Monday, June 19, 2017

Revic Optics Introduces PMR 428 Riflescope

Cody, WY – Revic Optics has introduced its first riflescope product: the PMR 428. This truly innovative 4.5-28x56 riflescope delivers everything any serious long-range shooter could need. Using the Revic Optics ballistic app, the shooter uploads all ballistic data to the riflescope via a Bluetooth connection. In the field, once the shooter has ranged their target, they simply adjust the elevation turret to the target distance and it activates the "virtual BDC." The "vBDC" feature then, taking into account the ballistic data previously uploaded, performs a real time ballistic calculations and automatically corrects the distance for inclination, compass direction, temperature and pressure. Additionally, the total windage correction feature adjusts for information derived from heading, speed inputs and spin drift.

"The PMR 428 offers a sophisticated, but unbelievably simple way to compensate for ballisitics. Just dial the turret until the target distance is displayed, all the angles and environmental data are measured on the device and ballistic correction happens faster than you can dial the turret! As our premier product, it sets the tone for an exciting future!" says Aaron Davidson, CEO of Revic Optics.

The 34mm tube diameter PMR 428 has an elevation adjustment range of 80 moa and a windage adjustment range of 50 moa. The elevation adjustment per revolution is 30 moa.

Due to Revic Optic's commitment to deliver the best products for the best price, the PMR 428 riflescope, like all future Revic Optics products, will only be available directly through Revic Optics. The direct-to-consumer price will be $2,750. To find out more, go to

About Revic Optics: Built on the core belief of not compromising quality and delivering the best optics products for the best prices, Revic Optics is redefining the optics business. Going directly to the consumer, they eliminate the unnecessary layers and costs of "traditional" sales distribution channels, thus allowing them to invest more into their products. The Revic Optics engineering team partners with the best suppliers, to produce the best products, with the best features, from the highest-quality materials for the lowest price possible. To find out more, visit