Firearms Policy Coalition announced that, because of Maryland Governor Hogan’s concession and order to cease the state’s utilization of its ‘good and substantial reason’ carry permit standard, the parties have filed a joint motion to dismiss the Call v. Jones litigation as moot.
TAC Vanes had an incredible team showing at the ASA Classic in Cullman, Alabama this past weekend with several top-three finishes across men’s and women’s divisions and for the Shooter of the Year (SOY) title.
Several companies and organizations were more than willing to help support the recent Outdoor Target National Championships held in Fairfield, Ohio. They included: Neyra Industries, Inc., On Target Heating and Cooling LLC, KDD Construction, LLC, Myron Bowling Auctioneers, and several Walmart stores.
WreckFest22 ran from Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, July 3rd, 2022. This year’s WreckFest featured both returning bowfishing contestants as well as a number of first-time WreckFest participants from all across the United States. More than 200 entries from 65 contestants were received.
Join Silencer Shop and RECOIL at CANCON on November 11, 12, and 13, 2022 in Savannah, Georgia. This inaugural, unique shooting event is a fully suppressed range experience.

The Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters EXPO brought a flood of excited duck and goose hunters on July 29-31 to the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Texas Trophy Hunters Association officially opens their 2022 Hunters Extravaganzas this weekend in Houston, Texas. Making their way through Houston Dallas, and San Antonio, the shows are the unofficial kick-off to hunting season and a great way to prepare for the season.
Recreational and commercial blue crab traps must be removed from certain state waters on the east coast of Florida prior to Aug. 10, the first day of two 10-day trap closures occurring this month.
- GEAR -
Safariland has announced a limited edition line of products featuring MultiCam Tropic camouflage pattern.MultiCam Tropic was developed to effectively reduce the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating in areas of lush vegetation that remains relatively unaffected by seasonal changes.

With a newly-integrated touch screen display, 4K resolution, image stabilization, and lightweight waterproof body, the 6.0 never compromises on quality or convenience.
Every year, DSC funds projects and initiatives in support of its mission of Conservation, Education and Advocacy. The first round of grant recipients for 2022 has been announced.
- INDUSTRY -, an online marketplace geared toward outdoors enthusiasts, has announced the appointment of Vince Lusardi as Chief Experience Officer. In this position, Lusardi will implement his years of experience and understanding of the consumer market to build and expand the online community.
Since 1984, Contender Boats has been committed to building its semi-custom sportfishing boats at its Homestead, Florida location. The brand will continue that trend later this fall when it opens its new facility in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Yesterday, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced Q2 2022 net sales of $140.7 million and diluted earnings of $1.17 per share, compared with net sales of $200.1 million and diluted earnings of $2.50 per share in the second quarter of 2021.
Faxon Firearms, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based manufacturer of quality rifle and pistol components, and complete firearms, will be releasing their Faxon Sentinel 8.6 BLK AR-10 Rifles and Pistols this Saturday, August 6th.
Parkwest Arms, a manufacturer of finely crafted, custom bolt-action rifles and accessories, and now AR platforms, introduces their all-new PW-P9. It is an advanced AR platform 9-millimeter pistol built entirely in Sturgis, South Dakota.
The Tactacam REVEAL X-Pro packs impressive features like no-glow IR technology, built-in LCD screen, and GPS capabilities.

The InfiRay Outdoor BOLT Digital TD50L is a high-performance digital night vision optic with classic aesthetics and excellent low-light sensitivity built around a 1440x1080 CMOS Sensor with multiple imaging modes and a 600-yard viewing range.
NSSF has launched a national fundraising campaign in support of USA Shooting’s athletes and their pursuit of excellence at the 2022 World Championships this fall.
The National Rifle Association of America announced the opening of the 2022 application period for the NRA School Shield Grant Program. Available to all accredited non-profit and public K-12 schools, including private and parochial schools, grants are provided by The NRA Foundation for school security improvements and related activities.
The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) supports the International Hunter Education Association and recently sponsored the 2022 International Hunter Education Association - USA (IHEA) Conference May 17 -19 in West Palm Beach, FL at a silver level.

Primary Arms has unveiled a new rifle giveaway for August: the Foxtrot Mike Products Folding FM-15 Rifle Giveaway. Featuring parts from many of the industry’s top manufacturers, this giveaway package is valued at over $1,730 with open entry and no purchase necessary.
This week, America Outdoors Radio will celebrate Skeeter Boat's 75th anniversary of manufacturing bass boats and more. Emmy nominated outdoors journalist Kris Millgate talks about the new documentary she is producing, "On Grizzly Ground" and what it's like to produce a film in grizzly bear country.
The Anderson AM-15 Precision Series consists of four rifles: The Competitor, The Marksman, The Sharpshooter and The Varminter, all chambered in 5.56, come equipped with a Schmid Tool two-stage trigger and Magpul PRS (Precision Rifle Series) Lite stock.
With versatile mounting options, this lightweight camera lets you self-film all the action and activity along your hunting journey. Take your footage to the Xtreme with ultra-HD or 1080p 60fps, create customizable film modes, or pair with a Tactacam Remote for added convenience.

Nilodor’s NATURAL TOUCH Furshield Sun Spray, Nose and Paw Serum, and Electrolyte Replacement are exactly the products your dog needs to feel great during the warmest months of the year.
Registration for this year’s hunts will open at 8 a.m. on August 15, 2022. Although the hunts are free, online registration is required. The first youth dove hunts of the season begin on September 3.
Michigan's 2022 bear hunting season is right around the corner. For hunters who plan to use bait while hunting bears, the baiting period will begin soon.
Tune in this week to Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey as the host visits his old friend and Denver SCI chapter president Russ MacLennon in the rolling plains of eastern Colorado to hunt deer and pheasant.
This week on MOJO® TV, Terry heads back to Texas with hopes of full straps and hot barrels.
Gritr Sports and Outdoors plans to offer customers specialized overland, safari and expedition vehicles, collaborating with local Toyota specialists Black Dog Traders from Dallas, TX. They will start with a custom build of a diesel powered Toyota Land Cruiser Bandeirante – an FJ45 style truck code named “GRITR Edition.”
The NWTF is funding a new wild turkey research project in the Texas Rolling Plains Ecoregion to help the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department better understand changes in available roosting habitat over the last 20 years and how roost sites are negatively impacted by encroaching invasive vegetative species, like Russian olive and salt cedar.

Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Walter Perry Johnson once explained why he was successful: “you can’t hit what you can’t see.” He wasn’t exaggerating.

Prior to September 24, 2010, when Aroldis Chapham’s fastball was clocked at 105.1 MPH, Johnson was regarded as the fastest pitcher ever in the major leagues. His fastball, and a nasty curve he learned, were reasons he had ten straight 20-win seasons for the Washington Senators and won a place in Cooperstown.

The quote has often been mis-credited to the ultimate quote athlete, Mohammad Ali. But just before fighting George Foreman actually said this: “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee. His hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see.”

Whew, a roundabout way to get to my point. And I do have one.

Even if you’re a longtime shooter, you’ll -eventually- come to a point where you simply aren’t as accurate as you once were. I hit that wall a while back.

Since my draw stroke and split times were never threats to real shooters, I hadn’t lost time. I had lost accuracy. And after taking out other variables, it became obvious it was the shooter, not his equipment.

With that bitter realization, I reluctantly cleaned and stored my competition pistols in the safe, convinced that, eventually, everything you enjoy ends.

When the same thing started happening to my golf game and my night vision dimmed - rapidly- I thought something might be wrong -medically.

Glad I did.

Two years ago, my optometrist assured me it wasn’t vision problems beyond presbyopia -the age-related loss of the ability to focus on close objects (also known as “age-related farsightedness”).

This checkup he stunned me with the news that I had cataracts - in both eyes.

What wasn’t an issue before certainly was one now.

Because of COVID shutdowns, I hadn’t had an eye exam for two years. But I had spent an inordinate amount of time outdoors during those 20+ months. I had, essentially, exacerbated a mild irritant into a full-blown problem. That’s when I realized I seldom wore sunglasses. For some reason, sunlight didn’t bother the way it once did. Dark shades, however, made it hard for me to see.

You might see a “duh” moment here. I prefer a “eureka” one. There was a medical reason why I wasn’t seeing well - my lenses were clouded.

Long story shortened, two surgeries and implants later, I have much of my vision back. Stopped wearing glasses entirely until I realized the presbyopia was still an issue.

But my new glasses aren’t nearly as strong as their predecessors.

Where’s this going? To the range, of course. But not for eight weeks after my final surgery.

Until then, it was dry fire only. Fortunately, I have Mantis’ excellent training gear for dry firing.

As I’ve written before, it has enabled me to get beyond the boredom of dry firing.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t help me if I didn’t use it. After my shooting had gotten worse - despite practice - I quit practicing.

Post-surgery, the Mantis X, Laser Academy, and Blackbeard AR- practice systems became rehabilitation tools. A different motivation.

When using systems like Mantis’ Laser Academy you dry fire at targets, the sensor on the gun measures what’s happening before, during and after the shot and displays the inarguable facts about your bad habits.

The Mantis system diagnosed problems (lazy habits like a loose grip, yanked trigger and/or bad follow through) and suggested remedies. Seeing my results graphically displayed forced better discipline. A couple of weeks in, there were some indications maybe I wasn’t done as a decent shooter. Dry fire wasn’t doing anything to repair worn out fast-twitch reflexes.

Finally I was cleared to shoot -and see - what -if anything- had changed. No test is more telling than sending real rounds at a target.

Initial sessions weren’t terrific. But there were improvements, especially at closer ranges- where I’d struggled before.

But no attempts to shoot faster. So I decided on an impromptu test: a pair of 9mm magazines loaded with 12 rounds, quickly dumped into a target at 7 yards.

No moving around, just controlling the gun and putting rounds on a target. As quickly as possible.

Not timed, but hopefully approaching the edge of my control. Where good shooters want to work. As Wyatt Earp’s credited with saying: “fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

24 rounds, no misses in an area slightly smaller than a Steel Challenge plate. Good enough to give me hope.

The results? Encouraging. Far from “one ragged hole in the center of the target” but all in a spread that would be good “hits” on a Steel Challenge plate.

Good enough for me - I’m not a fan of bullseye shooting with handguns. But ringing steel I enjoy.

Ultimately, this isn’t about shooting, or baseball or boxing, or gun fighting. It’s about vision.

If you’re finding it more difficult to drive at night, or in the rain, find yourself needing brighter lights to read smaller print or don’t see road signs very well when driving -and you’re 55 years old- it’s time to make an appointment with to have your eyes checked for cataracts.

As outdoors enthusiasts, we are prime candidates.

The recreational pleasure you save might be your own.

My pal Tom Gresham described the difference to me after his cataract surgeries as “like going from color prints to Kodachrome.” If you’re a photographer old enough to remember either, you’re a candidate for cataracts.

Get those peepers checked. You may see things differently if you do.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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