Excalibur introduces the new TwinStrike with DualFire technology, the first crossbow to feature the ability to fire 2 arrows in milliseconds. 
Season highlights from 2020 included Federal sponsored shooters winning big at the 2020 National Sporting Clays Championships and the 2020 Main World Skeet Championships, plus many other competitions across the country.
After a wildly successful inaugural campaign in 2020, B.A.S.S. officials have announced the regular-season schedule for the 2021 Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series powered by TourneyX.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has organized a pilot program to keep boating access sites plowed this winter at more than two dozen popular Upper Peninsula ice-fishing locations.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is hosting a virtual recreation grants workshop January 21 to assist applicants in applying for funding through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, Land and Water Conservation Fund and Recreation Passport grant programs.

Arcus Hunting announces the expansion of its relationship with H & G Marketing, Inc. as their sole Sales Agency of Record for Arcus’ brands including Tink’s®, Dead Down Wind®, Ramcat® Broadheads, Trophy Taker® and Rack One.
Lipsey's, a nationally renowned firearms distributor, announces the addition of three new team members to enhance operations in multiple departments.
Lipsey’s, a leading national firearms distributor, donates to help WTTA further its mission to bridge the gap between mental health awareness and the firearms industry.
Outtech Inc., an outdoor industry leader in sales and marketing, announces their partnership with Barnes Bullets, a leader in engineering, craftsmanship and innovation in the ammunition category.  

The Second Amendment Foundation is launching a new nationwide TV campaign to protect the Second Amendment by joining SAF’s popular “2nd Amendment First Responder” program.
Real Avid introduces Gun-Max Gun Oil,  a superior firearms lubricant with a proprietary formulation that consistently outperforms in every important benchmark of firearm protection, including corrosion resistance, long-lasting lubrication under friction, and low-temperature viscosity.
FN Introduces the FN 509 LS Edge™, , a tactical pistol delivered to give users every advantage in demanding environments.
Crimson Trace announces 50 new optics in two lines. The HARDLINE series of scopes are designed for tactical and competition use. The BRUSHLINE scopes are built for the hunt.

Kinsey’s Inc. announced their annual Dealer Show, KDS21, will be held virtually in 2021. The event, which typically runs 3 days, will be held virtually from February 10th – March 3rd, 2021.
Bow Spider is inviting visitors to explore its updated website. Optimized for use with mobile and tablet devices, it features new videos demonstrating all aspects of the Bow Spider from mounting, different applications and its ease of use.  
On this episode of the Rapala #WeAreCollegiateBass Podcast, we talk with Cole Breeden, the young Drury University angler, about his catching the Association of Collegiate Anglers Online Tournament leading fish.
Tread Lightly!, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging stewardship of America’s lands and waterways, appointed a new Chairman, four new members to its board of directors and re-elected four previously appointed directors.

Vista Outdoors brands Hoppe’s and Champion have committed to Platinum Level sponsorships of the 2021 Scholastic Action Shooting Program.
It’s rafting, fishing and exploration in Hells Canyon, North America’s deepest gorge this week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio.
With trade shows being canceled or held virtually this year, Kinsey Brands has rolled out a variety of resources for dealers to see their exciting new products for 2021, including both a consolidated 5-brand printed catalog and digital catalog.
New for 2021, Vanish products are available in convenient pre-assorted planogram packages so that retailers can have an incredible packaged look spanning the entire camo concealment category.

Steps have been made to speed up the operations, but safety restrictions regarding COVID-19 combined with high demand has resulted in wait times at Pokagon State Park’s toboggan run averaging three to five hours.
In 2020, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocked 8,241,139 fish into 626 local waterbodies; more than 1,170,330 pounds of fish.
Spring turkey hunting permits for 2021 will be available from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission beginning today (January 11, 2021).
Major League Fishing (MLF) provided strong, year-ending viewership by delivering growth from one year ago with its December 13, 2020 telecast on CBS Sports.

Today on “The High Road with Keith Warren”, two unconventional methods of hunting… First, Matti Tackett will be using a Knives of Alaska knife to take down a wild boar with her bare hands. Then, Keith teams up with Pulsar to giveaway a thermal Texas hog hunt with Night Hogs in Seguin, Texas.

Editor’s Note: Today, the Airgun Wire’s Tom McHale shares a New Years resolution that might inspire “the rest of us” to do something similar.

Most New Year’s Resolutions aren’t fun.

Losing weight? Nope, starvation offers no entertainment value whatsoever. Budgeting? That rules out happy hours and a new 70″ TV. Weeding the Azalea beds? No explanation needed there. I prefer hammocks.

This year, a confluence of world events might have created the impetus for a New Year’s Resolution that just might stick. I hereby resolve… to build an indoor airgun range in my garage.

Think about it. Airguns, pellets, and the driving force behind it all — air — are in plentiful supply, even while the shelves of fire and brimstone firearm products and ammunition are in short supply. While COVID, riots, and politics as usual have caused a panic hoarding spree on firearms and ammo, my local stores are chock full of BBs, pellets, and airsoft supplies. And, thanks to the swamp known as the South Carolina Lowcountry, my garage is unusually large. You see, here many houses are built a level high to protect against annual hurricane threats. The ground level, while subject to the occasional Tsunami, has got plenty of space for a 10-yard range, give or take. So, if I can sneak this project past my wife, I’m off and running into fulfilling a 2021 New Year’s Resolution.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Silhouette Range

Trendy antique stores sell decorative items known as shadow boxes. You know, a wooden bow with one side open. Inside the box you’ll find some form of diorama of a Victorian living room or some such frou-frou thing. Mine will be a little different. I’ll stick with cardboard, reinforced from behind with a stack of old newspapers. Inside my diorama, you’ll find a set of Air Venturi Slynger targets. They’re down-scaled to 1/10th of “official” steel silhouette competition size, so they’re appropriate for indoor range use. The box will catch most ricochet BBs and pellets. Better yet, I’ll use the Air Venturi Dust Devil BBs. Those turn to dust when impacting a hard surface. Make no mistake, they’ll knock over the silhouette animals with the right launching system. That makes for perfect indoor range use. Whatever ammo you choose, don’t forget to wear safety glasses.

Pistol Training

A garage range and .177 pistol (BB or pellet) is a great place to practice drawing and shooting. What better target than a 12″ square steel gong? This freestanding target from Air Venturi is made from 1/8″ steel, so it’s perfectly appropriate for BB and pellet use. It’s also great for anything Airsoft. The freestanding system angles the plate towards the floor for ricochet control but do be sure to stand at least 15 feet away regardless. Better yet, use those Dust Devil BBs.


This 12″ square steel target is great for speed shooting with air-powered pistols and revolvers.

The only downside of this setup is it will distribute BBs and Airsoft pellets all over your garage floor. No biggie, it’s nothing a couple of minutes with shop vac won’t rectify.

Stealth Target Range

For indoor air rifle practice, one of the barriers to more frequent shooting is the noise level. Impacts on homemade targets and backstops, even ones made of cardboard or old magazines, tend to be louder than the noise from the shot itself.

Here’s a nifty solution to that problem. Duct Putty.

Available at your local Home Depot or Lowes, this stuff comes in big brick-like plugs than can be stuffed into a wooden box of your design or even an old frying pan for an instant solution. Dense and somewhat resembling super heavy Play Doh, it will not only trap pellets and BBs, it muffles that impact sound so your neighbors are less likely to call Homeland Security about the strange noises emanating from your garage. Want to shoot larger caliber airguns? No problem. Use more Duct Seal bricks and make the target trap thicker. To be extra safe, use a piece of heavy wood or sheet steel on the back of your target trap to stop anything that happens to plow through all that putty.

I’m optimistic my chances of actually following through on this resolution exceed 114%.

—Tom McHale
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