Monday, February 12, 2018

Trulock Designs New Cutting Edge Chokes For Federal Turkey Loads

New for 2018, Trulock Chokes introduces a new line of chokes specifically engineered to achieve maximum performance with Federal's new Heavyweight®TSS 7 and TSS 9 turkey shells.


The Federal loads are part of an ongoing trend: shotshells have improved dramatically over the last few years with design improvements in shot, construction and other components. At the extreme edge of performance - as in turkey hunting situations, where heavy-hitting dense loads downrange can be the difference between success and failure - these improved shotshells can have positive benefits in the field.


The problem for most turkey hunters is that older chokes, even those from quality shotgun companies, do not take full advantage of the improved shotshells. Designed for a wide range of standard loads, they do not get the best patterns out of these new loads.


Trulock, an American company, has long been recognized as an industry leader in choke tube design and manufacturing. So it should come as no surprise that they designed this new line of chokes from the "inside-out" to get the most from Federal's new loads. The new Trulock TSS chokes have a completely new interior design mated with exit diameters that optimally enhance the capabilities of the new shells. As a result, both the TSS 7 and TSS 9 have a specific exit diameter, as testing showed that slightly different configurations worked best for each size of shot.


Hunters who are looking to make more effective shots on gobblers this spring have a new way to improve their odds at the moment of truth. Testing results at 40-yard targets show nominal 100 percent patterns in a 30-inch circle, nominal 90-percent patterns in a 20-inch circle and nominal 60 percent patterns in a 10-inch circle. For the HeavyWeight® TSS 9 load, which has 1.750 ounces of shot, that translates to 400 pellets in a 10-inch circle. For the HeavyWeight® TSS 7 whose load has larger but fewer pellets, that translates to 200 plus pellets in a 10-inch circle.


These results show the Trulock TSS chokes are delivering devastatingly dense patterns and Federal's testing shows they have up to twice the penetration energy of #5 lead shot at 60 yards.


There are many things that can go wrong in a turkey hunt, but the combination of Trulock's new chokes with these loads means that down range shot performance won't be one of those problems.


Trulock mates their chokes with specific brands of shotguns. Currently, these Trulock chokes are manufactured in Invector, Invector Plus, Beretta/Benelli Mobil, Crio Plus, Rem Choke and M835, all in 12 gauge. Other gauges will be available soon.


As with all Trulock chokes, buying and using these are virtually risk-free, because Trulock has the best guarantee in the business. They guarantee their chokes for life against failure. Also, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the choke in any way, you can return it within 60 days for a refund or replacement - your choice


Getting better results out of your turkey gun this spring really is that simple.


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