Monday, August 1, 2016

Miles Hall and Family Form Hall -N- Hall Consulting

In a continuation of seeing to the growth in the shooting sports retail world, Miles & Jayne Hall, co-founders of H & H Shooting Sports have sold their interests in that business and have joined Hall-N-Hall Consulting.

"Believe it or not as the founders of H&H Jayne & I take a certain sadness yet pride in telling you we have sold our interests in the business" stated Miles Hall Founder of H & H. We have helped dealers for well over 30 of the 35 years we had run H&H and now will be able to focus on that noble task and we are blessed to already have clients.

The mission of Hall-N-Hall is to grow the shooting sports by helping businesses make a positive impact in the shooting community both locally and nationally.

"Hall-N-Hall is not your normal consulting business" stated Stephen Hall Founder and President of Hall-N-Hall. "we are a family who has over 35 years' experience in the shooting sports business and we are excited to be taking this next step."

The focus of the firm will be with established companies to shore up their foundations and build a base of better profitability and successful operations.

"Hall-N-Hall Consulting" has its office in Edmond, Oklahoma and can be reached at or (405) 774-9014