Monday, July 24, 2017

Century Arms 7.62x39mm Boat Tail Ammunition

Delray Beach, Fla. –– Century Arms, North America's premier AK manufacturer, has announced they have begun shipping a new version of their 7.62x39mm ammunition under the Red Army Standard brand. The new version features a boat tail bullet for improved performance and sealed neck and primer for resistance to adverse elements.

Adding to the Red Army Standard ammunition line, the new boat tail version is part of Century's efforts to continually enhance the performance potential of the AK-47 platform. Other examples are the C39v2 rifle (with its milled receiver, concentric bore, upgraded RAK-1 trigger system, and improved optic side mount) and the Micro Dot optic mount. "We are very excited to be able to offer some of the finest 7.62x39mm ammunition we have seen," said Jason Karvois, the company's Director of Sales. "We have worked very hard to bring this new product to the U.S. Market to provide a higher quality option for 7.62x39mm enthusiasts while still maintaining a reasonable price point."
The new 7.62x39mm FMJBT (Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail) ammunition is manufactured in Russia in a facility that specializes in cartridges for military and sporting/hunting small arms. This ammunition features a 124 grain FMJBT bullet with a bimetal jacket and lead core, non-corrosive primers, and a lacquered steel case for smooth feeding and extraction. The sealant around the bullet and primer keeps moisture out making the ammunition ideally suited for long term storage and use in harsh environments.

The new Red Army Standard 7.62x39mm FMJBT ammunition is now shipping to distributors and dealers across the country in 20 round boxes and 1,000 round cases with an MSRP of $5.00 per box and $250.00 per case.
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About Century Arms
Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

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