Wednesday, January 3, 2018

QF Selects Rizzini’s BR110

Gunnison, UT. – The Rizzini BR110 continues to collect 2017 honors.  “At around $2000 MSRP, it’s easy to see why Quails Forever selected the BR110 as its 2017 Over Under of the Year.”   The Rizzini BR110 is a lot of shotgun at a fair price.  It’d be equally at home on the clay range, in the field, in the woods, or in a duck blind.” – Quail Forever

The BR110 is available in 12,16,20,28 gauges as well as a .410 bore.  Chamber length for the larger gauges (12,16, and 20) measure 3 inches while the smaller bores (28 and .410) measure 2 ¾ inches.  Shoot lead or steel through the chrome-lined barrels.  According to Rizzini’s President John Mogle, “barrel lengths are 26,28, 29 or 30 inches, with some being unique to our distributors.  A silver matte finish is available in the BR110 Light as well.” – Quail Forever

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