Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Phantom Lures Announces Boogey Series Crankbaits

A new deep-diving crank from Phantom being released at the 2018 ICAST Show

Ramsey, MN – Phantom Lures, widely known for its design and manufacture of high quality, proven baits is pleased to introduce the Boogey Crankbait, a deep diving lure that catches a wide variety of fish species.  

The Boogey’s main purpose is to contact fish in deep water.  The bait is ideal for trolling and has produced excellent results while being tested on Lake Erie, the Missouri River and other various bodies of water.  “Pulling the Boogey in 12-16’ of water on Sakakawea is putting numbers of high quality fish in the boat for my clients and I” states Jerad Newgard of Fishing North Dakota Guide Service, who has been using and testing the Boogey for Phantom Lures.

This bait features a quivering, tail slashing, rattling rumble that game fish can’t resist. The wide horizontal profile creates a large target for Pike, Salmon, Trout and Walleye to attack from any angle, while the skinny, vertical profile allows for a wicked, slashing tail movement.  

The Boogey incorporates Phantom’s new “Razorback” design, which creates a specific water disturbance that triggers the aggressive predatory instincts of deep water monsters. Overall, the Boogey is engineered to erratically dance and thrash through the strike zone in an unpredictable manner. Roll it slow or burn it along the bottom and get ready for violent strikes.

The Boogey will be offered in four different size models: BG-7, BG-9, BG-11, BG-13

  • The BG-7 will reach dive depths of 12-14’  

  • The BG-9 will reach dive depths of 14-16’

  • The BG-11 will reach dive depths of 18-20’  

  • The BG-13 will reach dive depths of 22-24’

For more information about the full product lines from Phantom Lures, visit the Phantom Lures website or contact Jack Gavin at:

About Phantom Lures:

Since 1996, Phantom Lures has built a strong and loyal reputation in the Muskie fishing industry by making excellent, custom, quality baits that are used by first time fishermen, guides and tournament anglers. This reputation is now migrating to the walleye world.  Our tournament –winning baits produce actions that put trophy fish on your line, leaving you with great pictures and lifelong memories. For more information about Phantom Lures, visit or call 763.951.2902.