Wednesday, June 13, 2018

2018 Krieghoff Challenge Set for June 15 at the Pennsylvania State Trap Shoot

2018 Krieghoff Challenge Set for June 15th at the Pennsylvania State Trap Shoot

Ottsville, PA—Krieghoff International is preparing for the upcoming annual Krieghoff Challenge—a game in which one lucky shooter will take home the coveted prize of a Krieghoff shotgun.

Set for June 15th at the Pennsylvania State Trap Shoot, the Krieghoff Challenge offers shooters of all skill levels the opportunity to win a beautiful Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Combo with 32-inch O/U and 34-inch UNS.

The game is simple. All Krieghoff Challenge entrants will shoot a round of handicap trap leveling the playing field in this fun and unique competition. After all scores are posted, Krieghoff pulls two numbers out of a hat and all shooters with one of those two numbers as the second digit in their score go into a sudden death round, shooting two targets at each station at their handicap line until the last shooter standing gets to have their hands on a shotgun that lives on any competition-shooter’s wish-list. 

The gun is presented at the shoot in typical Krieghoff fashion—live and in-person at the shoot. Alex Diehl, COO of Krieghoff comments, “Here at Krieghoff, our shooting customers are our family. It’s only appropriate that we would take the time to personally welcome a new shooter to the Krieghoff tribe.”

Krieghoff International fashions precision-crafted, premium quality firearms and offers impeccable service and the unique opportunity to have a personal relationship with the factory to its customers. For more information on Krieghoff and the K-80 Trap Special Combo, check out