Friday, January 12, 2018

New Episode of Mojo TV Premieres Saturday

MULEYS ON THE MOUNTAIN – New episode airs Saturday on Sportsman Channel

Brought to you by the Team that FOREVER changed the way you hunt.

The Brite Ranch has long been one of Terry’s favorite spots to hunt. This year TD sets his sights on a mature mule deer and if time allows a free range Aoudad. Along for the hunt is long time friend Joe Beal. Terry always enjoys hunting with Joe...just as long as he can keep track of him

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New episodes premiere Saturday afternoons at 3:30/2:30c on The Sportsman Channel (DISH 395, DIRECTV 605) in the U.S. and Mondays at 1:30 PM ET on Wild TV in Canada.


Broadcast Schedule for MOJO TV on the Sportsman Channel:

Tuesday – 3:00 AM EST | 2:00 AM CST
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