Friday, May 3, 2013

Larry Correia joins Mark Walters on Armed American Radio

Atlanta, GA- 5/3/2013- AAR host Mark Walters brings NY Times best selling author and firearm expert, Larry Correia to the program for a two-hour discussion. Larry is the best selling author of the wildly popular Monster Hunter series, is a former gun store owner as well as champion shooter and has appeared on dozens of national radio and television shows discussing guns and debunking common gun-control myths.

AAR host, Mark Walters said, "I purposely waited until after the Newtown media hype had calmed down as well as for the Senate to vote before bringing Larry to the show. With most of the hysteria behind us, he will bring a national audience the truth about where we are regarding gun control and the continued threats we face from this administration and he will do it with the benefit of hindsight."

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