At $169.99, Custom Bow Equipment unveils the new 2021 CX5 and extends exceptional value in an ultra-lightweight bow sight.
SlickTrick Broadheads bring together a combination of high-quality materials, tight tolerances and groundbreaking design to deliver performance unrivaled by any broadhead in their price category. New for 2021 are two new broadheads – the Assailant & SS3.
Winter paddling can provide solitude, exercise and an opportunity to see amazing winter beauty. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommends that paddlers wait for warmer weather to allow for warmer water and conditions.
PROOF Research’s sponsored shooting team member Austin Orgain won the Armageddon Gear Cup Match at the end of Oct. 2020 and took home the Precision Rifle Series Pro Series Golden Bullet award for top honors in Dec. 2020.
he Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is offering additional incentives to landowners who sign-up for the Conservation Reserve Program, commonly known as CRP.

The Wild Sheep Foundation’s total immersion virtual hunting and conservation expo, Sheep Week®, The Experience, went live Monday to rave reviews. The Sheep Week platform features five virtual exhibit halls with nearly 200 v-booths where you can shop for hunting trips from across the globe and the latest in gear, art, and hunter services.
The Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association (ALBBAA) is encouraging hunters across the region to donate a harvested deer during the inaugural Black Belt Hunters Food Drive to the Hunters Helping the Hungry program over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, from Friday, January 15 to Monday, January 18. 


When the Elite Series takes to the St. Johns River to launch the 2021 season in February, the roster will feature 101 anglers.
The hunting of all mountain lions in southwestern Montana hunting districts 312 and 393, which include portions of Gallatin, Park and Meagher counties, will close at one-half hour after sunset on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

Shine United, a Madison, WI-based agency, announced its partnership with Silencer Central, a manufacturer and seller of silencers.
Everest announced that they have formed a new partnership with Adaptive Training Foundation through their philanthropic program, Everest Gives Back. The multi-faceted program will provide charitable contributions and generate awareness for the organization.
Southwick Associates announces that Dr. Lou Cornicelli has joined Southwick Associates as a Senior Analyst.

UrgeMedia has renewed its partnership with Viper Archery Products, to reach all varieties of outdoor enthusiast with television placements, influencer marketing, and other digital marketing efforts through UrgeMedia’s marketing platform.

Legacy Conservation Partners  announces their selection as the dedicated sales and marketing partner for the conservation channel for Leupold & Stevens, Inc.



Outtech Innovations has gathered retailers from all channels of the archery and hunting industry to kick off the new year and the annual Archery Trade Association show. This year, the Outtech team has decided to bring Innovations to you with Innovations on the Move.
- JOBS -
Camfour is actively hiring experienced and successful sales representatives to accelerate its growth in FL and TX. The goals of this position are to increase sales to existing and new dealers.
A 61 percent increase in homicides last year is proof that Seattle’s egregious tax on firearms and ammunition sales amounts to a fraud and should immediately be repealed, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said.

Summit’s newest and most versatile climber, the Viper Pro SD, incorporates new and improved functionality that will make setup and takedown quicker and easier than before.
Primos Hunting will introduce a host of new products along with extensions to the brand’s popular lines of hunting blinds, decoys and game calls during the ATA 2021 Online tradeshow.
The Thorogood Realtree EDGE camo Infinity FD Rubber Boot has leading edge technology that bolsters performance and enhances comfort.
USA Shooting announces Buddy DuVall as Chief Marketing Officer. In his new role, DuVall will oversee USA Shooting’s marketing effort, partnerships, sponsorships, and fundraising to support USA Shooting athletes at the highest level.

The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) has released the new and revised 2021 State Issue Brief catalog, providing legislators and members of the sportsmen’s community the latest information for use during the 2021 legislative sessions around the country.
“Many bow hunters are very brand-loyal with their favorite products,” said Whitetails Unlimited President Jeff Schinkten, “and RAXX creates steel bow racks that incorporate officially licensed logos so hunters can proudly display their passion.
Major League Fishing (MLF) announced today a sponsorship agreement with MossBack Fish Habitat, a full-line manufacturer of artificial habitat for fishing and fisheries management.
Primos Hunting will introduce a host of new products along with extensions to the brand’s popular lines of hunting blinds, decoys and game calls during the ATA 2021 Online tradeshow.

National Rifle League announced that Bushnell is Title Sponsor of the inaugural 2021 season of NRL HUNTER. NRL HUNTER will host 9 hunting matches, culminating in the NRL HUNTER Championship.
Van Buren County officials have approved a 25-year lease with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to expand Van Buren State Park’s footprint to include the Northpoint Conservation Area located in South Haven Township.
Arkansas State Parks has completed the restoration and improvement project for the Rim Trail at Mount Nebo State Park with support from the Walton Family Foundation and the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation (APRF).
During 2021, Nebraska Game and Parks will host a monthly virtual Conservation Career Chat featuring one of 12 jobs within the agency. The live interviews will be at 10 a.m. CST on the third Wednesday of each month

Samples taken in six eastern Montana counties this past summer have tested positive for the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome (WNS) disease in bats.
If you are 12 to 14 years old and want to learn about Vermont's wildlife and gain outdoor skills, consider attending one of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department's Green Mountain Conservation Camps this summer.
A true pull-back-the-curtain moment is documented with the award-winning producer, author, hunter and conservationist, Jim Shockey, in his series debut of Jim Shockey’s Shock Therapy airing on Outdoor Channel on Sundays.
Balancing work, kids and overall responsibilities with hunting can be a challenge, but the crew from MTN Top Outdoors are showing the way with their new series airing on Sportsman Channel on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. ET.
In this week's episode of American Rifleman TV, NRA rules for safe gun handling are discussed. Also, the Hornady 6mm ARC is featured and the Soviet Degtyaryov DP-28 is on "I Have This Old Gun."
Shooting USA covers the challenge for precision rifle shooters at steel targets sized to simulate the vitals of western game animals – at the Hornady Precision Hunter Challenge.
Delta Waterfowl is set to more than double the size of its fleet of mallard-producing Hen House nesting structures in North Dakota, thanks to a $105,000 grant from the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund.
A recently completed three-year study to better understand how Canada geese utilize metro Des Moines will be used to revise the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Canada goose management plan.
Join the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for a series of free Virtual Saltwater Fishing Clinics for beginner anglers age 16 and older to learn how to saltwater fish and help conserve our marine resources for the future.

The Hartford Courant is reporting that a deal is imminent for “100 percent of the equity” in Colt Holding Co., owner of the gun company the Courant describes as “an American legend and Connecticut fixture for 175 years”.

Ceska azurejvka Group, SE (better known as CZ) says it has reached an agreement on the “outline” of a deal with the West Hartford, Connecticut company. In fact, the deal has already been announced in more than one foreign news service. While the Czech group seems confident in the likelihood of a deal, the two companies have apparently agreed to allow review and due diligence to continue through the end of the month.

Meanwhile, the shutdown by GoDaddy has roiled the internet since the gun forum received notice it was summarily being shut down. We have been told that while the move was sudden, it wasn’t exactly unexpected.

In fact, wheels were already in motion to find another hosting location when the 24-hour notice was received. Regardless, the sudden- and total-shutdown by GoDaddy caused no small amount of consternation before a new “First Amendment friendly” host was located.

Today, while conversations in the industry have re-focused on political changes in Washington, there’s equal concern regarding the apparent ease at which big tech companies (Amazon/AWS, Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook) have decided to decided what constitutes “acceptable” free speech.

“If you don’t toe their party line,” said one CEO, “there’s never been any doubt that they could make life inconvenient for you if they chose. What’s worrisome today is the fact they’re acting without any hesitation, and there’s virtually no recourse. There’s certainly no immediate course of action.”

Many people today consider these tech giants to be public utilities.

That’s wrong-headed. They aren’t public utilities.

The local, state and federal regulations under which they operate aren’t designed to protect the public.

Few (if any) of us have really read their Terms of Service for internet providers, phone companies or computers before clicking on the contract box that says (usually twice to eliminate any doubt) “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.”

If we had, we’d be considerably slower to agree. They are one-way agreements.

You agree to their rules. If you don’t follow their rules, they will deny you their service.

And as learned yesterday, being turned off doesn’t earn an explanation. They simply shut you down.

And as Parler discovered last week, they don’t much care how loudly you complain- or to whom.

After being booted from Amazon’s AWS service, Parler was also summarily booted from both the Apple and Google Play stores, essentially closing down the Twitter alternative.

To the companies who chose to exercise what was essentially the death penalty, it was their contribution to stifling an organization they felt didn’t sufficiently moderate “extreme” content.

To Parler CEO John Matze, it was something entirely different: a flagrant attempt to shut down the “closest thing to competition Facebook or Twitter has seen in many years.”

He also says he believes Apple, Google and Amazon “worked together” to make certain they didn’t have any competition.

Parler’s not back online- yet, but it appears to have turned to the one internet solutions provider that has become home to others, including Gab and

That provider, Epik, says there’s no “agreement” in place with Parler, only a service agreement. That’s not unusual with any of the companies, including GoDaddy.

Epik, however, defended the idea that Parler - and by extension other companies like suddenly facing these shutdowns- have been unfairly targeted:

“it is clear there is an artificial standard that many now want to apply. The staggering size of Twitter and Facebook alone, have made real change or accountability almost impossible, as the political interests and objectives of their own executives end up creating an undeniable double standard for both policing and enforcement.”

Epik statement

Parler has filed suit against Amazon for antitrust violations, and is asking a judge require Amazon to reinstate their service as litigation works through the court system.

Is all this drama only a hint of things to come?

There’s no definitive answer, but preparations are underway industry-wide for a “new reality.”

If the first two weeks of January are any indication, doesn’t look to be smooth sailing ahead for the industry. This “new reality” means refocusing on potential political problems as a Biden administration will -eventually- turn its attention toward increasing regulations on law-abiding gun owners.

Right now, they’re distracted by a myriad of other, more pressing issues.

That’s giving the industry some much-needed time to try and focus on an area that wasn’t a prime concern under the outgoing administration.

Organizations ranging from conservation groups to the National Shooting Sports Foundation are working to retool plans, realign staffing and get ready for some sobering “new realities”.

As the work progresses, we’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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