Friday, November 8, 2013

TU Supports BLM Appointment

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Trout Unlimited has commended the choice of Neil Kornze to serve as the director of the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM has responsibility for managing 248 million acres of public land, including irreplaceable wild and native trout habitat and game habitat sacred to anglers and hunters.

"During his time on Capitol Hill and in recent years at the BLM, Neil has demonstrated a pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach to public lands challenges," said Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood. "Neil has the perfect balance of a deep appreciation for the conservation value of public lands, and the role they play in providing goods and services that drive local economies. As a native of a Nevada mining town, Neil is deeply rooted in the West. His background has prepared him well to step in and lead the nation's largest public land management agency."

Kornze played a key role in the creation of a plan for the development of solar energy on public land in the West which carefully considered the input of anglers and hunters in order to better balance energy development with the conservation of important fish and game habitat.

"The collaborative approach to creating the Solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement is the right way to make public land management decisions," Wood said. "Neil not only understands this, but he has experience making it work."

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