Dryshod has expanded its outdoor and occupational footwear offerings with the introduction of the new Slipnot deck boot. Developed to keep feet dry and footing solid on wet and slippery boat decks, the new Slipnot is an ankle-high slip-on boot that delivers all-day comfort and support for those who work or play on the water.
GunBroker, the leading online marketplace for firearms and accessories, reminds all interested collectors and sellers that the bidding for the inaugural Collector's Elite Auction will close the evening of Thursday, June 20th. This premier auction, featuring a handpicked selection of high-end, rare firearms, has been open for viewing and bidding for the past two weeks.
Summer is a great time for road trips. And if said road trip ends in a unique wildlife-viewing experience? Even better! You can see ospreys in the air and on top of their huge nests at a free Utah Division of Wildlife Resources event happening on Saturday, July 6.
Construction of a single-lane, concrete boat launch will begin June 27 at the Hayes Center Wildlife Management Area in northeast Hayes County, Nebraska.
Athletes from 36 Iowa teams participated in the 2024 Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) Sporting Clays Championships held June 13-15 at Black Oak Clays near Pella. The course was set by Dave Koch of Little Fox River Sporting Clays in Missouri.

Team Federal continued its astonishing performance this year by capturing gold and bronze medals at the ISSF World Cup in Lonato, Italy, held June 10-19, 2024. Team Federal’s Vincent Hancock and Austen Smith won gold in Mixed Team Skeet for the United States, just as they did at the same venue last year. Smith also captured a bronze medal in Women’s Skeet.
Do you want to see your photo on the cover of Arizona Wildlife Views? Do you have a knack for capturing great photos of wildlife? Then you won’t want to miss the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s 18th annual wildlife photo contest.
At the 2024 Daisy Nationals, the excitement will be at all-time highs as competitors compete for continuing education money for the first time in the 57-year history of the event. And this year’s special guests are pretty cool, too.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is hosting several conservation education programs this summer at state parks in the Flathead Valley. Junior Ranger programs are geared towards elementary school aged kids and offer free hands-on educational opportunities.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks staff will host a free bear safety event next week to offer training and hands-on practice with inert bear spray and other safety resources. The workshop will be Monday, June 24, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the south parking lot of FWP’s Bozeman office, 1400 S. 19th Ave.
Heartland Public Shooting Park will host the 4-H Shooting Sports National Championships on June 23-28, 2024, in Grand Island, NE. The 4-H National Championship will draw nearly 1,000 competitors from over 40 states across the country to compete in nine different shooting sports.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has issued a decision notice for a proposal to re-establish a westslope cutthroat trout recreational fishery in Rainbow Lake and eliminate a source of Yellowstone cutthroat trout that contributes to hybridization with westslope cutthroat trout in the Wigwam River drainage.

Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted Florida’s investments in coral reef protection and announced enhancements to the 2024 Lionfish Challenge and 2024 Lobster Mini-Season. The Governor invested a historic $57 million for coral reef restoration and coastal protection, bringing the total investment in these efforts in the Governor’s second term to over $114 million.

Starting June 19, Montana hunters can sign up for the Surplus License List, which is a list of leftover licenses that were not distributed by the drawing. The list will be randomized, with hunters at the top of the list contacted via email with instructions to finalize their purchase within a specified time.
Davidson’s announced the addition of Kimber Manufacturing to its firearms product line category. Davidson’s dealers will now be able to access Kimber’s quality firearms while still enjoying Davidson’s 90+ years of distribution and customer service experience. (ZMG) announces its partnership with the Coriolis firearms marketing agency through the company's Agency of Record program. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for as it aims to strengthen its brand identity, enhance product development, and launch its digital presence in the outdoor industry.
HIVIZ® Shooting Systems is excited to announce the introduction of their new Stocking Dealer and Range programs. Dealers may now sign up to become HIVIZ Stocking Dealers with this one-time per year purchase program.

Gun Owners of America and the Gun Owners Foundation teamed up with the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners to challenge the state’s onerous permitting requirements to purchase handguns as well as New Jersey’s arbitrary “one gun a month” law.
The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has filed an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court supporting Hawaii resident Christopher L. Wilson’s petition for a writ of certiorari in his challenge of the Hawaii state Supreme Court’s decree that individual citizens in the Aloha State do not have the right to carry firearms for self-defense outside their homes.
Night Fision is pleased to announce the first variation in the series of their newest product, the Optics Mounted Stealth Sights, are now live on their website. Designed to solve the problem for firearms that have omitted a rear dovetail, the sights mount using the same screw path used for the optic.
Silencer Shop announces the exclusive launch of the CAT NOAH, a cutting-edge suppressor from Combat Application Technologies (CAT). Available solely at Silencer Shop, the CAT NOAH is Combat Application Technologies’ new 6mm silencer.

Savage Arms continues to see growth and scale with the AccuCan line of suppressors that debuted at the close of 2023. The brand announces today that multi-caliber options are available through distributors Sport South, RSR, Lipseys, Chattanooga Shooters Supply, Davidson’s and Bill Hicks.
Utica Cutlery Company is excited to launch our new EDC line. This new family of EDC’s will come with stone washed solid D2 blades, offering great edge retention, lighting fast ball bearing one hand opening, textured black G10 handles.
The Maine Warden Service, with the help volunteers from the Appalachian Mountain Club, Greenville Fire and Rescue and the ambulance crew from C. A. Dean Hospital, rescued a 38-year-old Waterville man who broke his ankle while hiking with friends in the Gulf Hagas area.
Citizen scientists across Arkansas can help the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission keep tabs on this year’s eastern wild turkey and northern bobwhite hatch by reporting any birds of these two species they see during their summer travels.


You learn a lot from competition.

Dealing with pressure, time constraints, performance anxiety and other tensors give an occasional additional experience: choking.

All those are great teachers about preparation in all aspects of life.

Shooting the Metal Madness “Homecoming” rimfire match in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago taught me that what I’d thought was preparedness, wasn’t. Instead, I was “preparing to fail.” Fortunately, I learned the lesson in a non-critical situation. Embarrassment is competition is decidedly better than failing in an emergency.

Stepping to the line with my “always dependable” rimfire magazines, I was totally unprepared for the catastrophic failure to feed issues I encountered.

I was baffled. The mags and ammo had performed flawlessly together before.

That’s why I have always been particular about loading them. Especially when I wasn’t certain when I’d be shooting them again. I always stored competition mags at a max 80 percent capacity. I would top them off as I’m preparing to actually shoot a competition.

In Kentucky, the twenty percent I’d loaded at the line ran great. The pre-loaded ammo had “issues.”

The issue was determined at a post-mortem after an awful stock rifle performance.

I’d pre-loaded the magazines; then completely ignored them- for years. They’d been bumping around in my range bag or laying in the safe for longer than prudent.

Like a bad retailer, I’d neglected to “rotate my stock.” The “old” ammunition- despite working fine after I took it out and reloaded it-had essentially gotten “gunked up” in my magazines.

My less than outstanding performance has caused a mass reorganization of my ammunition and magazines. Pre-loading my magazines, which I thought prudent at the time, was actually my introducing another potential point of failure.

It also pointed out the fact that I’m not nearly so particular about my magazines and ammunition after an event as I am during it. Checking the magazines on my 9mm competition pistol was proof of that.

I keep the guns immaculately clean and assiduously oiled. When I unloaded the magazines, I realized another problem waiting to happen. Instead of being filled with match-grade competition ammunition, I found it loaded with rounds from three different manufacturers -in two different bullet weights. NOT a recipe for consistency.

The ammo in my SIG X-5 was supposed to be exactly the same type and weight. It wasn’t.

That was eye-opening. But my Smith & Wesson Shield stunned me. As the gun I normally take along when traveling, I thought it absolutely ready-to-go right out of the safe.

It wasn’t.

The situation was even worse with my S&W Shield (top) The optic was dead, and the ammo was different types, weights and conditions. The enlarged image (bottom) shows just how badly the hollow point ammo had gotten.


The battery in the optic was dead. The magazine was filled with three different types of bullets -in varying weights. Two of the rounds (hollow points) looked more like the contact posts on a corroded AA battery than pistol rounds. The photos don’t lie, and I’ve including them because I’m likely not the only person to put loaded guns/magazines in the safe and literally forget about them.

This week I’ve spent a considerable amount of time unloading magazines, wiping down ammunition and re-storing them..separately. It’s been a lot less fun that shooting, but better than worrying about a mag/ammo malfunction at some point in the future.

If you ask a group of shooters how often you should rotate the ammunition in your magazines, you’re probably going to begin a spirited debate, if not an outright argument. I’ve never seen a definitive answer, but heard lots of differing opinions.

I can’t give you the answer, but I can tell you that it is possible to create problems even when you believe you’re avoiding them. Don’t know the exact “cycle time” for mags/and ammo, but I definitely know when I’ve waited too-long.

We’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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