Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Full Range Hanging Systems

Full Range Hanging Systems not only are the best, most efficient way to hang trophies, they will consolidate wall space allowing you to put more trophies on the wall. Some guys have limited wall space because their wife won’t allow them but in a certain room. Some have so many mounts that they’re just out of room! -Saves Space

Getting your trophy off the wall allows you to rotate your trophy to your desired position. That’s ultimately why I came up with this product. I thought of all the hard work, money spent, time away from family it takes to harvest that trophy of a lifetime. Then, spend another several hundred dollars on a taxidermist, just to hang your buck of a lifetime flat on the wall? I wanted more -More Options

The fact that your trophy is not flat on the wall totally changes the look of the room. It gives a 3-D look to your wall, which is just cool to me! Because our Systems rotate in two different points, you can change the look of your room simply by changing the position of your mount. -3-D Look, More Options

The wives of the house can now feel like they have something to work with! I’ve had wives at shows walk up, figure out what the product was and say things like “my husband needs some of these.” or “I like that! That looks better than just flat on the wall!” MSRP

Single System - $24.99

Double System - $39.99

HD System - $34.99

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