Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Louland Gun Range and Step By Step Gun Training team up for Everglades GLOCK Range Event

Test drive a GLOCK pistol and compete for prizes at a unique range event

Louland Gun Range, Southwest Florida's favorite outdoor shooting range, and Step By Step Gun Training are teaming up for a unique shooting sports event featuring GLOCK USA firearms. The Everglades GLOCK Range Day starts at 9am on Oct. 24, 2015 at Louland Gun Range, 12425 Union Road, Naples, FL and runs until 4pm that day. The event will feature three stages based on GLOCK Shooting Sports Foundation stages and much more. Admission is $5 per person, and the entry fee for each stage is $5.

"We want this even to be a fun event for everyone, from long-time gun owners who are looking to try something new to people who don't own a gun yet and want more information before they buy," said Jeff Street, the owner of Step By Step Gun Training. "We have a number of raffles prizes and giveaways from a variety of local businesses, so people who don't own a gun can come out and have a great time at the range."

"This is a unique event, and we're seeing a large amount of interest from people who you wouldn't normally think as a gun owners," said Megan West, Commercial Sales Manager for GLOCK USA. "We want people to relax and have a safe family fun day at the range, and GLOCK will have company representatives on-hand to discuss the products and and answer the questions people might have," Megan said.

Prizes for the match include a number of GLOCK USA firearms, and prizes will be awarded to the best score on each stage, best score for a woman, and other categories. Food and drink will be available on-site from the award-winning Big Papa's Country Country Kitchen restaurant.

More information is available at http://stepbystepguntraining.com/GLOCK-day/ or by contacting Jeff Street of Step By Step Gun Training at 239-641-6140 or jeff@stepbystepguntraining.com.