Federal recently presented its 12-gauge 1 ¾-inch Smooth Bore Barrel cartridge and chamber designs to the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute to be voted on for standardization. The specifications were approved and accepted as an official new cartridge recognized by the organization.
Team Hornady shooter Jake Vibbert has taken the lead in the 2019 National Rifle League’s season standings using Hornady 6mm 110gr. A-Tip Match bullets.
The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame’s 2019 induction ceremonies are scheduled for October 3, 2019, at Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, and while seats are going fast, there remain opportunities for industry stalwarts and fans alike to attend the ticket-only banquet.

You can see sandhill cranes — and learn more about them — on Saturday, Sept. 28 as the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and its local partners host a sandhill crane viewing event. This year, the free event features two different auto tours.
Savage is expanding its line-up of the semi-automatic A Series with the introduction of A17, 17 HM2. The 17 HM2 is a flat shooting tack driver with achievable velocities of 2,100 ft/s.
- GEAR -
Whether you prefer the compact design of the Bone Bag™ or the deep sound of Battle Bones®, Flextone has something for you.
Manufactured of a puncture-resistant 100% waterproof, PVC-FREE tarpaulin with stitch-free welded construction, GILL’s Dry Bags keep gear dry and protected in any weather.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announces that the September teal-only hunting season will be open from Sept. 16 through Sept. 30.
Beginning with the 2020 spring draw — which opened Wednesday — applications must be submitted online at The deadline to apply for spring turkey, javelina, bison and bear hunts is 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019.
Breach-Bang-Clear is proud to announce that Survival Hardware is now a part of the Tactical Buyers Club.
Brenton USA, a popular Michigan manufacturer of performance-grade modern hunting rifles (MHR’s) based on the AR style platform, announces its expansion and partnership with Sports South for the 2019-2020 hunting season.

BassForce, the newest and most comprehensive smartphone fishing application, selects Blue Heron Communications as its marketing and media relations agency of choice effective immediately.
RetailBI was released earlier this week replacing the legacy CLX Data Program. Upon launch, RetailBI became the shooting sports industry’s largest source of aggregated Point of Sale data available to retailers, manufacturers, and other organizations.
Congressional Democrats “just don’t get it,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said after the House Judiciary Committee moved three gun control bills on party lines, including one to limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds.
Delivering accuracy to +/- one yard, the Halo XL600 provides fast ranging out to 600 yards - plenty of distance for most hunting situations.

Boss Buck's new long-lasting Acorn Mineral Block and Apple Mineral Block create immediate and extended attraction for big game animals.
Comp-Tac announced their newest holster, the eV2 Max. It's a hybrid AIWB holster with a two ply leather backing, interchangeable Kydex shell body and Comp-Tac Kick (a polymer 'outrigger') for improved concealability.
Galco Gunleather is very excited to introduce the new Parabellum shoulder holster system. The new rig features next-generation passive and active retention systems, using hybrid construction that combines Kydex with top grain leather and Premium Center Cut Steerhide.
Whitetail TV is back with more. More hosts. More hunts. More action. All available for free on the Realtree 365 app and at

Walther launched a new website that helps customers educate themselves on Walther history, products, shooting techniques, and where to buy.
Primary Arms Optics has released a new reticle configuration for the Platinum Series 6-30x56mm Rifle Scope. The scope features Primary Arms’ refined MIL-DOT reticle.
Gun Digest Media has released a new edition of Patrick Sweeney’s best-selling treatise on the iconic 1911 pistol. 1911: The First 100 Years, 2nd Edition builds on his original tribute to the 1911 .45-caliber, semi-automatic pistol, which was published in 2011.
This week, Outdoors Radio features US Navy veteran Tim Thiers, Spydro camera communications director Bill Schwarz, Wisconsin DNR conservation warden Jon King and tackle dealer Gene Dellinger.

This week on America Outdoors Radio Kevin Wilkerson with Weatherby introduces you to a new lightweight rifle and cartridge hunters are going to love.
The Pope and Young Club is proud to announce the continued support of YETI® through the Club's Corporate Partners Program. T
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Wednesday gathered with state, retail and nonprofit representatives of Michigan’s outdoor recreation industry to showcase the industry’s value and preview the move, this October, to officially join the Confluence of States.
Can-Am innovates with the new Defender PRO HD10, featuring a six-foot multifunctional cargo box along with a lower box storage area accessible from both sides which workers will certainly appreciate, and the new Defender Limited has climate control to maintain the perfect cab temperature year-round.

Yamaha has introduced its 2020 Viking EPS and Viking VI EPS SxS vehicles, available in Realtree EDGE camo. The new Vikings are value-packed, with Proven Off-Road capabilities and Real World Tough durability.
Overall, quail in Oklahoma are healthy. Total numbers are expected to be up slightly this season over a majority of the state.
Biologists with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission have finished another year of waterbird surveys along the coast and have documented a record number of active wood stork colonies this year.

A lot of folks are outraged at Walmart discontinuing the sale of ARs and now certain kinds of ammunition. I guess they feel like this monster corporation has betrayed them, and that we should boycott or punish them for not supporting the Second Amendment. Well, um, we should have never started buying our gun stuff there in the first place. We abandoned real gun stores for convenience, and to save a couple dollars. Gun stores went out of business, and here we are.

I could care less. In fact, it would not bother me if Walmart stopped selling guns and gun and hunting related accessories all together. They’ve never been a real gun/hunting store anyway. Though I’m sure there are exceptions, those behind the counter are, in most cases, not qualified to sale or even handle a gun, and I doubt any of them know the difference between a caliber and a cartridge. And based on my experience; their enthusiasm for customer care almost equals my interest in cat videos.

When I was growing up there was a local bait & tackle/gun shop about two miles from my house. On weekends—during my paper route—I’d stop there on my bike. The guy behind the counter would let me look at and fondle the guns that interested me, and he even knew a thing or two about firearms…and young boys. I could usually talk him out of some part I needed, that was just lying in the clutter on his workbench. (If you grew up near my hometown—and are older than 50—you will remember Ray’s Bait Shop. I’d rather go back there for one hour than spend a day in Cabela’s.)

We’ve seen the death of the local gun shop. With that, we’ve lost places where real and practical knowledge could be dispensed. Walmart has contributed to this near extinction; they retail firearms so cheap the local guy cannot compete. (Few realize how small profit margins are on guns.) What they fail to deliver is service—service before, during, and most importantly, after the sale. And those conducting the sale do not have the experience to get that feeling when someone is trying to buy a gun with possible bad intentions in mind. (You do realize an FFL dealer can deny a sale to anyone they think might be a danger, don’t you? Local gun shop owners take this seriously.)

And then there’s the knowledge they do not have to share. Local gun shops are operated by folks who are experienced with, and passionate about, what they do and the things they sale. That passion carries over to the customer. The absence of that passion is like a cancer to the gun and hunting industry. It’s why Walmart could care less about your firearms or hunting interests—they have none of their own. It’s also the reason some gun manufactures are struggling; they hired management types from other industries who lack our passion.

Be mad at Walmart if you like, I could care less what they sale. When I buy gun stuff I’m going to buy it from a guy who smells like Hoppe’s #9, a guy who was installing a trigger on a rifle that morning, a guy who closed his shop early yesterday to go to the range, a guy who frequently has a shop full of like-minded folks bitching about anti-gunners, a guy who knows what a pre-64 model 70 is, who Jeff Cooper was, and who actually gives a shit if I hit what I shoot at, or ever come back in his shop again.

With this help from Walmart the local gun shop can once again be real. With all the new gun owners in our ranks, they’ve never been needed more than right now!

You think Walmart is a gun store? Well, bless your heart. You’ve never been in a real gun store, have you?

— Richard Mann

In addition to a lot of other hats, Richard Mann is editor of The Hunting Wire (

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