Thursday, December 17, 2009

World Record Holder Oitker Joins Shooting USA's Impossible Shots

Franklin, TN: Tier One Media, LLC has announced Exhibition Archer Randy Oitker is joining the Shooting USA Impossible Shots Television Series in 2010.

"Signing Randy as a member of the Impossible Shots Exhibition Team is the next step to continue the success of our top rated series," said Jim Scoutten, Executive Producer of the Shooting USA TV shows. "Randy is just back from setting a multiple shot record on Nation Wide British Television. It's time our USA audience saw what he can do with his state-of-the-art hunting bow. And, his youth adds another element to involve and entertain the younger members of our weekly audience," Scoutten said.

Randy said, "Joining Shooting USA's Impossible Shots is a perfect fit for me. If I can be the inspiration that brings more youngsters into bow hunting and archery, I've done my job. And with the audience the series has, I can reach millions of youngsters each month."

Randy Oitker started shooting a bow at the age of 8 and by the age of 10 he had won The North American Bow Hunters World Championship and was named the NABH Shooter of the Year. Randy continued shooting the Pro archery tournament circuit winning over 17 national titles, 2 World Championships, and 3 Shooter of the Year awards by the age of 12. He's been touring as an exhibition professional since the age of 14. At 22 he's the youngest exhibition shooter appearing at outdoor shows and events.

Randy Oitker joins Exhibition Shooters Bob Munden, Byron Ferguson, Jerry Miculek, Gil "Cisko" Guerra, Patrick Flanigan and George Sutton as a contributor to the Shooting USA TV series hosted by Brian Speciale. Shooting USA's Impossible Shots airs year round on Outdoor Channel entertaining an average viewership of 3.2 Million fans per month.