Maj. Samuel Freeman, 37, of the National Guard All Guard Rifle team, was the overall competitor of the 2021 President’s Rifle Match – firing a score of 396-19X. The match was part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry.
Hi Mountain Seasonings continues to celebrate its 30th Anniversary this year with another great giveaway – “The Jerky Knife & 30th Anniversary Cutting Board Giveaway.”
The Indiana Audubon is hosting its annual fall birding festival at McCormick’s Creek State Park the weekend of October 8-10. This year’s event is returning from a scaled down version last year, but will still include capacity limits on all trips, and promote social distancing. 
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) as part of the Environmental Assessment (EA) of its proposal to continue to fund, in part, the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s (AZGFD) sport fish stocking program over the next 10 years.
- GEAR -
Made with input from Military Personnel, Recon military lightweight sleeping bags have been at the forefront of technological innovation since 1998. They asked for lightweight, compact size, no nonsense military sleeping bags and that’s what they got.

Shoot On recently launched its biggest giveaway. The “Accuracy is Everything” giveaway is presented by Shoot On in conjunction with some of the top names in the premium shooting sports and hunting segments—Benelli, Fiocchi, TenPoint, and Easton.
Outtech, Inc a 100% ESOP, announces its Board of Directors has unanimously approved the promotions of senior managers Scott Blackwell and John Seliga, effective immediately.
Stryk Pay announces the addition of two new employees. Ron Dan has been named Chief Revenue Officer and Chase Wheeler has been named Director of Merchant Services.
Pietta Firearms and EMF are exhibiting at the 2021 NBS Fall Semi-Annual Market, getting underway today (August 23) and running through August 25 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  

- JOBS -
Caribou Media Group, LLC, home to Gun Digest, Blade and Recoil, has a full-time opening for an E-Commerce Manager. 
Currently Outtech is seeking candidates for a Hunting Division Regional Manager for the southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii territory.
Adams Arms announced their new compact 9mm handgun, the AA19. The slide is cut for optics and the gun features a trigger from Vickers Tactical and Ameriglo Defoor EDC sights.
The USDA Forest Service has announced the temporary closure of nine national forests in northern California effective Sunday, August 22 at 11:59 p.m. through Monday, September 6 at 11:59 p.m. due to extreme fire conditions. A 10th forest, the El Dorado National Forest, was closed earlier  due to wildfire.

Savage Arms announces the latest installment of its Savage Journeys project: Growing Up on 3-Gun, a profile featuring Logan Toland, a promising young 3-Gun competitor and the network of family support required for a commitment to shooting sports.
In addition to providing a number of public waterfowl hunts, SCWA donates $10,000 annually to support the mission of SCWP to “Connect public hunters with private landowners who are willing to provide hunting opportunities that promote respect for the land and ethical hunting for the future.” 
American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale built his own AR-15, “McHale’s Monster,” and reports on it in the GUNS October issue. The gun is chambered in Wilson Combat's 300 HAM’R caliber.
FMG announces their new special edition book, American Handgunner DIY GUNS. It is available for purchase at and Amazon (print only).

Brad Lockwood, president of Spectre Broadheads, is pleased to announce the company is now fully stocked and shipping its line of Spectre Broadheads.
BIG 8 PRODUCTS®, a DIY taxidermy products company, has launched their affordable, European Mount, the ‘HANG UP.’
Commissioners with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission unanimously approved a $70,000 increase to the AGFC’s Fisheries Budget to purchase and outfit two specialized boats that will be crewed and used to catch and remove invasive carp in the Lower Mississippi River Basin and the Arkansas/White/Red Rivers Basin.
The “mega” guzzler is 15 times the size of a traditional one, and includes a 7,200-square-foot apron that drains into five storage tanks. It can take about 6 inches of precipitation to fill a traditional style guzzler — for the mega guzzler, it only takes 2 inches. The tanks were installed in July and the aprons will be completed by September. Animals have already been seen using the guzzler for water.

Montana State Parks recorded more than 1.5 million visitors from January through June of this year, an 11.1% increase over 2020, and a 44.1% increase over 2019 visitation.
Due to drought and poor water conditions at Lake Sonoma, thousands of juvenile coho salmon have been relocated from the Warm Springs Fish Hatchery in Geyserville. The fish were trucked to a conservation facility at a high school in Petaluma where they will be reared until conditions improve.
The Division of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in a deer recently sampled in Burlington County.
This week, Keith Warren and Matti Tackett travel to the desert of Sanora Mexico to hunt some of the biggest mule deer on earth at the El Chaparral Ranch.

Federal and state agencies are asking the public to report any sick or dead bats found on the Arizona landscape. Sick or dying bats observed during winter may be a sign of WNS and can lead scientists to important roosting locations.

As far as we’ve been able to determine this weekend, the State Department’s announcement that they’re penalizing Russia by banning the importation of Russian ammunition and firearms has done absolutely nothing to bother Russian authorities. But it’s done plenty to anger American shooters and businessmen.

After all, banning the importation of Russian made firearms and ammunition because the Russian government poisoned opposition leader Aleksey Navalny, is on the surface, ridiculous. Dig deeper and you might theorize that it’s more a shot at American firearms owners than nefarious Russian officials.

US officials, as you can imagine, are denouncing that characterization, pointing out that there are also additional restrictions placed on “nuclear and missile-related goods and technology”covered under the Export Control Reform Act of 2018.

Sure they are, but the fact that around 40% of the steel ammunition purchased in the United States is Russian origin, it’s not a reach to say that it has more impact on domestic shooters than foreign officials.

“I feel this is more a restriction on ammo availability than any ‘sanctions’ on Russia,” says MKS Supply’s Charlie Brown, saying President Biden has “found a way of making his progressive anti-2A friends happy under the falsehood of ‘sanctions.’”

Brown should know. His MKS Supply imports Barnaul Ammo, steel cased ammunition from - you guessed it- Russia. Barnaul manufacturers over 200 varieties of hunting, sporting and self-defense ammunition for rifles, pistols and shotguns. Having shot a considerable amount of Barnaul product earlier this summer in South Dakota, it’s not the military surplus stuff most “serious” shooters sniff at. In side by side testing, we found Barnaul to be the equal of most premium ammunition at a lower price point due to the steel casing.

While testing rifles and ammunition in South Dakota (above), I had no idea that both the rifle and its ammunition (below) would be threatened under a sanction by the Biden administration.

“This will hurt the US consumer and businesses of those who import ammunition, like MKS,” Brown said, “We are trying to get clarifications, but it looks like if you had approved form 6s, they will allow them to be imported.”

“But,” he said, “the Form 6s are only open for two years, so the short answer is we will have ammo for about two years, but it will kill any new calibers we had cooking. We were also planning on importing bullets for reloading, but that’s dead now, too.”

Dealers are reporting stepped-up demand for the now-endangered product. Consumers are reporting “the usual suspect” national retailers have already begun to increase prices in anticipation of lessened supplies and increased demand.

Moving On…. the list of companies making the decisions to pull out of next week’s NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits continues to grow. As of midday Sunday, August 22, we know several major companies won’t be attending. Ruger, SIG, Smith & Wesson, H&K, Browning and FN are among the “majors” who have quietly admitted they won’t be attending. Others tell us they’re not planning on attending, but they’re not planning on advertising that fact any sooner than necessary.

But the 150th Annual Meeting will also be missing many smaller companies.

While their absence may only mean a small empty space in the exhibit halls, their absence is due to the big impact Covid could have on the companies themselves.

That’s why the decision is gut-wrenching on many levels.

As one company executive told me Friday, “after having attended the Bassmaster Classic in Fort Worth and seeing the uptick in covid around the country and especially in Texas, I backed out (of the NRA Exhibits).”

“For a company our size, it’s costly because you don’t get any funds back from the NRA when you do even as it relates to your concerns about Covid,” he continued, “Fortunately, the airlines are understanding -that helps considerably- and the hotels are only charging a $100 per room cancellation fee.”

Interestingly, the deciding factor was the announcement that his company’s largest OEM customer wasn’t attending, although being an “industry giant” (his words) they hadn’t officially announced it yet (and the “industry giant" has confirmed they won’t be attending, but refused to go on the record to affirm the decision).

In view of the challenges where the general public is able to attend, he’s made the decision to pull the plug on all consumer events, sticking to “industry only trade shows.” Last week, he tells me, he attended a wholesale show in Arkansas and the Mid-States show in Phoenix the week prior. Today, he’s attending the NBS Show in Forth Worth.

“I’m trying to reduce potential exposure for our company and still do business. That’s the world we live in now!”

Unfortunately, he’s correct. There is no ultimate right answer, and every answer appears to have an associated cost.

On a related topic, there’s an Outdoor Writers Association of America annual conference set for October 4-6 at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont. The state, OWAA reminds potential attendees, that’s “THE most vaccinated state in the union.”

Why’s that worth more than a casual mention?

Because while OWAA is magnitudes smaller than the NRA Annual Meetings, it is still preparing for as many eventualities as possible. They say the plan is to follow all CDC, state and local guidelines (meaning the rules will likely change several times before October 4), and vaccinations are “strongly suggested” for attendees. But, should restrictions dictate, they’re fully prepared to hold “the entire event outdoors if necessary, including meals and conference presentations.”

They say there will also be “ample space for social distancing within indoor venues.”

The most interesting wrinkle, however, is their idea of color-coding lanyards for attendee credentials.

Red, means “Please keep 6 feet away from me with masks on, I have vulnerable ones in my circle.”

Yellow, means “I’m cautious about transmission, but ok with elbow and fist bumps and short close contact sessions.”

And Green, means “Come in for the hug, I’m confident I won’t get or spread anything.”

There have been plenty of suggestions regarding how to actually let people know your comfort levels regarding the virus, but this may be one of the simplest and practical we’ve heard yet.

Crazy times, but we’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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