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New Hornady Products for 2018

(Grand Island, Nebr.) — Hornady® Manufacturing, an industry leader in bullet and ammunition technology, is proud to announce a comprehensive lineup of new and technologically advanced products for 2018.

These new ammunition, bullet, reloading and security products will be available from stocking dealers, major retail sporting goods stores and their websites. Dealers can be found by visiting the Retail Locator on

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Critical Defense® Rifle

When lives are on the line, only the best will do. The patented Flex Tip® of the Critical Defense FTX® bullet not only helps keep the nose cavity free from clogging as it passes through heavy clothing but also helps the bullet expand quickly, even at low velocity.

Designed for short-range defensive situations, Critical Defense® Rifle delivers quick expansion for reduced potential of over-penetration.

Available Loads:
• 223 Rem 55 gr. FTX®
• 223 Rem 73 gr. FTX®
• 308 Win 155 gr. FTX®

Hornady® Subsonic Ammunition

Hornady® 300 Blackout Subsonic Ammunition is designed for accuracy and performance below the speed of sound. The new 190 gr Sub-X™ (Subsonic - eXpanding) bullet features a lead core and a cannelure for a positive case crimp. Long grooves in its gilding metal jacket combine with the bullet's flat profile and the patented Flex Tip® insert within its hollow-point cavity helps it expand reliably at low velocities.

Performance of the 300 Blackout Subsonic load meets or exceeds FBI Protocol terminal ballistic test requirements.

6.5 PRC

The name says it all! The 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge was designed to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, flat trajectory and extended range performance in a sensibly designed compact package.
Utilizing moderate powder charges that result in repeatable accuracy, low recoil and reasonable barrel life, the 6.5 PRC still produces high velocities for both hunting and target shooting with performance
well beyond 1000 yards.
Hornady® Precision Hunter™ 6.5 PRC 143 gr ELD-X®:
2,960 fps | G1 BC: .623 | G7 BC: .314
Hornady® Match™ 6.5 PRC 147 gr ELD® Match:
2,910 fps | G1 BC: .697 | G7 BC: .351

• Fits in short or medium actions
• Standard magnum bolt face (.532")
• 30-degree cartridge case shoulder
• Long cartridge case neck
• Efficient case geometry

Frontier® Cartridge

Hornady® is proud to launch Frontier® Cartridge, a supplier of American-made, military-grade ammunition at affordable prices. Frontier® Cartridge features Hornady® bullets in both 223 Rem and 5.56 NATO offerings to suit the needs of all shooters. Applications range from plinking, target shooting and hunting to law enforcement training and self-defense.

State-of-the-industry loading techniques and quality control procedures ensure the reliability of Frontier® Cartridge rounds, which feature brass cartridge cases and military-grade boxer primers and propellant.

Available Loads:
• 223 Rem 55 gr. FMJ
• 223 Rem 55 gr. Spire Point
• 223 Rem 55 gr. Hollow Point Match™
• 223 Rem 68 gr. BTHP Match™
• 5.56 NATO 55 gr. FMJ M193
• 5.56 NATO 55 gr. Hollow Point Match™
• 5.56 NATO 62 gr. FMJ
• 5.56 NATO 62 gr. Spire Point
• 5.56 NATO 62 gr. BTHP Match™
• 5.56 NATO 68 gr. BTHP Match™
• 5.56 NATO 75 gr. BTHP Match™

Precision Hunter™

Hornady has added nine new loads to the lineup for 2018. Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of Precision Hunter™ factory-loaded ammunition. Featuring the radically superior
ELD-X® bullet with Heat Shield® tip, Precision Hunter™ is the ideal load for any hunting situation because of its effective terminal performance at all practical ranges.

Great care has been given to develop these superior, match-accurate hunting loads that allow the
ELD-X® bullet to achieve its maximum ballistic potential. Propellants are clean-burning and loaded to uniform capacity for consistent shot-to-shot results, regardless of temperature. This attention to detail provides the highest levels of accuracy and consistency for the most demanding and diverse hunting situations.

• 6mm Creedmoor 103 gr. ELD-X®
• 25-06 Rem 110 gr. ELD-X®
• 257 Wby Mag 110 gr. ELD-X®
• 6.5 PRC 143 gr. ELD-X®
• 270 WSM 145 gr. ELD-X®
• 280 Ackley Improved 162 gr. ELD-X®
• 7mm WSM 162 gr. ELD-X®
• 338 Win Mag 230 gr. ELD-X®
• 338 Lapua Mag 270 gr. ELD-X®

Dangerous Game™ Series

Hornady manufactures Dangerous Game™ Series ammunition with only the finest components, under strict quality control measures. Calibers 375 and up feature the brand new DGX® Bonded bullets for the utmost in controlled expansion with high weight retention. Using techniques and processes that rival hand loads, the ultimate goal is to make every cartridge accurate, deadly and dependable!

15 new loads available:
• 9.3X74R 300 gr. DGS®
• 375 H&H Mag 300 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 375 Ruger 300 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 450-400 Nitro Express 3" 400 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 404 Jeffery 400 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 416 Ruger 400 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 416 Rem 400 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 416 Rigby 400 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 500-416 Nitro Express 400 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 450 Rigby 480 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 450 Nitro Express 31⁄4" 480 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 458 Win 500 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 458 Lott 500 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 470 Nitro Express 500 gr. DGX® Bonded
• 500 Nitro Express 3" 570 gr. DGX® Bonded

Superformance® Match™ Ammunition

Superformance® Match™ Ammunition achieves muzzle velocities of 100 – 200 fps faster than conventional ammunition, and we've raised the standard for bullet accuracy with new ELD® Match bullets. New for 2018:

• 223 Rem 73 gr. ELD® Match
• 5.56 NATO 73 gr. ELD® Match

Custom™ Rifle

Offering the advantage of handloaded accuracy in factory loads, these new rounds expand the options available to hunters who rely on Hornady® quality.

• 243 Win 87 gr. V-MAX®
• 30-40 Krag 180 gr. SP


Hornady carefully selects every component of Match™ ammunition to ensure uniformity, then loads to exacting specifications to provide pinpoint accuracy. Stringent quality control ensures proper bullet seating, consistent charges and pressures, optimal velocity, consistent overall length and repeatable accuracy. Match™ shooters will appreciate the three new offerings in this ammunition line.

• 6.5 PRC 147 gr. ELD® Match
• 300 Win Mag 195 gr. ELD® Match
• 300 Norma Mag 225 gr. ELD® Match
• 30 Cal. 195 gr. ELD® Match

Varmint Express®

Hornady has added a 6mm Creedmoor 87 gr. load to its Varmint Express® line. Varmint Express® is designed around the hard-hitting performance of the polymer-tipped V-MAX® bullet, which delivers match accuracy, high ballistic coefficients, wind defying trajectories, and rapid fragmentation upon contact.

• 6mm Creedmoor 87 gr. V-MAX®


LEVERevolution® represents a breakthrough in ammo design for lever action rifles and revolvers. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip® technology of the FTX® bullet. Safe to use in tubular magazines, these bullets feature higher ballistic coefficients and deliver dramatically flatter trajectory for increased down range performance. New for 2018:

• 307 Win 160 gr. FTX®

American Whitetail®

Loaded with the legendary Hornady® InterLock® bullet, American Whitetail® combines generations of ballistics know-how with modern components and the technology you need to take the buck of a lifetime! New for 2018:

• 300 WSM 165 gr. InterLock®


DGX® Bonded

The new DGX® Bonded (Dangerous Game eXpanding) bullet features a copper-clad steel jacket bonded to a lead core to provide limited, controlled expansion with deep penetration and high weight retention. Bonding the jacket to the core prevents separation from high-energy impact on tough material like bone, ensuring the bullet stays together for deep expansion.

DGX® Bonded bullets are built to the same profile as the corresponding DGS® (Dangerous Game Solid) bullets but expand to 1½ to 2 times their bullet diameter.

• 375 Cal. 300 gr.
• 400 Cal. 400 gr.
• 416 Cal. 400 gr.
• 423 Cal. 400 gr.
• 45 Cal. (450 Nitro Express 3 ¼") 480 gr.
• 45 Cal. 500 gr.
• 470 Cal. 500 gr.
• 50 Cal. 570 gr.

ELD-X Bullets

The ELD-X® (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) bullet is a technologically advanced, match-accurate, all-range hunting bullet featuring highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and consistent, controlled expansion at all practical hunting distances. New to the line for 2018:

• 6mm 103 gr.
• 25 Cal. 110 gr.
• 338 Cal. 230 gr.
• 338 Cal. 270 gr.


Rotary Tumbler

Clean and polish brass cartridge cases to a brilliant shine with the rotary action of this tumbler, coupled with tumbling media. Six-liter drum holds 5 pounds of brass cases. Set tumbler to run for up to eight hours in half-hour increments using digital timer.

Rotary Media Sifter

Quickly separate brass cartridge cases from tumbling media with the Rotary Media Sifter. With a few turns of the handle, media falls to the bottom of the sifter, leaving cases clean and ready to use. The sifter drum locks into place for easy loading, and the clear polycarbonate lid allows user easy monitoring of progress.

L-N-L® Impact Bullet Puller

Remove bullets from cartridges without damaging the bullets. Hollow head of bullet puller captures bullet and powder for reuse. Three collet sizes allow for use with cartridges from .22 up to .45 caliber. The L-N-L® Impact Bullet Puller is also capable of utilizing shell holders (not included).

Vibratory Trickler

Save time and improve reloading accuracy and efficiency with the Vibratory Trickler. High, low
and variable settings trickle all forms of powder. Modular design allows user to position Trickler body where needed and makes cleanup quick and easy.


Hornady® unveils two additions to its popular RAPiD® Safe line for 2018. RAPiD® Safes are equipped with RFID technology, which allows instant access with tags that are programmed specifically for each safe. RFID tags include wristband, key fob, and decals. The decals adhere to plastic, glass, metal, wood — nearly any surface. Many people choose to adhere them to their mobile phone. By using RFID technology, there's no need to find a key, register a fingerprint, or remember a combination. Plus, the RFID- enabled device can be programmed to read up to four different tags.

RAPiD® Safe 4800KP

Secure your handgun and a backup, too. The RAPiD® Safe 4800KP has space for two 1911 size guns. Heavy-duty construction of 14-gauge steel with two internal hardened locking lugs keeps things safe while RFID technology offers quick and easy access.

The RAPiD® Safe 4800KP exceeds ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength, drop/ pick/saw tests and hinge-attack resistance. The included cables and pre-drilled mounting holes allow the safe to be secured in virtually any location. User can program four- to six-digit security code for secondary entry method or use barrel key. AC and battery power ensures your handguns are protected and ready to go.

RAPiD® Vehicle Safe

The patent-pending mounting system of the RAPiD Vehicle Safe features an inflatable bladder that conforms to a vehicle interior's shape, making modifications to the vehicle unnecessary. Power is supplied by the included 12-volt car adapter or four AAA batteries (not included). The RAPiD Vehicle Safe Exceeds ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength, drop/pick/saw tests and hinge-attack resistance.

Founded in 1949, Hornady® Manufacturing Company is a family owned business headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proudly manufacturing products that are made in the USA, Hornady® Manufacturing is a world leader in bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture.

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