Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blaser F16 and R8 Intuition Series

Expect the perfect design for the perfect shot. The right fit of the gun is everything when you want to be a successful hunter or shooter. With that in mind, Blaser introduces the Intuition Series, designed stocks specifically for the lady hunter – the new F16 shotgun and the well-established R8 rifle.

Now, instead of trying to adjust your shooting position to the rifle or shotgun, your gun will easily and consistently slip into your shoulder and rest there comfortably. Taking into account the different anatomy of women, Blaser has developed a Monte Carlo stock, which allows the hunter to effortlessly mount a gun without a second thought. It simply becomes second nature. The lower position of the butt plate allows you to mount the gun to your shoulder, giving you a firm grip on the gun and reducing the felt recoil at the same time, ultimately making the shot more comfortable. Recoil management has been addressed by making the original F16 Microcell recoil pad even softer, ensuring better absorption and steady placement in the shoulder.

For the F16 Intuition, the engineers at Blaser took it a step further and decided to go for a higher drop at the comb and additional cast. The benefits are clear so the shooter can obtain the optimal shooting position. Shoulders and neck will be relaxed allowing better movement from any shooting position and a swifter acquisition of the target.

Both Intuition stocks are shorter, reducing the distance between the pistol grip and trigger as well as the distance between the butt plate and trigger. The pistol grip now boasts finer features to easily accommodate a smaller hand reducing the risk of flinching. Suggested retail for the F16 begins at $4,195 and the R8 $4,385.

Trust your Intuition!

About Blaser
Blaser is one of the leading manufacturers of hunting rifles and shotguns in Europe since 1957. Every Blaser product is tailored to the needs of the serious, active hunter and shooter. Hence the product range is extremely versatile. It includes bolt action rifles, break action rifles, combinations guns and shotguns.

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