Wednesday, April 4, 2018

F-1 Firearms Announces Competition Shooting Team

(SPRING, TEXAS) F-1 Firearms is excited to announce its roster for the 2018 F-1 Firearms Shooting Team. The lineup includes accomplished competitive shooters, instructors, and advocates. Two new additions highlight F-1’s commitment to diversity and excellence.


Brady Lawing is the first Junior Shooter to be sponsored by F-1. A 15-year-old hunter and competitive shooter from east Tennessee, Brady is the Junior Category winner, and 3rd Place Overall Winner, of the Outdoor Channel’s nationwide amateur tour “American Marksman.” 

Grady Stieren is a disabled Coast Guard veteran from San Antonio, TX. Grady is a long-time competitor in USPSA and 3-gun, and has found a new passion in Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) division. Grady will be shooting F-1 Firearms’ newly released PCC, UDP-9-45.

The F-1 Shooting Team also includes Chris Wiesemann (NC), a police officer and firearms instructor; Tennille Chidester (UT), host and Season 4 winner of “Ammo and Attitude”; Dennis “Lunchbox” Bethel (NC), Army veteran and LEO and firearms instructor; Kyle Simank (TX), owner of Guns Plus store and range; and Jacob Blimline (TN), an avid outdoorsman; and power couple, Ryan and Dianna Muller.

“It’s an honor to partner with a company that has such great products, great customer service, and supports the shooting sports and 2nd Amendment," said Dianna Muller, F-1 Shooting Team Captain. Muller is a 3-Gun World Champion. She also spearheads The DC Project, a nationwide 2nd Amendment advocacy initiative. Her husband Ryan, an engineer by trade, consults on production for F-1 Firearms.

“We are extremely proud of the diversity of shooters representing F-1 Firearms,” says Dion Podgurny, owner of F-1 Firearms. “They not only take immense pride in representing the F-1 Firearms brand across the country, but also serve as ambassadors for hunting, the shooting sports, the 2nd Amendment, and the ongoing pursuit to portray responsible gun owners in a positive light.”

About F-1 Firearms

F-1 Firearms is a Texas-based company that manufactures the finest firearms and firearm components available.  Utilizing the latest technological advancements in CNC equipment, F-1 Firearms manufactures more than 90% of each firearm in house to tolerances unforeseen by other companies.  The combination of premium materials, state of the art equipment, in-house machining, assembly, quality assurance and testing ensures that your F-1 Firearms rifle or component is as dependable as it is elegant.

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