Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wind Pro Rebranded as Scrape Fix

The most popular and effective Mock Scrape system on the market has been rebranded and reformulated as Scrape Fix. “We became aware of a product that had the potential to change the industry, they just needed a push in the right direction and a few changes to the product line. We had been using Wind Pro for several years and knew how well the product worked and the potential for growth was there.” Said Jeff Peel. The scent is infused at a molecular level with natural organic compounds deer can’t resist.  When the powder is dispensed it keeps distribution of scent to a minimum to peak deer interest and retention without leaving human scent behind.  The scent will never breakdown and continues to work for weeks after initial application. The powder adheres to licking branches perfectly which is the key to mock scrapes. No messy liquids or chance of spilling.  Clip and carry convenience, clip to pack, binocular, or belt loop.  Reduces likelihood of human odor contamination.

Now the best scrape system on the market is formulated for year-round use. “We added a few new items and changed the formulas around to fit into an all year attractant. With the add of Velvet, Rut, Scrape Fix and The Vine our product line is now well rounded for not only the hard-core guys that will run cameras all year but the guys that want to just run pre and post rut are covered as well.” Says Chase Rohlfsen.

"Big" Mike Hecht  
General Manager, Rubline Marketing LLC