Friday, January 6, 2017

Hall & Hall Clients Experience Growth

After starting just last year Hall-N-Hall has assisted clients now in six different States. The combined retail impact of these dealers is just over $40,000,000. The common thread is their desire to see the shooting sports grow. Their growth is 52% since August over the same period last year.

"These visionary dealers are doing so well in their business and far better than their State averages" stated Miles Hall Senior Consultant. We have been honored to play a small role their growth. Miles added.

The mission of Hall-N-Hall is to grow the shooting sports by helping businesses make a positive impact in the shooting community both locally and nationally.

"Hall-N-Hall is not your normal consulting business" stated Stephen Hall, Founder and President. "we are a family who has over 35 years' experience in the shooting sports business and we are excited to be welcomed so passionately by dealers."

The focus of the firm will be with established companies to shore up their foundations and build a base of better profitability and successful operations.

"Hall-N-Hall Consulting" has its office in Edmond, Oklahoma and can be reached at or (405) 774-9014