Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Deer & Deer Hunting Debuts New Blog That Follows First-Time Hunter

Cincinnati, Ohio- After more than 30 years living in metropolitan Detroit, Kristen Schmitt moved to the Green Mountains in Vermont and now she's determined to make hunting part of her new life. Schmitt teamed up with Deer & Deer Hunting to chronicle her journey from novice to her first hunt in the brand new blog, City Roots to Hunting Boots, which debuts on March 5.

Schmitt spent twelve years working at a business law firm in Detroit before deciding to move her family to Vermont in search of a more meaningful, family-oriented lifestyle. It was here in the Green Mountains that Schmitt resolved to educate herself on sustainable living and train for her first hunt, a pursuit that she will document weekly on City Roots to Hunting Boots.

"Before deciding to hunt, I thought it was somewhat of a masculine sport," Schmitt said. "[Later] I realized how empowering it could be and how I want to be able to put meat - the only true organic and free range meat left - on the table for my family. It's a way to be in charge of nutrition again and provide for my family."

City Roots to Hunting Boots will track Schmitt's progress as she learns everything from how to handle her 2014 Hoyt Ignite Compound Bow to field dressing. The blog, which will include text, videos and photos, will appeal to both novice and curious potential hunters, as well as those men and women who have been at it for years. Schmitt hopes her own journey will inspire other women to consider hunting as a means of procuring healthy meat. Plus, as a candidate for her masters of science in sustainable food systems, Schmitt's blog promises to touch on the nutritional aspects of wild game, information that any seasoned hunter can appreciate.

Follow Schmitt's progress as she learns the ins and outs of the sport by checking out http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/blogs/locavore-blog.

About Kristen Schmitt
Kristen Schmitt is a metropolitan Detroit native who moved to the Green Mountains in Vermont in August 2012. Schmitt is an accomplished journalist whose work has been featured in National Geographic, Modern Farmer, Urban Times and Mother Earth News. Her National Geographic article, "More Women Give Hunting a Shot," received over 9,600 shares, propelling the idea of women hunters and local food into the spotlight. Schmitt is currently working towards her masters of science in sustainable food systems at Green Mountain College in Vermont.

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