Monday, December 14, 2009

DPMS Founder and President Retires

St. Cloud, Minnesota -DPMS Firearms announces the retirement of its President and Founder, Randy Luth, effective Monday, December 14, 2009. Originally founded as Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services (D.P.M.S.), Luth built DPMS from a garage-based parts company into what is today, one of the largest AR manufacturers in the nation. After the December 2007 acquisition by Freedom Group Inc., Luth continued his role as president, guiding the company through the turbulent marketplace before, during and after the 2008 election.

"It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Randy over the last 22 years. I consider him to be a pioneer in our industry with several patents to his name and having taken the lead to introduce the hunting market to the AR platform. DPMS is truly losing one of its best and we will all miss his guidance, candor and humor. We wish Randy all the best with his future endeavors," said Todd Mittelstaedt, DPMS Plant Leader.

Luth's quest to introduce the hunting market to the AR platform was recognized in January 2009 when he was named to the Outdoor Life's OL-25, and later chosen by online voters as the OL-25 "Reader's Choice" recipient. The recent campaign by the NSSF to educate hunters everywhere about the "modern sporting rifle" can be directly attributed to Luth's push to make AR rifles acceptable firearms in the field, the woods and on the range.

"Randy Luth is not only a mentor and visionary within the firearms industry, but he's "Uncle Randy" to everyone who considers him a friend. He has an eye to see people not only for who they are, but who they can become," said Dustin Emholtz, DPMS Sales Manager. "Everyone in the firearms community will miss him, and I cannot wait to compete against him in future shooting competitions! I wish Randy luck in everything he does because he succeeds at everything he puts his mind to."

Walter McLallen, Chairman of the Board for Freedom Group, Inc. added, "we are sad to see Randy go, but wish him the best as he gets to spend more time in the woods and field. We are very pleased with the people leading the business from here on out, people that have worked closely with Randy and whom he has hand-picked to succeed him."

In a statement to the DPMS employees and industry partners and friends, Luth stated, "Perhaps there is never a good time to retire, however there will always be the next challenge, the next hurdle, but for me the time is right. It is time to slow down and enjoy life. DPMS is blessed beyond belief to have such talented, hard working, and knowledgeable people. I know that I am leaving DPMS in the capable hands of its employees. It is they who will take DPMS to the next level, and I am excited to watch from the sidelines...or more precisely, the field."

About DPMS Firearms
DPMS Firearms, LLC is an industry leader in providing quality AR-style rifles, components and accessories. No other company offers more styles or configurations of AR rifles. DPMS provides choices for high-power and small-bore shooters by offering rifles and assemblies chambered in .204 Ruger, .223 Remington, 5.56x45 NATO, .243 Winchester, .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8x43 SPC, .30 Remington AR, .308 Winchester and .338 Federal.