Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cortland Super Supple

Cortland, NY (July 12, 2018) - Cortland's new Super Supple Nylon Tippet is the premier material for small flies, delicate presentations or fishing complex currents.  The suppleness, creates a more natural fly movement throughout the current, increasing your hook-ups.

Not all nylon is created equal. Cortland coats the nylon resulting in a low glare finish, increased abrasion resistance, UV protection, and reduced water absorption.  In addition to a lower material density, promoting greater buoyancy.

The new Super Supple Nylon recovers quickly from shock and stretch, reducing break-offs when targeting larger fish on lighter tippet.  Quality knots are essential and ultimately make the difference between fish landed and lost.  The glass smooth finish allows for "uniformed seating" of knots resulting in superior knot strength for all purposes.

Cortland's new Super Supple Nylon Tippet provides the best presentations, performance and forgiveness for your most technical and delicate outings.

Cortland's Super Supple Nylon tippet is the ideal material for delicate presentations and small flies.  The supple nylon material provides superior knot strength and a controlled stretch for ultimate forgiveness when fighting big fish.



  • Super Supple
  • Controlled Stretch
  • Superior Knot Strength


  • Sizes:  3x - 4x - 5x - 6x - 7x
  • Length:   30 Yards
  • Color:  Clear
  • MSRP: $5.95

For over 100 years, Cortland Line has been designing and manufacturing the world's most innovative fly lines and braided fishing lines. With passion and experience, we remain focused on one thing: fishing. Fishing has been, and always will be, what drives us to develop the most advanced lines offered today. Located in Cortland, NY - all of our pro shop lines are made in the USA with the latest in line technology - many technologies that Cortland itself pioneered for the industry.

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