Tuesday, June 12, 2012

World Record Griz Taken With CVA

Steve West, of Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV, reported to the staff of CVA that he has taken what should be a new muzzleloader world record grizzly bear with his CVA Accura V2 muzzleloading rifle. Steve shot the bear in British Columbia on June 1st, but just reached civilization on June 9th where he was able to report the kill via an email.

"I booked and planned this hunt to specifically go after the muzzleloader world record. I had the right guide, right area, and, as it turns out, we found the right bear," West reported in the email. Apparently, the right gun, bullet and propellant load also played a role. West had loaded his .50 caliber CVA with a 405 grain PowerBelt AeroTip bullet and 150 grains of IMR White Hots pelletized propellant, which dropped the bear in his tracks at a distance of 50 yards. The bruin green scored at 26 and 2/16ths inches, which easily eclipses the old world record of 23 and 2/16ths.

Dudley McGarity, CEO of Blackpowder Products, Inc., owner of the CVA and PowerBelt brands, stated that the entire BPI team was thrilled to hear of Steve's great achievement. "For sure, it means a lot to all of us to see one of our guns used in a record kill - and especially on a grizzly bear. That he was also using a PowerBelt bullet just makes it that much sweeter."


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