For years, Jason Christie has had to live with the crushing weight of leading pro fishing’s biggest event twice on the final day, only to fall short. Yesterday, the  48-year-old pro from Park Hill, Oklahoma sealed the deal in dramatic fashion with a final-day limit of 17 pounds, 9 ounces that made him the champion of the 52nd Bassmaster Classic. His three-day total of 54-0 was only 5 ounces better than that of second-place finisher Kyle Welcher, who shared the lead with Christie going into the final day.
The Alabama Bass Trail (ABT) is pleased to unveil dates and locations of the 2023 ABT 100 tournament series which includes a payout reaching $300,000 for all three tournaments.
The Hillsdale Action Shooting Team will travel to Talladega, Alabama, to compete in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program's College Nationals being contested Friday, March 11- Sunday, March 13. The College Nationals will be Hillsdale’s first national competition as a varsity team.
Pennsylvania’s student archers have the 2022 National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) State Tournament in their sights.The 2022 NASP State Tournament will be held Friday, March 11, at the Penn State Multi-Sport Facility, in State College.
Parker Stalvey and Jacob Deel of Clay High School in Florida capitalized on an early discovery to sack up a five-bass limit of 16 pounds, 4 ounces and win the Abu Garcia Bassmaster High School Classic

To celebrate Season 10 of the TrophyCatch program, biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) tagged and released 10 largemouth bass with bright pink tags in 10 different locations across the state. If caught, one tag could be worth thousands of dollars in prizes!
- GEAR -
The Hide-Away Security Wallet not only carries wallet essentials, but sports an ankle holster to carry a lightweight micro-pistol.


The Arcturus Realtree EDGE 3D Leaf Suit is a lightweight polyester mesh shell covered with over a thousand leaves designed to break up your outline and form. These leaves give the suit amazing depth, allowing you to blend into your environment.
Wildlife Research Center has expanded more of its premium scents into their popular pressurized spray cans. 

ALPS OutdoorZ, expand its waterfowl hunting collection with the introduction of the Mesh Wetland Seat.
With incredibly sharp eyesight and an uncanny ability to spot anything out of the ordinary, a wary, wily gobbler is a tough opponent—hunters want to match wits with a lineup of new products from Hunt Monkey, the hottest new brand in the industry and designed to meet the needs of the most discriminating outdoorsman.
Viridian Weapon Technologies will offer both Green and Red E-Series Laser Sights for the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro.
Kestrel® Ballistics announces the release of the KestrelMet 6000 Food Plot Weather station, a rugged, reliable monitoring solution that helps hunters more effectively grow and maintain a thriving food plot for years of successful hunting.

One huge factor in making an accurate shot with short-range weapons like shotguns, vertical bows, and crossbows is knowing the exact distance to the target. GPO USA has an exciting new solution for spring gobbler getters – the RANGEGUIDE™ 8x32 and 10x32 rangefinding binoculars. 
Kelly Brand Management  has  signed a sales contract with SYKD Hunt, an innovative crossbow and hunting brand.
The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute  announces that Kimber Manufacturing, Inc., has joined SAAMI as a Supporting Member. 
iSportsman will again be in attendance at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference (NAWNRC) where both, the National Military Fish & Wildlife Association (NMFWA) as well as the AWFWA conferences will be held in conjunction with each other in Spokane, Washington this March.

SAR USA, exclusive importer of SARSILMAZ,  announces Mark Scelza has joined the SAR USA team as National Sales Manager. 
FMG Publications announces Ashley McGee joined its team as the digital content and marketing director.
To provide additional support for Ukraine during the current crisis, Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal Ammunition will be donating one-million rounds of total ammo to the Ukraine Armed Forces. Additionally, the companies are selling special edition t-shirts pledging all profits to refugees in the war-torn region.
ATN, Corp. has opened a site on the ATN website for direct donations to help the Ukrainian people receive humanitarian supplies and equipment for their fighting forces

Knife Rights' bill to repeal Louisiana's ban on the concealed carry of switchblades, HB 463, has been introduced by Representative Alan Seabaugh.
Outdoor Edge introduces the RazorGuide Pak. It is a hunter’s combo kit for taking care of the largest big game animals in the field all the way to the table.
The Second Amendment Foundation has launched a nationwide outreach effort to remind America’s gun owners that “Gun Rights Depend On You,” while urging them to “Demand the Courts Protect the 2A.”
This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio Marie Neumiller, Executive Director for the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council, invites you to attnd the Bighorn Outdoor Adventure Show taking place March 17 - 20 at the Spokane Fair and Expo Center.

Moultrie Mobile announces it has partnered with Dr. Grant Woods and the Growing Deer TV team.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Florida Institute of Oceanography have partnered to construct a new seawater system at the FIO’s Keys Marine Laboratory in Layton to provide the means to preserve and restore coral colonies to Florida’s coral reef that have been impacted by stony coral tissue loss disease.
A series of prescribed burns will take place at Wind Creek State Park in March 2022, weather permitting. The burns will take place throughout the park in an effort to enhance longleaf pine stands and wildlife habitat.
Learn various strategies and techniques for chasing Michigan's "chrome torpedoes” from the DNR Outdoor Skills Academy’s pro-staff with upcoming steelhead fishing clinics March 19-20 and April 2-3 at Mitchell State Park in Cadillac.

Current weather conditions are dry and breezy along with critically low relative humidity across Mississippi. These elements create an increased risk for devastating wildland fires. The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) is strongly encouraging the public to postpone burning activities until further notice.
Bring the night to life on the hit series, Night Crew, airing Mondays at 7:30 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel. The team at Night Crew brings the world of night hunting out of the dark and into the light. 
Today on The High Road with Keith Warren, Keith sets his sights on a mature buck and drops him in his tracks at over 450 yards. Catch the action from northeast Wyoming’s Blue Rock Outfitters.

The industry is continuing to step up its support of the Ukrainian people and their battle to repel a Russian invasion. For many, the fact the fight continues is surprising. Standard Russian military doctrine calls for overwhelming force mercilessly applied.

Instead, they’ve looked surprisingly ineffective. Despite the apparent reluctance to really apply their overwhelming force they continue slowly working their way across the country. They’re also destroying nearly everything in front of them.

Last week, Ammo, Inc. used board of directors member Richard Childress to publicize their support of one million rounds of ammunition to Ukrainian forces. It was the first public industry initiative to support the Ukrainian people. According to Childress, he was motivated after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told UN officials he “didn’t need a ride, he needed ammunition.”

No word on whether Ammo, Inc.’s followed through on the pledge, but others are joining in.

Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal (top) have joined the Ukrainian support movement, pledging one-million rounds of ammunition. Adams Arms (bottom) is building rifles for the Ukraine in addition to selling support shirts via their website. Proceeds of the sale are going to the Ukrainian National Bank’s war fund.

Vista Outdoor’s Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal have now joined the support efforts, stepping up to donate a million rounds of ammunition to the Ukraine Armed Forces. That’s in addition to the ammunition already sold to the Ukrainian forces. They’re also selling tee shirts to support the Ukrainians with proceeds going to the Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund of the Global Giving organization.

Ammunition, however, isn’t all the Ukrainian government’s hoping for. I have a copy of a “shopping list” sent from the Ukrainian State Border Guard on 24 February. It lists grenade launchers/grenades, projectiles for their RPG-7 rocket launchers, more vehicle-mounted automatic grenade launchers and millions of rounds of ammunition in 9x19, 7.62x54, 23x152mm and 5.45x39mm.

They were also requested 7.62x54 machine guns, heavy (12.7x108) machine guns, and Javelin and Stinger missiles.

The surprising item on their shopping list was the last on the list: 15,000 Class 4 bulletproof vests. Those, I was informed, were to equip “citizens” should it get to the point house-to-house fighting would become inevitable.

Barring a sudden change of heart by Russia’s Putin, that day is coming in more Ukrainian towns every day.

The Ukrainian invasion impacting all of us. Most immediately in skyrocketing gas prices. But commodity prices are also rising. Not just for oil, but corn and wheat. The Ukraine is known as one of those “breadbasket” countries, and planting seasons, like the Russian army, are approaching rapidly.

That’s one reason the world financial industry has taken unprecedentedly rapid actions against Russian oligarchs and their stupefying wealth.

In my house, it’s more personal.

Years ago, one of my closest friends adopted a child from the Ukraine. Not just any child, one of the children profoundly impacted by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. His son, Alex, was born with only one arm, a profoundly cleft palate and a myriad of general health problems.

Over the years, I’ve watched Alex grow from a very undersized, malnourished seven-year old into a fine man, husband, and father. Throughout it all, dozens of major surgeries, lots of complications and the challenges faced by anyone missing a limb, he’s had one constant: the kind of smile that lights up a room.

Whatever the challenge, whatever his age, Alex has always persevered. As a child at golf tournaments, his smile won over Chi Chi Rodriguez, caused him to play pitch-and-catch with Phil Mickelson, and amass signatures from the other legends of the sport.

He’s also mastered golf - to the point he’s the top ranked ranked one-armed golfer in America and a level-one PGA professional.

He never quits- and seldom loses that winning smile.

Today, Alex isn’t smiling.

He’s hurting because of what he sees happening. His memories of the Ukraine include an orphanage where he often had to fight for scraps of food. He knows the misery of hunger, homelessness and uncertainty. But he still calls that orphanage “home.”

Last week, he saw that orphanage on TV -after being bombed by the Russian army.

Alex, being Alex, couldn’t just watching. Instead, he put together an organization to help the orphans of the Ukraine. He’s selling t-shirts, with the proceeds going to support the same organization that brought him together with Anton and Elizabeth- his parents. If you want to know more, visit

Having only one arm hasn’t stopped Alex Fourie at many things in his life. Today, he’s put together an organization selling t-shirts supporting all Ukrainians, but collecting funds to help support today’s Ukrainian orphans.

Not all of us are in the position to supply the things the Ukrainians need to resist Russian occupation. But there are ways for all of us to help.

We’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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