Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grant Cunningham Makes a Case for the Revolver in New Book

Cincinnati, Ohio - When the semi-automatic pistol emerged in the early 20th century, revolvers took a back seat in military, home and personal defense. Revolver expert Grant Cunningham suggests it's time to reconsider. In his new book, Defensive Revolver Fundamentals, Cunningham makes an informed and convincing case for the revolver as a personal defense firearm.

"Today, with most people using autoloaders, the use and operation of the revolver has become a bit of a lost art," Cunningham says. "I committed myself many years ago to bringing that knowledge back to the revolver shooters of today."

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals makes good on that promise. Due to the transition to semi-automatic pistols as the most popular concealed carry firearm, many defensive shooting instructors don't really understand the complexities of the revolver and end up treating it as a low-capacity semi-auto, despite the fact that there are significant differences in the training. Cunningham, a certified Combat Focus® Shooting Instructor who has been teaching defense shooting since the mid-1990s, wrote Defensive Revolver Fundamentals to bring "use of the revolver as a defensive tool into the 21st century."

The book aims to teach readers how to use the revolver to defend against a sudden, violent criminal attack. Cunningham details how the revolver's benefits - the increased reliability, decreased maintenance demands, ammunition versatility, increased flexibility, etc. - should be cause to consider the firearm for personal protection. Defensive Revolver Fundamentals approaches defense from a real world perspective, offering advice to appropriately prepare for a plausible event in the private sector, rather than focusing on shooting in military or law enforcement scenarios.

"For this book, I started by looking at verifiable evidence of how attacks happen, at how science tells us we react to those events, and finally at techniques and training that work with those reactions and work against the attack," Cunningham says.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals is currently available for preorder at gundigeststore.com and on Amazon.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals by Grant Cunningham, Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-3695-2