Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ontario Knife Company™ Announces Agilite® Line Of Premium Cutlery

Ontario Knife Company™ Announces Agilite® Line Of Premium Cutlery

New Agilite Series Features the Most Advanced Products Ever Released by OKC

For Every Kitchen There is Agilite
Ontario Knife Company has produced knives and tools for over 125 years, including a long and storied legacy of Made-in-the-USA kitchen cutlery through venerable brands such as Old Hickory and Robeson Cutlery. With that pedigree in mind, OKC is proud to announce the release of the new Agilite line of premium kitchen cutlery. Designed by OKC's award winning blademaster-in-residence, Dan Maragni, the Agilite line includes the most advanced knives ever released by the company. Expertly balanced and engineered down to the edge geometries, the line offers ultra-lightweight but durable knives designed for use in the most grueling professional kitchen environments but priced for the everyday cook.

The Agilite line features the modern 14C28N Sandvik steel, hardened with a proprietary heat-treating technique that creates flexible blades with bayonet-level hardness. This premium stainless steel exhibits a combination of excellent composition, a high degree of purity, and a properly refined microstructure for an ideal mix of corrosion resistance, ease of sharpening, and superior edge retention. The Agilite knives reject the convention that you need a heavy, bulky blade that relies on the weight of the knife to drive the cut; each knife in the line features a full-tang blade that is thin and flat ground to produce an optimum blade geometry which cuts cleanly without tearing or crushing the food.

Agilite's dual mold injected handles are lightweight and contoured to minimize fatigue and maximize control while providing a secure, non-slip grip. In the design process, OKC experimented with different handle materials, ultimately selecting a Lexan™ under-mold and VersiFlex™ over-mold. These materials were chosen because the heat generated in the mold injection process causes Lexan and VersiFlex to bond at the molecular level and both materials are certified by the Food and Drug Administration and the National Sanitation Foundation for use with food preparation.

The initial products offered under the Agilite brand include a long, broad Chef's Knife (MSRP $79.95), a wide serrated Bread Knife (MSRP $64.85), a short and versatile Paring Knife (MSRP $41.95), a four-piece serrated Steak Knife Set (MSRP $154.95), and a Chef's Knife / Paring Knife Combo Set (MSRP $114.95). The Agilite Chef's Knife is the quintessential kitchen blade, ideal for dicing, fine chopping, and mincing. The Agilite Bread Knife may be used on its namesake, of course, but it is also ideal for other foods with a tender center and firmer 'crust' such as tomatoes, ripe melon, or delicate desserts with flaky pastry or meringue. The unbelievably light Agilite Paring Knife is easily controlled for small, precise tasks such as hulling strawberries or deveining shrimp and the handle design allows for a comfortable blade up, reverse grip. The Agilite Steak Knives have a high point and wide edge curve at the tip, placing the most efficient cutting area of the blade precisely on target for slicing meat or vegetables at the table.

Proudly Made-in-the-USA, the Agilite line is designed to outperform expensive, foreign imports, but priced to live up to its tagline: "For Every Kitchen There is Agilite."

For more information about Ontario Knife Company and its industry-leading line of advanced knives, machetes, edged products and specialty tools, contact Ontario Knife Company at P.O. Box 145-26 Empire Street · Franklinville, NY 14737 · Telephone (716) 676-5527 · Or visit www.ontarioknife.com. The Ontario Knife Company is a subsidiary of publicly traded Servotronics, Inc. (NYSE MKT - SVT).