Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Towsley Releases Novel: The 14th Reinstated

Bryce M. Towsley's new novel, The 14th Reinstated, is ripped from today's headlines and the plot is eerily close to what is happening in the world today. This book lays out a frightening and dark scenario of how the world may look in a few years, and readers will pray it is not a prophecy of the future.

It's an action - adventure - mystery novel with all the elements of a rollicking good read: gun, knife and fist fights, desperate chases, pretty girls, likable heroes and mysterious evil doers trying to take over the world.

It is set a few years after the world suffers social and economic collapse. There has been a total meltdown and horrible social wars that killed millions. The protagonist is just trying to rebuild a life with his family and neighbors when he is sucked into the most evil and vile of plots.

The book opens after he has shot an assassin who tried to kill him. He was looking for his kidnapped niece and the assassin was waiting in ambush. The hero should have been dead before the book even really got started, but the bad guy picked the wrong man to mess with.

This is his first clue that something is not what it seems and when thirty more men show up to finish the job he knows he is trouble.

As the story develops he discovers a most unimaginable horror that has been perpetrated on the world and realizes that he and his friends are the only people who can stop the bad guys from finishing the job.

While an action book with a mystery plot, it's also character driven. The people in this book come to life as the pages turn. Some of the characters will make you laugh, others will make you cry, but they all will jump off the page and into your heart.

The 14th Reinstated is a complex book that is also a primer on survival after social collapse. As the protagonist figures out how to survive the hordes bent on destruction, the lessons he learns serve as illustrations for those who worry that we may be headed for a real collapse.

The 14th Reinstated then morphs into an epic adventure as the small group struggles against all odds to save the world from a terrible, bleak and dark future. This book is set in Vermont and New England, but has a world-wide scope with excursions into exotic places like Africa and Korea.

Sometimes things come out of left field and hit the readers like a brick wall falling on their heads. One chapter is sure to have most men sleeping with a night light on for months after they read it. The 14th Reinstated is sometimes shocking, often funny and never boring. It will have you tearing through the pages with its hard charging, adrenaline pumping action and leave you breathless at the end.

Bryce M. Towsley is a highly respected writer in hunting and firearms circles with his byline appearing on hundreds of magazines articles and multiple books. Unlike so many other fiction writers, he gets the "gun stuff" 100% correct, so that the fight scenes ring true. His descriptions of the habitat and terrain are written with a hunter's and naturalist's eye for detail. When he describes a desperate chase through the mountains it is clear he has walked the same ground he is describing. His keen insight into world politics helps to build a very believable and frighteningly plausible scenario. The characters ring true, almost as if he knows them all personally. The resulting matrix is one of the most intriguing, thought provoking and action packed novels in years.

The 14th Reinstated is available now at Amazon in hard copy and Kindle versions. It's also available in most other E-Reader formats.
Signed books are available at www.brycetowsley.com.

"Towsley keeps you on the edge of your seat and ducking for cover with every turn of the page!"
Nino Bosaz - Tactical Weapons Magazine Editor

"A fantastic ride through a post-apocalyptic world of chaos and man's visceral drive to survive. Towsley's knowledge and experience with hunting and firearms makes for an authentic and sometimes terrifying adventure."
Scott Ballard - Weapons and Tactics Instructor, SIG SAUER Academy

"How many times have you picked up a thriller, only to have the author make some egregious gaffe concerning guns and blow all credibility? Towsley's in-depth firearms knowledge shines through and carries the reader through a rollercoaster narrative of post-apocalyptic times."
Iain Harrison - Top Shot Season One Winner.

"Is this a novel or a future History book? Thought provoking and exciting, you might actually learn from this quick moving, post-apocalyptic scenario."
Kyle Lamb - SGM Retired, US Army Special Operations.

Towsley weaves a tale we all wish would sprout from our own pens. Many of us think about what could happen in a post-collapse America-he takes the thought to new, chilling levels.
J. Scott Olmsted - Editor in Chief of NRA's American Hunter Magazine.

Unlike other similar novels available today, this work is penned by a true firearms expert with real-world knowledge of the ins and outs of not only how these weapons work, but also their capabilities. The fact that he is an entertaining and clever writer just makes the work even more notable. Pick up a copy. You won't regret it
Michael O. Humphries - Editor-at-Large, Special Weapons for Military & Police

"Towsley's novel brings drama, action, and suspense, as current as tomorrow's headlines. You won't want to put this one down!"
Jim Wilson - Retired Sheriff of Crockett County, Texas.
Tactical firearms instructor.
Senior Field Editor for NRA Publications and television personality.

"While most post-apocalyptic fiction depends on the writer's vivid imagination, Bryce Towsley's vision of the future in "The 14th Reinstated" may be all too real. The book's detailed passages on firearms and survival are top-notch, just what I would expect from one of America's most knowledgeable and entertaining outdoor writers."
John Zent - Editorial Director, NRA Media

This book captures the future we are headed for if we as a people don't alter our course. Captivating, non-stop action packed and backed with the very substantiated facts on the course of what could become of us.
Randall Curtis - US Army Special Forces MSG (RET)

"This book hooks the reader immediately, the up to date story and concept applies to a scenario that engages the reader into a whole different concept of what could happen during our life cycle. This book will be impossible for anyone to read cover to cover without pause. Towsley's knowledge and description of the hardware and scenarios is not only written with excitement and intrigue but also described in detail by experience from his firearms background and training."
Randy E. Luth - Founder of DPMS Firearms Company.
Managing Director Del-Tone /Luth Gun Range
USA Olympic Shooting Team Foundation Director

"One of the key ingredients of any robust, rollicking adventure story is the ring of authenticity. Bryce Towsley, who has long been recognized as one of the America's leading sporting scribes when it comes to guns and hunting, brings his expertise in those areas to bear in fine fashion. This is a delightful inaugural foray into fiction. There's an underlying message which any patriotic American would be well advised not only to read but to heed, but that message is a mere subtext. In the bargain we get a heady mix of first-rate craftsmanship and titillating mystery; precisely the stuff it takes to make a real page turner. Sit back, perhaps with a comforting libation at hand or a warming fire toasting your toes, and settle in for a splendid session of armchair adventure."
Jim Casada PHD - World renowned expert on sporting literature.

"Finally! A book with a great story line, incredible suspense, and firearms and tactics information that is spot on. Something this masterful could only be written by both a great writer and incredibly knowledgeable shooter. It's extremely rare to find both in one package. Read this book, you will NOT be able to put it down!"
Mike Seeklander - World champion competitive pistol shooter.
Tactical Firearms and personal defense instructor.
Co-host of "The Best Defense" television show.

"A fast-moving read that not only serves as a grisly warning against thinly-veiled socialist policies but also provides an action-packed solution. Towsley is a guy who knows his guns and is not afraid to let his characters use them."
Adam Heggenstaller - Executive Editor, NRA's Shooting Illustrated Magazine.

"Bryce Towsley is the most knowledgeable mind I've ever met in the world of guns and shooting, as well as a world class critic of liberal politics. Bottom line, he's just a damned good writer. It's no wonder his first novel figures to be a classic adventure."
Dave Henderson - Outdoor and firearms writer.