Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bluegrass PRIDE Needs Grants Administrator


Class Title: Grants Administrator

Supervisor: Executive Director

Supervises: None

Salary: $33,000 - $35,000

General Duties and Responsibilities:


1. Provides face-to-face, telephone, and email assistance to potential recipients as they develop, apply, and implement Bluegrass PRIDE grants in their communities. (community, education and educator workshop grants)
2. Ensures sub-grant activities are in compliance with federal and Bluegrass PRIDE policies and procedures, and tracks paperwork and correspondence accordingly.
3. Be familiar with grant project schedules, and attend as many events (i.e. major workdays, etc.) as possible.
4. Visits grant recipients to ensure work is being done in an effective, efficient manner in keeping with grant objectives.
5. Serves as liaison between Bluegrass PRIDE and its counties, using the grant recipients as a springboard.
6. Maintains contact with funding agency to make sure all procedures are followed.
7. Prepare reports to funding agency as required by grant agreement.
8. Works with grant committees to evaluate proposals for recommendation to the Executive Committee, and presents grant amendment requests to the Executive Committee as necessary.
9. Recommends changes to the application, rating, monitoring, and administrative processes of current grant programs.
10. Plans and leads all grant related trainings.
11. Organizes all press conferences relating to monetary awards, and grant milestones (events, project completion, etc.).
12. Recommends new programs related to the mission of the organization to the Executive Director.
13. Provides support for the Executive Director and other Bluegrass PRIDE employees as needed.
14. Represents Bluegrass PRIDE at meetings.
15. Travels extensively throughout the service area.
16. Performs related duties as required.

Non-essential: None.

Training and Experience: Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Conservation and Management or related field supplemented by three years experience in working with public service and/or environmental organizations, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


1. Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration as applied to the administration of diversified programs.
2. Knowledge of federal and state laws and administrative regulations relating to the administration and management of applicable programs utilizing federal and state funds.
3. Knowledge of work hazards and applicable safety precautions associated with equipment, vehicles, and procedures; ability to insure compliance with safety standards.
4. Knowledge of financial management systems, including accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, etc.
5. Knowledge of local environment and environmental issues.


1. Strong interpersonal skills required.
2. Skill in working with the media.
3. Strong organizational skills required.


1. Ability to establish a working relationship and to coordinate Bluegrass PRIDE programs and activities with other local governments and organizations.
2. Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
3. Ability to prepare records and reports on a timely basis, and to forward reports as required.
4. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Board members, employees, and all program participants.
5. Ability to travel extensively throughout the service area.


Instructions: Instructions are very general; must use own judgment most of the time.

Processes: Must occasionally consider different courses of action, or deviate from standard procedures, to get the job done.

Review of Work: Work is reviewed through oral and written reports.

Analytical Requirements: Duties are of a complex nature, requiring judgment for which there is no precedent.

Physical Demands of the Job: Intermittent standing, walking, stooping is required; must lift objects weighing less than 24 pounds as a job requirement; must operate vehicle.

Tools and/or Equipment Used: Vehicle; normal office equipment (computer, phone, fax, copier, etc.), and Global Positioning Systems.

Contacts: Public and internal contacts requiring tact and diplomacy are a requirement of the job.

Confidential Information: Limited use of confidential information.

Mental Effort: Moderate.

Interruptions: Frequent.

Special Licensing Requirements: Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license.

Certification Requirements: Must have, or be willing to complete, a Grants Management Certificate Program.

Additional Requirements: Must be able to travel extensively throughout a wide service area, requiring frequent overnight travel.

Overtime Provision: Exempt.