Team Federal captured three gold medals and a silver at the Lonato World Cup in Lonato, Italy. USA led the gold medal count and Team Federal’s Caitlin Connor had a part in all three of the gold medal performances.
South Ridge Archery in Portland, Tennessee hosted the first 3D Regional tournament for Tennessee S3DA. With more than two hundred plus in attendance the range was crowded with archers, parents, and coaches.
Team Federal’s Travis Tomasie won the Limited Division and finished 7th overall at the Double Tap Championship held at the Double Tap Ranch in Wichita Falls, TX.
Bushnell team shooters KC Eusebio and Jessie Harrison dominated at the 2022 Palmetto State Armory World Speed Shooting Championships. Eusebio became sport's first shooter to win nine World Speed Shooting titles while fellow teammate Harrison became the first woman to claim the Overall Steel Master award.
Team Remington congratulates Todd Hitch, aka “The Tennessee Terror” on placing first in the World English Sporting Championship three-person Junior National Team.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that Team Ruger posted several divisional titles over the weekend, adding more wins onto its competition season tally.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced 2 million acres of enrollment into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Established in 1985, CRP is considered one of the nation’s most successful private lands conservation programs.
Dallas-based Energy Transfer announces it’s making a $250,000 commitment with Ducks Unlimited to support wetland conservation efforts in the J.D. Murhphree Wildlife Management Area in Jefferson County, Texas.
Holosun Technologies will attend the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Conference in Roundrock, TX from May 5-6, 2022.

Elite Survival Systems has announced their attendance at the Modern Day Marine Show in Washington D.C. from May 10-12th.
During Days 1 and 2 of the Simms Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork and the Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at Lake Oahe, Omnia Fishing and B.A.S.S. have partnered to simulcast Bassmaster LIVE as a shoppable stream on Omnia’s website and mobile app.
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is stocking a new strain of rainbow trout this spring and is looking for help from anglers to evaluate its performance.
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department today announced that trout originally planned for the 2022 stocking season at Sugar Hill Reservoir, also known as Goshen Dam, in Goshen will be diverted to other area waterways for anglers.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will relax the fishing regulations at Badger Lake beginning May 7 to more freely harvest game fish before the lake is renovated to eliminate an overabundant population of common carp and restore water quality and habitat.
At its May meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) unanimously approved staff moving forward with proposed regulations changes to size and/or bag limits for black crappie on specific Florida waterbodies.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) will file its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q today (May 4, 2022), after the close of the stock market.
Leica Sport Optics launched its first premium riflescope with the new Calonox Sight clip-on thermal combo - the Trinity. It combines Leica’s pedigree in imaging and riflescope design with an innovative clip-on thermal addition to give hunters the same outstanding image quality when stalking day or night and in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog and light snow.

Weaver announces the addition of new multi-slot bases for the Savage Axis rifle. New models include a standard 0 MOA multi-slot base with 8-40 screws, a 0 MOA extended multi-slot base with 8-40 screws and a 20 MOA extended multi-slot base with 8-40 screws.
Cobra Archery has developed the world’s toughest mechanical broadheads. Appropriately named the Barbarian, these destructive mechanical heads boast incredible .07” thick blades made from tempered 420 stainless steel.
Right now, MidwayUSA Foundation offers you the chance to bid on two great auctions and every dollar of the winning bids will benefit the youth shooting program of your choice.
On a cold and sunny morning, South Carolina S3DA youth archers Emma Hernandez, Lucas Alcalde, Maddie Tadlock and Lawson Qualls along with a South Carolina State Coordinator and South Carolina Conservation Coordinator, joined Captain Sarah Bryson from Salty Hooker Fishing Charter for a fishing expedition in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

The Fishing… Share the Fun angler engagement campaign, launching this week, is a first-of-its-kind industry-wide collaboration between the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF).
The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership has been awarded its seventh consecutive four-star rating from Charity Navigator.
High-performance matchmaking is on full display with Nighthawk Custom’s GRP and Vista Outdoors' new 30 Super Carry ammunition featured in July GUNS.
Primary Arms has expanded its apparel offering with new tactical and outdoor footwear from top brands like Altama, 5.11 Tactical, Under Armour, and more.

Developed primarily for turkey hunters, but equally suitable for a wide variety of hunting applications, the Dash Panel Blind combines traditional pop-up blinds' key benefits with the high mobility and lightweight of traditional panel blinds.
Fish Monkey, the world’s leading brand of performance fishing gloves, has announced that it is renewing its support of the award-winning Lake Commandos television series.
A regular visitor found a 2.38-carat brown diamond on April 10 at Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park. It is the largest diamond found at the park this year.
The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is recommending a few changes to turkey hunting and upland game hunting in Utah, as well as some other proposals, and is seeking the public’s feedback on the recommendations.
Hunters who provided the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department with a tooth from their deer can now find out how old their deer was by visiting the department’s website.
At their May 3-4 meeting, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Commissioners approved increasing hunting hours for the statewide alligator hunt and adding precharged pneumatic airbows to the legal methods of taking an alligator.
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is looking to provide additional hunting and fishing opportunities on private lands through its Open Fields and Waters Program. Landowners willing to allow public, walk-in access for hunting or fishing can receive annual, per-acre payments through the program and are afforded liability protection through the Nebraska Recreational Liability Act.

This week on MOJO® TV, there is nearly nothing more fun than calling predators for Terry. However, add duck hunting and the “Ole Country'' to the equation and you have a recipe for an incredible time. Terry heads to Wide Open Outfitters in Mexico for an air and ground combo hunt that won't be forgotten.

Staffers from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources are set to answer viewer questions live Thursday night on the 2021-2022 season finale of “Ask the DNR” on WNMU-TV13.
Outdoor Channel will present a panel discussion – Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction during the annual SeriesFest 2022 on Monday, May 9 at noon at the Sie Film Center in downtown Denver.
This time, it’s the largest industry Range Day on the East coast that is open to the public. The PSA Gathering featured a huge collection of new products set up for “try it, you may like it” demonstrations.
On Tuesday, May 3, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources unanimously approved the America’s Outdoor Recreation Act of 2022.
Bear tracks and hair samples collected in the North Moccasin Mountains near Lewistown confirm the presence of a grizzly bear in the area, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks officials said Monday.

Yesterday, after reading a PR release outlining the costs of renting Recreational Vehicles (RVs) for vacations or lengthy travel, I had another of my hindsight-based “blinding glimpses of the obvious.”

During the COVID freak-out last year, I had (yet again) applied a long-term solution to what was a temporary problem.

With all the uncertainty over the pandemic, and amidst growing indications that travel was going to get difficult, if not impossible, I decided to take the plunge and buy a vehicle that would allow me to travel with very limited contact with others; an RV.

It was a significant expense, but one I thought essential to allow me to cover the industry and its events without having unnecessary contact with people. At that point, there were no real indications that everything for which I made this significant investment would be cancelled; sometimes twice.

When that happened, I found myself with a great mode of transportation and very little reason to travel. There were no events to attend.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like it. There’s nothing awful about a comfortable ride, “reasonable” economy (for a fuel-guzzling big vehicle) and the ability to bring anything I please without concerns about weight or other travel regulations.

It perfectly fits the bill for unencumbered, unhurried travel. It enabled me to get out and experience the real outdoors during the pandemic. Those trips reconnected me with the recreational aspects of the outdoors.

In the height of the pandemic’s travel shutdowns, I traveled more than two-thirds of the way across the country and back - safely.

Travel in an RV doesn’t really require much. Power, water and sewer hookups are nice, but not essential. “Boondocking” like this, really only requires space enough to put out slides and an awning. OWDN photo.

During the outbound part of my trip, I had minimal contact with others. Stopping only for fuel (I had my own food and bathroom onboard) represented the best travel option possible.

Surprisingly, I arrived in South Dakota energized, not drained from driving. There, I simply unfurled the awning, put out a couple of camp chairs, and enjoyed my time with friends. Outside in the open air.

On the way home, I didn’t use campgrounds, I “boondocked.” No campgrounds or external hookups needed. On the way out, I realized that traveling solo put considerably less demand on the RV’s self-contained sanitary facilities. So, no campground; no problem.

It was a great trip.

Every trip I took last year was enjoyable. Even when I had to visit the manufacturer to get a broken water heater repaired. I learned a lot about the manufacturing process - and my own unit.

Last week, I took the RV in for the annual checkup required to keep its “warranty for life” in force. The $200+ checkup turned up no issues, although I’ll need to have the membrane roof cleaned and reseal before too long. A job measured in “maintenance units.”

Dealers and service facilities use that term because they seem to believe it’s more palatable than saying “we’re going to charge you $155/hour (for an “estimated” five hours) to wash your roof and put some really expensive sealant on its seams.”

Fortunately, RV “maintenance units” don’t begin to approach “maintenance units” for airplanes or on-the-water boats.

Regardless, I’ve spent $1000 in preventative maintenance this year. Plus monthly storage, the loan repayment, and insurance charges that come along with owning an expensive vehicle.

And I’ve yet to spend a night in the RV. Consequently, my now-pristine RV hasn’t done much in 2022 except depreciate. All vehicles depreciate. Some depreciate faster than ice cubes on a July beach. Thankfully, the RV doesn’t fall like some other rides.

That’s why the summary of a new Go RV Rentals report was eye-opening.

According to Go RV Rentals’ 2022 RV Rental Price Index Report, rental RV prices range from $35/night (pop-up camper) to more than $725/night for a full-blown, Class-A motorhome.

A Class C motorhome, my business rig falls between those two extremes. Class C’s rentals range between $115 and $215/night. The report points out that’s a 3.6% increase over last year. Not really much of a bump when you consider the 8.5% inflation reflected in the Consumer Price Index.

That, however, doesn’t paint the full cost picture. Quoted rental rates are “dry rates” -they don’t include insurance, service charges, optional equipment or sales tax.

According to the report, a “full” nightly rate will likely add a minimum of fifty percent to those base prices. Meaning that $35/night popup is really closer to $54/night. The $725/night motor coach will run well over a thousand bucks when you’re all-in and done.

That’s without fuel.

And nothing demonstrates the true impact of $1/gallon (or more) fuel price hikes more vividly than an RV fuel gauge. They’re all thirsty.

The point? I violated television productions’ “3-Fs Rule.” It’s a simple rule to help you project the cost of video production: “If it flies, floats or films- don’t buy it, rent it.”

Learning the 3F rule transformed me from a stressed-out studio owner to a (comparatively) relaxed TV producer. I have no heartburn when renting top-end production gear. I “only pay for what I need” - someone else pays the rest of the time.

According to Go RV Rentals’ founder and online marketing director David Korofsky, “ and used RV purchase prices have exceeded CPI lately. Yet, what many may find counter-intuitive is that RV rental rate growth has significantly lagged CPI”

With nearly all government restrictions on travel lifted, there’s less reason to need RVs for non-discretionary travel. Consequently, demand has softened.

With more units available than renters, pricing hasn’t risen to match purchase/resale hikes.

Today, the costs of renting RVs, even the most expensive ones, are a bargain when compared to the costs of ownership.

“Most RV owners only use theirs about 20 days per year,” Korosky explains, “so their rig sits idle about 345 days. All the while, the owner is making a monthly note payment, and/or suffering depreciation. Also, there is the cost burden of storage, insurance, property taxes, maintenance and repairs.”

Based on a hypothetical $80,000 Class C purchase, the cost for those 20 days of annual usage is $900/day. Compare that to the $325/day rental fee (including that 50% boost for “additional charges”) and you begin to see just how expensive RV ownership really is - if you aren’t using it at every opportunity.

To help offset ongoing costs, some RV owners put their units in rental fleets. Unfortunately, they’re either ignoring or unaware that IRS regulations say putting your unit into a rental fleet turns it into a business. Income is reportable and expenses need to be carefully documented. And your insurance likely wasn’t written to cover a “for hire” vehicle -or the added liability of others driving your rig.

When you rent any vehicle, your obligations end when you surrender the keys. Not if you own it. The purchase price- of any vehicle- is only your first hint at the cost of ownership.

I knew it going in -but only because I’ve learned with other far less practical vehicles. I still heartily recommend RVs for family recreation and reconnection. But I’m equally adamant that you should try before you buy.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to Go RV Rentals primer “Everything to Know About RV Rental Prices”- can’t vouch for the “everything” but it certainly gives you the numbers to quickly determine if an RV excursion -or two- makes sense for you.

We’ll keep you posted.

— JIm Shepherd

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