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The Civilian Marksmanship Program is offering a 1911 giveaway through a special raffle for individuals who register for the upcoming CMP Bianchi Cup International Pistol Tournament, set to be held in Hallsville, Missouri, on May 23-26.
The season closure is being implemented to "minimize entanglement risk for humpback whales as they return to forage off the coast of California and in response to several entanglements that occurred during March and April of 2022."
Despite lingering snow cover in some areas of the state, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says anglers can still have fun and be successful early in the season if they keep a few strategies in mind.
After another year of strong walleye hatches, Lake Erie maintains its title as the Walleye Capital of the World. Additionally, a stable yellow perch population in Lake Erie’s west zone will provide good fishing in 2023, while low catch rates are expected to continue in the central and east zones.
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The FOXPRO Mudcutter Light Kit allows bowfisherman to customize the light intensity and hue, ranging between 2000K to 6000K, which can be done via the wireless remote control or the hard-wired rheostat.

The new drop leg system enables users of the Cloak Mod and ShapeShift holsters to experience the enhanced functionality of our swivel drop leg carry platform. With two sturdy ‘swivel’ points, the swivel drop leg reduces the effort of movement, without the typical wear and tear associated with traditional straps.
The Core Defender Belly Band Gun Holster from Elite Survival Systems provides a great method of concealment for those who prefer the convenience and quick access provided by abdominal-strap carry.
The Pennsylvania Game Commission Thursday reported results from the 2022-23 deer seasons, which ended in January. Hunters harvested an estimated 422,960 white-tailed deer.
Doug Schermer, with years of experience in creating lifelike renditions of fish in their natural habitat, is the Official Artist of Anglers Inn International.

NSSF®, together with the ATF and the Department of Justice (DOJ), announced a month-long public education campaign reminding the Greater St. Louis area public about stiff penalties facing individuals convicted of unlawful firearm purchases.
Media Lodge has partnered with social media influencer, “A Regular Gun Guy,” to join its growing list of influencers available to produce content for Additionally, Media Lodge will manage sponsorship sales for his popular events.

Texas Trophy Hunters Association announces their digital series, Storytellers, has been voted the 2023 Waypoint Series Showdown Champion.
Auto-Ordnance honors America’s armored warriors with this commemorative 1911, the “Tanker 1911.” It’s dedicated to the memory of the brave American soldiers who faced the enemy in tanks like the M4 Sherman Tanks of World War II.

SK Customs® recently announced the first gun in a brand-new series representing the world’s most dangerous predators, the Untamed Anaconda is now shipping for $3,500.
FALCO Holsters announces a new influencer partnership with Legally Armed America’s Paul Glasco. The relationship has yielded the FALCO A907, a new Compact Hybrid IWB holster crafted from Kydex and premium Italian leather.
Alien Gear Holsters announced availability of the Rapid Force Duty Holster for Compact Lights precision designed to fit SIG Sauer’s P320 full-size, compact, and X-frame pistols with compact weapon lights installed.
1791 Outdoor Lifestyle Group is proud to unveil two new cologne fragrances, Rustic Leather and Everyday Campfire. Rustic Leather is an ode to the refinement, sensuality, and seduction of a rich leather scent. Everyday Campfire is a seductive scent that captures the essence of a rich, smokey fire, charred bourbon cask white oak, subtle hints of cherry, and coal barbequed meats.

The National Fish Habitat Board (Board) held their first election as a full Board at their recent meeting on February 28 – March 1, 2023.
The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council will host a meeting of its Ecosystem Technical Committee on April 19 and 20, 2023 at the Council offices in Tampa.
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has blasted Capitol Hill Democrats for once again pushing legislation to finance “gun violence prevention research” in response to the Nashville tragedy, and instead called on Congress to provide funding to make schools “hard targets.”
The youngest pro bass angler to win both a B.A.S.S. Elite event and compete in a BASSMASTER CLASSIC, Wisconsin-based Jay Przekurat finished in the Top 10 with a three-day total bag of 34-9 for seventh place.

Available March 31, In-Fisherman is offering its limited edition In-Fisherman Bass Guide Gear Box to interested anglers.
This week, Outdoors Radio features Florence County, Wisconsin Economic Development director Eric Printz, Range of Richfield president Jim Babiasz, Wild Institute founder Chris Heeter, and McFarland guide Ron Barefield.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Parks and Recreation Division has notified trail grant sponsors that the snowmobile trail grooming contract season will be extended through the weekend, under certain conditions.
The Lancaster Archery Foundation has established their second collegiate archery scholarship program. James Madison University was gifted $26,880 to be awarded over the next five years to a student athlete who competes on the University’s archery team.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife announced that the Hammond Cove Shooting Range in Hartland, Vermont will open on April 1, at 10:00 a.m.
A workshop hosted by Okaloosa County is scheduled for April 11 at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Convention Center. Representatives from local governments in nearby counties are encouraged to attend.
The Department of Natural Resources is committed to providing Michigan residents the opportunity to share input and ideas on policy decisions, programs and other aspects of natural resource management and outdoor recreation opportunities.
Nothing is off limits as Mark Daniels Jr, Dustin Connell, Ott Defoe, Andy Montgomery, Brent Ehrler, Kevin VanDam, Randy Howell, and Edwin Evers share secrets to their amazing success on and off the water on Bass Pro Shops Between The Scales.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is expanding its Margin Protection insurance plan, adding more than a thousand counties to the insurance option that provides coverage against an unexpected decrease in operating margin for corn and soybean producers.
For a chance to see loons migrating through the state, join DWR staff for a viewing event on Saturday, April 15 from 7-10 a.m. at Steinaker State Park. A migratory population of the birds passes through the Uintah Basin each year.
Turkey hunters have some good news to look forward to this season. Last year’s estimates gathered through the Annual Wild Turkey and Quail Population Survey indicate the highest reproductive success since 2012 and 2013.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is a phrase I heard during an executive education program on marketing metrics at Wharton. It’s a great way to boil down the obvious, which is the problem cannot be fixed if it isn’t identified.

This is true not just for marketing but for most aspects of business and product development.

In the world of shooting sports and firearms, accuracy is one of the key metrics and yet it is often poorly measured.

That’s where the Ransom Rest comes in. No matter how good a shot you may be, you’re still human and you’re not going to outperform the Ransom Rest.

The Ransom Rest isn’t the ‘gold standard’ of accuracy testing. It’s the gold. It’s the standard. The ability to eliminate the human element in testing a pistol, and ammo, is what the Ransom Rest does. Photo by P. Erhardt

During a media event hosted by SDS Imports at Gunsite Academy, Mike Canfield, President of Ransom International Corporation, set up a demonstration of the proper way to use the Ransom Rest to test the accuracy of your firearm and the ammo you’re using.

Now, a Ransom Rest might not be at the top of your Christmas list, and not just because it isn’t an inexpensive piece of gear. The Ransom Rest is a very specific tool that an individual shooter may not ever need to own, let alone use it enough to justify owning one.

But, if you are a high level competitive shooter, competing in a discipline where accuracy is the coin of the realm, then you might already own one. If not, you definitely should.

You know who else owns one? Well, any firearms manufacturer that actually designs and manufacturers their firearms. The kind of accuracy testing you can achieve with a Ransom Rest has a huge impact on the development of a firearm…assuming accuracy is part of your critical design parameters.

This round of testing the new MAC JSOC 1911 in .45ACP showed that with this particular ammo the result was a five-shot grouping under three-quarters of an inch at 15 yards. Photo by P. Erhardt

Another place you’ll find a Ransom Rest is in the testing and selection of U.S. Army’s sidearm. It was a Ransom Rest used to test accuracy when the Beretta 92 was selected and again when the Sig Sauer P320 was selected.

Several companies wanted those contracts, particularly the most recent one, but not every company wanted to face the Ransom Rest. Those afraid to face the Ransom Rest usually don’t do so well.

Spending time with Mike Canfield was time well spent when it comes to understanding the value and benefit of using a Ransom Rest. He even shared, without naming names, a few stories of companies that got poor results, but after speaking with Mike found out the hard truths of user error. Photo by P. Erhardt

I sat across from Mike during SDS Imports’ group dinner aw week ago on Monday night and talked to him about who their customer is, and is not. One category we both agreed on as an ideal customer is the gunsmith working out of a commercial range.

While the upfront cost on a Ransom Rest might give one pause, it was clear to both me and Mike that any gunsmith worth their salt could pay for that investment in a year or less, depending on how creatively they use and market a Ransom test.

Offer a general 'best ammo for your gun' testing service and that pay off period could be a lot shorter. Range owners might want to keep that in mind, even if they don’t have a gunsmith on staff.

The Ransom Rest is a cool, yet nerdy, tool. It can provide you with lots of data on ammo performance and firearm accuracy, so if that’s your jam then by all means think about investing in one. A side hustle of testing friends’ guns might make for a solid investment, if you have the time and the patience.

I don’t have that kind of patience, but I do know firsthand that the Ransom Rest is the final word on accuracy, and that word is unimpeachable.

-– Paul Erhardt, Managing Editor, the Outdoor Wire Digital Network

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