Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama to Reveal Gun Violence Proposals This Morning

At 11:45 a.m. ET this morning, President Obama will reportedly "surround himself with children who wrote him letters after the Sandy Hook shootings" to introduce a 19-point plan to curb gun violence compiled by Vice President Biden. The firearms industry is prepared for what it is reasonably confident won't contain any positive characterization a of the firearms industry -or it's customers

In fact, Republican contacts tell us the proposals will give lip service to mental health care as a contributor to irrational violence like Sandy Hook, but will attempt to lay a significant amount of blame on law-abiding gun owners .

"Make no mistake about it," former Mississippi Governor and Republican Party head Hayley Barbour told attendees at the SHOT Show's annual State of the Industry Dinner, "you aren't under siege.... you are under attack."

A very plain spoken Barbour told industry leaders the shooting industry isn't in danger because it wants the government to do something for it, but "because of what the industry can do to you." And the industry and lawful gun owners are likely to once again bear the brunt of restrictions by a lawmakers across the country who seem determined to do something.

"There aren't two sides in this issue," said the NSSF's Steve Sanetti, "I don't think any one who knows what we do believe we are against such incomprehensible evil."

Sanetti then went on to speak some truths he says the firearms industry knows but the media refuses to report.

"This industry pioneered the instant background check system," Sanetti said, " years before it was a government mandate."

"Facts," Sanetti said, "must guide our actions, not emotions, despite the fact we also feel in our hearts the cost of unspeakable evil."

"We have been deluged with requests for information," Sanetti said, "but we all know the key is personal responsibility. And we are among the most responsible people in America.

"Violent criminals who violate the law don't have the right to lawful ownership of arms," Sanetti said, "they belong in jail."

"We stand ready to participate in meaningful dialogue," Sanetti said, "as I was headed to Washington to participate in the Vice President's discussions on firearms, a Ronamian cab driver asked me where I was going, and I told him I was going to meet with the Vice President to talk about the firearms issue."

"What he told me," Sanetti said, was "you tell them: don't you do nothing to nobody who done nothing to nobody."

As the industry poises for the Obama administration, word spread through SHOT Show that undercover agents supposedly from a variety of different agencies, from ATF to OSI, were wandering around the show floor, passing out business cards that bore an official-looking seal and the words "Suspicious Activity Reporting: 702-690-9142"

Curious, one industry insider called the number. After several rings, a recorded message thanked him for reporting the suspicious activity, and asked for a callback number. Instead, he hung up. Only a few minutes later, their cellphone rang and a caller identified himself as an FBI agent following up on the "suspicious activity report".

When questioned about the supposed federal agents wandering the floor, the caller said that despite the fact that OSI was a military agency, breaches of security when it came to the "kinds of equipment displayed at SHOT Show" gave them full domestic arrest powers.

Many attendees at the SHOW have received these cards, raising questions of the legitimacy of the supposed agents and the possibility that SHOT was under far closer federal scrutiny than normal.