Monday, April 20, 2015

ICOtec Adds JD Piatt to Corporate Staff

Holland, OH - ICOtec has recently hired JD Piatt as their Prostaff Director and Customer Service Manager. JD brings more than 30 years experience in trapping and predator hunting expertise to our company. Piatt holds the 2008 World Title in Coyote Vocalizations that he achieved at the World Predator Expo held in Kansas.
"JD has been a technical advisor and prostaff member for two years and it was time to bring him aboard to formalize our relationship and to give him more time to focus on what he adds to the company, professional first hand predator knowledge" said Chuck Ames, Sales & Marketing Manager at ICOtec. Along with his vast knowledge of coyote behavior, JD also has tremendous audio and video production and editing capabilities. "JD has the talent and experience that is very much appreciated at ICOtec, we would like to welcome JD and his family into ours" added Ames.
JD resides in West Liberty Ohio with his wife Robin and their son Zander. Robin assists JD on many hunts and technical shoots as a very talented camera woman. We appreciate what Robin and JD contribute to ICOtec in their time and talents.