Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cotton Carrier StrapShot EV1 Now Available

New Design for Compact, Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

Since the first Cotton Carrier products were introduced five years ago, outdoor and studio photographers have relied on them to comfortably carry large-body cameras and large lenses. Cotton Carrier's new StrapShot EV1 offers all those benefits and more.

"The StrapShot EV1 is the evolution of our highly successful StrapShot product," said Brook Parker, Chief Operating Officer of Cotton Carrier. "The EV1 is a revolutionary and innovative way to carry compact, mirrorless, four-thirds and full-sized DSLR cameras."

StrapShot EV1 is thinner than the original StrapShot, and includes a redesigned tether and wrist strap that also acts as a safety leash against accidental drops.

"The StrapShot EV1 offers several superior benefits," Parker said. "It holds your camera comfortably and securely. You can attach StrapShot to almost any camera bag or pants belt. No neck pain or strain that traditional neck straps create. Your hands are free. And StrapShot keeps your camera instantly available – not packed away in your pocket or backpack – so you never miss that perfect shot."

Cotton Carrier is family owned and operated, and the majority of their parts are manufactured in North America, which allows them to achieve and maintain high standards of quality products and customer service, Parker said. Cotton Carrier offers a lifetime warranty on all of their gear.

For more information on StrapShot EV1 and other Cotton Carrier products, go to http://buy.cottoncarrier.com/cotton-carrier-strapshot-p/233ev1.htm. Watch StrapShot EV1 work at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlyC_JsT0bk&feature=youtu.be, and go to www.cottoncarrier.com for information on all Cotton Carrier products.

Photo Attached: Cotton Carrier's new StrapShot EV1 has been redesigned to carry compact, mirrorless, four-thirds and full-sized DSLR cameras