free version of the app: Open Shooting-Single Target, Shot from Low Guard/Low Ready - One Shot, Duel- Single Shot, and Bullseye- Five Shot. Those will enable you to get the basics of everything from defensive training to basic bullseye competition.

There are also additional options for Open Shooting- Multiple Targets, Duel- Best of Five Series (think Bianchi’s Colt Speed Challenge with one target), Shot from Guard/Low Ready-Multi Shot, Bullseye-10 Shots, Close Contact from Holster (great self-defense drill that’s not always something you think about training for), Compressed Surprise Break, Holster Draw-Single and Holster Draw-Par Timed, and my favorite: Multiple Shots on Multiple Targets (I call it my “virtual plate rack”). The unlock code for those additional options is included in the $149 Laser Academy kit.

Mantis also makes The Blackbeard, a similar training system for AR-style rifles ($219.00). It’s already in use by the military for training. It’s a unique AR-style system because it makes your rifle absolutely unable to mistakenly be loaded with live ammo. That’s because it is a drop in bolt-carrier group and magazine that works with your existing trigger. If you have a direct impingement and a piston-driven AR you won’t be forced to choose. The system works on both.

The Blackbeard enables you to use their bolt carrier group and magazine in your AR-style rifle and include AR-practice in your Laser Academy sessions.

Using what they call “ a bit of electromagnetic wizardry” it resets your hammer between shots. And it’s so ridiculously easy that there’s virtually no way to screw it up. Take out your bolt carrier group, drop in the Blackbeard, close your rifle, insert the magazine (like your rifle in “real” mode the magazine contains the “go juice”) and begin your dry fire.

They claim up to 10 shots per second, but Jerry Miculek wasn’t available to verify that for me. But it certainly resets faster than I can manipulate my trigger.

There are very few limitations on either system, although the Academy doesn’t work with either Ruger SR or Hi Point pistols.

I’m using both- more than I can say about the at-home exercise equipment sitting in my garage. Gear you’ll use is always best.

We’ll keep you posted.

—Jim Shepherd

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