Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flambeau Outdoors Introduces MAD TreeCoy

Available August, 2014 - MAD®, continuing to maintain their position as the leading whitetail innovator, has breached the whitetail kingdom with yet another innovative whitetail attractant. Typical whitetail attractants play on the whitetail's three main defenses; hearing, smell and sight. The TreeCoy is a visual attractant unlike any other, but not in the typical form of a species specific decoy.

Mark Drury, MAD's founder, has recognized the growing popularity of transplanting trees in strategically selected locations to attract whitetails. Also recognizing the laborious and intrusive time involved in transplanting, MAD has developed the TreeCoy, an artificial tree trunk and base that can be easily assembled and transported on site with a minimal amount of intrusion or effort. With strategically placed limb holes, once assembled and secured, all one needs to do is clip a few limbs from nearby trees to provide whitetails a real licking branch and scrape location - right where the hunter wants it.

Strategically located in forest openings, food plots and crop fields the TreeCoy attracts whitetails like a magnet. Mark Drury has documented whitetails actually approaching and starting to work the TreeCoy within hours of it being erected. It is similar to a dog marking a tree. A solitary tree in the right spot is golden. Mark explains that by positioning the limbs in the right direction in conjunction with your tree stand location it positions bucks at the perfect angle for that perfect quartering-away shot. TreeCoy your next big buck! MAD. Be A MAD Man.™

Model: MD-529; Dimensions of carton: 41.50 x 10.50 x 4.25 inches; Carton weight: 21 pounds; Assembled height: approximately 9 feet (without branches); MSRP: $99.99.

Flambeau's TreeCoy will be featured in a commercial to air during Outdoor Channel's hit new show, Thirteen. Thirteen is produced by Drury Outdoors and explains the 13 phases of deer season and the challenge of Mother Nature.

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