Friday, January 12, 2018

Vanguard Named Official Optics Company of Realtree Outdoors

Vanguard announced their exclusive partnership with Realtree as the new official optics, hunting packs and supports sponsor for Realtree Outdoors. Vanguard will launch a variety of optics and hunting packs with Realtree’s new product lines; including the all-new Realtree Edge pattern. With Vanguard’s comprehensive lineup of optics and a groundbreaking launch on the horizon, its partnership with Realtree Outdoors is set to be fruitful for everyone involved.

Vanguard Marketing Manager Joshua Pawlak says of the partnership: “Bill Jordan and his team at Realtree have proven to be a valuable resource (and great entertainment) to a fast-growing base of sportsmen across the country, and Vanguard is happy to be a part of Realtree family.” Bill Jordan, founder of Realtree, adds: “Realtree Outdoors is proud to have Vanguard as our official optics sponsor. We look forward to a very long partnership with Vanguard and the opportunity to share all of their current and upcoming products with our many friends. I believe in working with quality companies that offer real value, and Vanguard is a great fit.”

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