Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Three New Firearm Cleaning Kits from Birchwood Casey®

Birchwood Casey has three new firearm cleaning kits that contain all of the components needed to clean rifles, handguns and shotguns from top to bottom.

Each kit comes in a convenient, organized case with the appropriate brushes and jags. The shotgun kit also contains mops to fit both 20 and 12 gauge guns. A muzzle guard guide and utility brush are also included to help properly clean all popular calibers and gauges. The rod sections and high-quality, free-floating handle screw together to create a sturdy setup for scrubbing the dirtiest of barrels. 

The Handgun Cleaning Kit sells for a retail price of $19.99, the Rifle Cleaning Kit for $24.99 and the Shotgun Cleaning Kit is $22.99.

Visit the Birchwood Casey website at www.birchwoodcasey.com or call 800-746-6862 for more information.


Handgun Cleaning Kit

Rifle Cleaning Kit


Shotgun Cleaning Kit

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Kevin Howard

Ph: 573-898-3422


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