Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bomber Down-Sized Jointed Wake Minnow

FORT SMITH, Ark.  – The 5 3/8-inch Jointed Wake Minnow from Bomber® has been ruling saltwater and freshwater shallow bite action from the day it was introduced. Now anglers have an option when pressured fish refuse to react or the baitfish are simply smaller in size. The new 4.5-inch Jointed Wake Minnow is a mirror image of the original, just smaller.

All the features that made the larger bait so successful are retained for the reduced version. The bill design on the floating bait causes the lure to swim through the water just below or at the surface creating a V-wake fish can’t ignore. Anglers can adjust the bait’s speed to manipulate the wake to meet any condition. The bait

is simple to work and swims perfectly with little effort by the angler at a steady retrieve. The Jointed Wake Minnow can also be fished like a jerkbait. The shape and 1/2-ounce weight of the 4.5-inch Jointed Wake Minnow creates easy and accurate casting.

HD decoration, 3D body and internal rattles add to the attraction of the lure. Sturdy hardware with #4 black nickel hooks stands up to saltwater conditions and the rigorous action once the fish is hooked. The shape of the ½-ounce bait produces accurate and long casts.

The new downsized Jointed Wake Minnow is available in 10 color patterns with an MSRP of $8.99.

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Length: 4.5 inches Weight: 1/2 ounce Hook: #4 black nickel Colors: Mullet, Chartreuse Mackerel, Bone Flash, Gold Black Orange Belly, Tennessee Shad, Rainbow Trout, Chrome Black Back, Chrome Blue Back, Baby Bluefish MSRP: $8.99

Interesting -

Anglers missing topwater bites can switch to a wake bait. Retrieve the lure a bit faster than the topwater making the fish

commit to the bite. Keep a steady retrieve running the bait just under the surface to make the wake but don’t let the lure

break the surface.