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CCI Ammunition announced availability of the new Quiet-22 Semi-Auto, which is incredibly quiet yet reliable in autoloading rimfires. Quiet-22 Semi-Auto drastically reduces the volume of standard 22 LR rounds while cycling through semi-automatic rifles and handguns.
Scholastic Action Shooting Program athletes had the opportunity to train and compete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. From May 24-26, 2019, 12 athletes learned to shoot the International disciplines of 10 Meter Air Pistol, Sport Pistol and Rapid-Fire Pistol. 

Leupold Core Team Member Nick Gadarzi and his teammate Adam Cloaninger recently won the Rifleman Team Challenge event known as the Sniper’s Hide Cup, held in Colville, Washington, June 22-23.
To celebrate the International Year of the Salmon, NOAA Fisheries has collaborated with the educational tech app, Agents of Discovery, to launch Sea-Run, GO!, a game that teaches youth and the young at heart about wild Atlantic salmon and other migratory fish that inhabit the rivers and coasts of New England. 
Lipsey’s and combat veteran Larry Vickers, announce the official on-sale launch of the “Vickers GLOCK 43.” The Vickers GLOCK 43 has the TangoDown parts kit, Wilson Combat rear sight and AmeriGlo ProGlo tritium front sight. The new gun also has front cocking serrations.
Legacy Sports International and HOWA Precision Rifles announce plans to introduce the .300 PRC and 6.5 PRC chamberings into its HS Precision and HOGUE offerings. All will come with threaded barrels, muzzle breaks and 24” or 26” standard barrel offerings.

At ICAST 2019, Duckett Fishing will host a Media Premiere Day on Wednesday, July 10th at 3:00 p.m. to debut their new products and on Thursday, July 11 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. with an honorary reception.
Reno Cerakote announces Justin Cagle’s promotion to Production Manager. He will be in charge of planning and organizing production schedules, assessing project and resource requirements, and overseeing various projects.
The Salem, Illinois Police Department has deployed the FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera from Viridian Weapon Technologies to all of its sworn officers. Viridian and the police department of Salem will hold a joint press conference on Tuesday.
Umarex USA is teaming up with outdoorsman and artist Tim “Spike” Davis to kick off its 2019 Summer Safety Campaign. Umarex will use Tim’s quirky and unique art to underscore the safe use of airguns.

SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the P320 PRO-CUT Slide Assembly for various SIG SAUER P320 pistol models. The slide is now available directly from the manufacturer at the SIG SAUER Web Store at
DeSantis offers a pair of holster fits for GLOCK pistols with reflex sights. The gun models include the G17/G17 Gen5 and the G19/G19 Gen5, along with variants enabled to use red dot optics.
Stealth Cam takes "set-and-forget" trail cam technology to the next level with the WX Series wireless remote cameras. Now you can have anytime-access to photos and videos, as well as full programming control of your wireless cams anywhere AT&T or Verizon cellular access is available.  
The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) today announced its 2019 Tommy Gifford Award winners in recognition of their significant contributions to recreational angling as captains, guides or crew.

Customers who purchase select XD and 1911 pistols, as part of Springfield Armory’s Instant Gear Up program, will receive 5 magazines, a holster, double mag pouch, range bag and a hard case packaged with the firearm.
Taurus has announced a promotional discount. The Sizzling Summer Rebate program will offer consumers a $50 rebate when they purchase the TaurusTX 22 semi-auto .22LR handgun.
Breakthrough Clean Technologies announces their annual 4th of July BOGO sale, their biggest sale of the year. The sale runs from July 2-7, which includes the new All-In-One CLP. 
Taurus is offering their Sizzling Summer Rebate on select Taurus 856 and 856 Ultra-Lite revolvers. Concealed carry revolver fans can receive up to $30 back when they purchase a new model 856 or 856 Ultra-Lite in matte black or matte stainless.

Using the latest data available, Shooting Industry’s July issue breaks down the ATF’s comprehensive 2017 Annual Firearms Manufacturing & Export Report and provides extensive analysis of the 29% year-over-year drop in firearms production from 2016.
This year, our July 4th radio show marathon will be featuring five incredible shows from the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio shows collection
This weekend, Northwestern Outdoors Radio will be talking about rafting and fishing with a focus on Oregon State. 
TRUGLO, Inc. has announced a special, limited-time rebate on its full line of Titanium X™ fixed and mechanical broadheads, including crossbow models.

Building on its reputation for delivering rugged, feature-packed hunting packs, ALPS OutdoorZ reveals the Contender X Whitetail Pack available in the new VEIL™ whitetail pattern.
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recently completed its 2019 stocking of fingerling Kokanee and landlocked Chinook Salmon, planting more than 1.45 million of the popular sport fish into inland waters where they will provide recreational angling opportunities in two to three years after growing to catchable size.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Python Action Team has removed the program’s 500th invasive Burmese python from the wild.
The Arizona Game and Fish Department will mark the 10th anniversary of an innovative partnership with sportsmen’s/conservation organizations working to reverse a long-term decline in hunting participation.

Sixteen cadets were sworn in as wildlife law enforcement officers by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission at a graduation ceremony held at Campbell University on Thursday, June 27.
Recreational bay scallop season for Franklin through the northwestern portion of Taylor, as well as Levy, Citrus and Hernando counties opens July 1 and will remain open through Sept. 24.
A broadly-supported measure going into effect today (Monday, July 1), will significantly enhance aquatic invasive species prevention and management in Minnesota.
The new pamphlet is effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, and features rules and regulations for hundreds of lakes, rivers, and marine areas around the state, as well as species including trout, salmon, shellfish, sturgeon, and many more.

Registration is now open for the Fourth Annual Director’s Cup archery tournament, which will take place August 11 at the Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center, in Lincoln.
One of America’s greatest adventure magazines, Sporting Classics, comes to true life tonight (Monday, July 1) on Outdoor Channel with Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey, produced by Dorsey Pictures. 
“The High Road with Keith Warren” brings you another night of devastating hog hunting encounters. This time, Keith is also going after a great big boar hog that’s been terrorizing nearby deer pens.
Hunters, birders and stamp collectors celebrated as the 2019-2020 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp – commonly known as the Duck Stamp – went on sale. The new Federal Duck Stamp and its younger sibling, the Junior Duck Stamp, debuted at a special event hosted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Bass Pro Shops flagship store in Springfield, Missouri.

According to the Boone and Crockett Club, in general, record-class specimens of native North American big game have become more common afield, based on newly compiled data by the Club’s records department. Conversely, records data reveal a stable or opposite trend for some species.

If you’re a shooter or hunter still living in California or Washington, today’s the first day of a new reality for you. In California, new ammunition regulations go into effect, meaning that you’ll be paying more for ammunition. How much depends on whether or not you’re already in the state’s REAL ID system. If you are, it’s a dollar additional charge; if you’re not, it’s a $19 additional cost.

That’s not all. It’s uncertain whether non-residents (including hunters and competitive shooters) can buy ammunition in the state at all or not, and everyone is banned from bringing ammunition into the state. When you add those new restrictions to the fact that you can no longer use lead ammunition for hunting, it’s looking as if there’s a de facto ban on law-abiding citizens possessing firearms. After all, an unloaded gun is a pretty ineffective tool for virtually anything.

The first hunters to be affected will be rabbit hunters. Their season opens today. Deer hunters in California Zone A will be next- their season opens August 10.

No word from California Department of Fish & Game as to whether they’ll begin by issuing warnings or citations. But it’s unlikely there will be much leniency shown.

In Washington, the still going-to-be- contested-in-the-courts gun controls of I-1639 go into effect today, and they’re guaranteed to cause the state’s firearms retailers major headaches.

I-1639 brings all manner of new compliance requirements: new age restrictions, “enhanced” background checks, training requirements, longer waiting periods, new storage requirements, a prohibition on private sales, and introduces new firearms purchasing fees. That (of course) means a new transfer form - and $25 fee- for semiautomatic rifles. There’s a similar form requirement for handguns, but no transfer fee.

Anti-gun politicians have no shortage of (bad) ideas when it comes to “common sense gun safety” -their latest euphemism for “confiscation.”

But the Democratic debates last week made it patently obvious to even the most die-hard Democratic hunter/shooter that the instant “their party” gains majority control of the federal government, the disarmament of the citizenry will get going.

From Michael Bennett to Andrew Yang, each of the candidates clamoring for support in their battle to defeat President Trump has pledged - at the very least- to push for more “common sense gun reforms”.

Some, like Yang, who suggests levels of firearm ownership similar to competencies like pilots’ licenses, don’t volunteer the fact that the end game would eliminate private gun ownership entirely. Others include the usual litany of “reasonable steps” they’d take to prevent gun violence: red flag laws, mandated waiting periods, licensing firearms, owners, or both.

Out of all the comments in the debate, however, there was a single comment that may have accidentally gone to the very heart of the Democratic party’s feelings about firearms.

“We should have smart guns,” says Joe Biden, “No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure could pull the trigger.”

He wasn’t done. “It’s within our right to do that,” he said “We can do that. Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the National Rifle Association.

OK, I added the emphasis, but the political intent and experience is there.

While you may question the former Vice President’s acumen on plenty of topics, there’s no doubt he’s a seasoned politician.

With a single sentence, Biden acknowledged the fact the Democratic Party is at war with guns (a message to the most adamant anti-gunners in the party) while simultaneously sending undecided or gun-owning voters the message “our fight’s not with you- it’s with the gun makers who won’t include this gee-whiz technology”.

It’s a long-standing political technique. When you’re trying to push something on people they might not like individually, it’s far simpler to sell them on the idea of punishing a faceless entity.

Hopefully, everyone in the industry- including those companies still entrenched in the areas where anti-gun sentiments are the norm, not the exception, will realize there’s no doubting the truth of what Biden’s said. Progressives view guns, gun companies, and, yes, gun owners, as the enemy- and they’re out to win that battle- hopefully, before the other side completely absorbs the fact it’s an ideological fight to the death.

Every hunter, shooter, gun owner or believer in the right to own guns-or not, news to wake up.

Progressives don’t view anything as a right. To them, everything is a privilege. And those privileges are granted and subject to revocation at the whim of the same government.

As the founding fathers knew when they described a federal government that was never designed to grow into a bloated, overarching monstrosity, the government big enough to give you whatever you want is big enough to take away everything you have.

—Jim Shepherd

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